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Does the HUM sound stronger to you today (October 31, 2011)?

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posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 10:38 PM
well well what do you know a year to the day almost and i am in despair at the "HUM" it is at its worst
and its just getting worse so october must have some bearing as to why?

only the other morning at 3am i was out and about in my slippers! looking and listening for the dreaded noise
source. i could not find it and as stated it is only really loud inside a room, they act as a massive amplifier

it is putting massive strain on my health i cannot sleep at night and i am so weak too. when it starts and it does
seem to start on the hour or half hour like 1;30am it wt will wake me up where before then i could hear a pin drop.
i am convinced there is a cover up and the government know full well what is causing certain people to suffer.

has any one else noticed it has got worse again?

posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 10:54 PM

Well I found a lot of information in the article linked made sense. BUT alot also did not add up to what i am hearing. like there are days when i can hear a pin drop,this only makes me on edge waiting for it to start humming so its a no win. What i did get from the article was the facts like all the symptoms that go hand in hand with the hum like fatigue, insomnia, headache, ear ache etc. i suffer a lot with this. i cannot get up! the effects are just like M.E and they could be one and the same illness? also the bit about how the government KNOW DAM WELL what the hum is but choose to ignore it. this wreaks of a conspiracy to cover up the hum. NO i have not tried a frequency counter. but i have re-created the hum and i get 56 Megahertz. using tone gen software. my flat seems to just be worse than most. what else can i do?

notice anything in this post that i made in the other threads on this site about the hum??

well there is the video posted in this one and it has a recording of the hum and what is the frequency?
yep just as i described above 56 megahertz ! or Htz and i posted this way before that video was here!

I am happy it matches and proves to me we are hearing the same sound but i am still ready to kill myself also.
what i hate is the adrenaline that RAGES through your body when the hum gets in your head!
i dont have a door left that does not have a fist hole through it. my anger scares me, i could hurt someone.

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