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A Couple Of My Lucid Dreams

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posted on Nov, 3 2011 @ 01:33 AM
Hi all.
We all have or have had those dreams sometimes where you know whats happening but as soon as you wake up you think "where did that dream come from?"
I had one of those dreams last-night. After trying a method to having lucid dreams, it happened.
Here's how it went.

I was in my house and this monster kept killing all my friends that came around.
After it killed one of my friends that was staying in the spare-room i went for a walk around town.
I saw some alcohol bottles on a shelf that had a little bit of drink left in them, next to the bottles were shot glasses and assortments of different kinds of things one of them looked like a dipping sauce dish. I went for the 'dipping sauce dish' first, and them i saw these little mini shot glasses.
I poured myself four shots, and drank it.

Then i caught up with some of my friends in the dream. We went for a walk.
We then ended up on what seemed like a buildings roof top, with a view of huge green mountains, beyond the mountains were what seemed like gigantic monuments.
(The one on the left was like a tower with Griffins sitting around the top of it, the second next to it was also humongous in size and in the appearance of an Aztec temple.)

I told my friends "look its South America" and that the monuments were made of gold, but were so old that the gold had turned green, also that they were so huge.
The Aztecan style temple was covered in moss, while the tower was about the size of two of the temples on top of each other.

I have seen these same monuments in another dream, but of different context.
In this other dream, i was flying around the world, and i landed in this area of South America.
I stayed in that place until i woke up.

I have found no meaning in these dreams yet, im going to look through different online dream dictionaries e.c.t.
But, if anyone could help out with their opinions on what they might symbolize, that would be greatly appreciated.

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