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Who's the bad boy on the block?

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posted on Sep, 2 2004 @ 03:48 AM
Israel vs Iraq. Who do you think is the real badboy on the Middle Eastern block?

When counting in UN Resolutions, you have a score of 120 resolutions against Israel(highest count for any nation in the world), of wich 85 got unanimous votes and 35 were VETO'd by the US only.

Iraq on the other hand has had 92 Resolutions against it where, 14 were for the Iraq - Iran war(pre 1990), a war the US condoned and suplied weapons for and 78 from 1990 till now.
55 of these are for the attacks on Kuweit, the gulf wars, Weapons inspections and others things, 23 of the Resolutions are about Oil for Food and Oil for Equipment type programs and the resolutions for post-"Saddam's capture" for the "Coalition" mandates and the return of sovereignty to the Iraqi people.

This gives you 120(Israel) vs 92(Iraq) if you count all of the resolutions and 85(Israel) vs 55(Iraq) if you don't count the veto's, adjustments and post Saddam Resolutions.

With Iraq its only been about 4 issue's that they ever got a resolution drew up against them:
* Iraq-Iran war
* Iraq attacking Kuweit
* Saddam badly treating his citizens(didn't see any about that but theres bound to be one about it, else shame on UN security council)
* Iraq not wanting the UN and especialy the US snoop around on their territory.

Resolutions drawn up against Iraq are for hostility's against 2 nations.
Since Saddam was in Power, there have been 3 international interventions in Iraq and the well known weapons inspections.

With Israel its been resolutions for:
* Terrorist attacks in neighbouring nations
* Bombings on palestinian territory and neighbouring nations
* Military attacks on Palestinian territory and neighbouring nations
* Attacking Nuclear and other high profile facilities in neighbouring nations
* Deportations of Palestinians
* Otrocities against Palestinians
* Police brutality against Palestinians that live in shared cities and setlements.
* Destroying and damaging Islamic holy sites
* Violating human rights
* Violating Geneva Conventions
* Building of Illegal setlements
* Building of Illegal seperation wall
* Seizing Palestinian land

Resolutions drawn up against Isreal are for attacks and hostilities against at least 5 different nations and alot of internal "problems" involving the palestinians.

So, why do we waste so much time on and take down Iraq and let Israel keep doing its thing without, even once, in 50 years, doing a damn thing about it?

I'm totaly stumped with this, but yet I'm not.
Seeing all those resolutions against Israel getting Veto'd by the US, its no wonder nothing gets done agaist them.

If these resolutions don't show everyone what kind of incredible influence Israel has on the US and what kind of help Israel is getting from the US, then all hope is lost I think.
If you can't see, when reading all those resolutions, that something is really definatly not right and that all these Islamic nations being against the US isn't because of those country's beeing kooks, but because those country's see how Israel is using the US to do their bidding and protect them at all times, while Israel itself keeps attacking, treatening and terrorizing its neighbours.

This month alone, I've seen news reports of Israel treatening Iran and Syria and what does the US do? They say Israel is in its right to attack Iranien Nuclear facilities and they even start acting asif they'll attack Iran themselves.

More then 6 Billion people are just hanging in the balance of Israels crazy and dangerous control games.

posted on Sep, 2 2004 @ 03:53 AM
Simple yet not so basically Israel is important to the USA on many issues plus they would have taken the war to a nuclear level.Not good.Who cares about Iraqi there future is getting better and Israel will eventually be sorted.Unless your religious and believe they have been cursed by god for the killing of his son.But thats a whole other problem.

posted on Sep, 2 2004 @ 08:57 AM
Another thread that discusses the wierd ties between the US and Israel, in this thread its about how Israel seems to have a wildcard to go crazy inside US borders without any penalty for getting caught(except if you call a free planeticket home a penalty ..)

EDIT: thats forgetting link 2ce in a row for me

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posted on Sep, 2 2004 @ 09:05 AM
Bizarre stuff, and yet of course if you ever say anything bad about Israel you must automatically an anti-semite. Heck, there are even anti-semite Hassidic Jews, apparently!


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