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Pole shift as a result of war?

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posted on Sep, 2 2004 @ 03:59 AM
Humanity must be more harmonic. If this is true a new war might start a pole shift. War on terror...That is crazy

"[Note: Again, time has proven the efficiency of Seth’s words. A spherical torus does have the greatest amount of energy influx at the polar regions. Every Platonic Solid does have the central axis of a spherical torus going through it, in a form that is most balanced for that particular geometry. This balance-point changes from one geometry to another, causing there to be a necessity for the poles of the spherical torus to shift their positions. This is the true, hidden mechanism that is responsible for magnetic pole shifts on Earth as well.]

The shifting of polarity occurs in rhythm with changing emotional intensities, or emotional energies, if you prefer.

[Note: This past sentence is extremely important to our discussion - it is the emotional intensity in a given area that causes these polarity shifts. And that intensity is simply a function of the ‘density’ or the degree of concentration of the aether energy itself. Similarly, sources such as Ra tell us that the Earth’s poles are going to have approximately a 21-degree shift at the time that the cycle ends – and it is the overall spiritual / emotional state of humanity that determines how quickly and how damagingly this shift will occur.]

The “initial” originating emotional energy that sets any given unit into motion, and forms it, then causes the unit to become a highly charged electromagnetic field with those characteristics of changing polarities just mentioned. The changing polarities are also caused by attraction and repulsion from other like units which may be attached or detached. There is a rhythm that underlies all of this changing polarity and changing intensities that occur constantly. But the rhythms have to do with the nature of emotional energy itself, and not with the laws of matter."


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