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Use the camel for what ???

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posted on Sep, 2 2004 @ 01:13 AM
A man joining the french foriegn legion is posted 20 miles from the nearest town and is in need of some female "companionship" . Several days go by and his needs turn to desperation , so he asks the other legionaires what they do in times like this .

" We use the camel " they responded . The man would have nothing to do with the idea and continued his suffering for a fortnight until he could stand it no longer . He ran to the stable , disrobed , and did his business as quick as possible .

While leaving the stable he notices two mebers staring at him in disbelief . He said to them " so thats what you guys do ? that wasn't so bad..." One of the men says " No , we usually ride the camel to town and get a lady"


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