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Anonymous #opdarknet seems to be a publictity stunt gone wrong...

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posted on Nov, 4 2011 @ 03:33 PM
A lot of media published the story about "Anonymous" uncovering IP's from pedo's and shutting down 40 sites. I found this on PasteBin that sheds a totally different light on the "hack attack".

# A fat, new, tl;dr, pr0f release! # On supposed pedo hunters, at that! # This actually isn't any 1337h4x, just a few comments on the brave men and women of #opdarknet who have managed to monumentally mess up what could have been a truly good operation. # All log times are GMT.

*replaced the f-word with "mess" the article might contain some "foul language"

Thinking about how this generated so much publicity can it be that other players have infiltrated the so called "Anonymous" collective ?
It can be script kiddies that want to belong... or perhaps other people that have different motives all together.

I can't imagine any real cracker or hacker would comprise "darknet" the consensus is that 99% is posted by blackops or whatever .gov anyways so why bother. And besides it's a thing of the past, everyone knows that the nodes are all tapped by .gov and criminals and moved on to other means of "secure communication".

I cannot confirm the article but thought it would interest people. I think you can analyse the logs and posts and come to your own conclusion if you're a little techy.


@Mods. Search didn't find this "article" so go ahead and close it if already posted.

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