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How To Deprogram Americans ?

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posted on Sep, 9 2004 @ 05:06 AM
hello diego.

I once asked my self the very same question that you are asking yourself. im sorry if some my fellows did not take you seriously or mocked you. if they do this it is because they are brainwashed lemmings themselves, but its for their own self-assurance that they must dismiss you.

I started my journey to find the truth by reading the bible. focusing on the new testament; because the old and the new are very different in nature.

I believe in the new testament a great deal;
however, the bible did not explain the nature of the world to me.

the book that did however, is titled; "the protocols of the learned elders of zion" type it in as a search and you will find it.

i am an educated man. i own a physical library of nearly 5,000 books. i have read many books on many topics, but only one opened my eyes to all the truth in the universe, and that book is called "the protocols of the learned elders of zion"

many will immidiately scream "hoax, forgery, anti-semitism". these are the ones who are brainwashed. because i have challenged many of them to read it and refute it, yet they refuse. they have judged this book by its cover and therefore will never reach the depth of understanding that one will reach from read this masterpiece of literature

the path to self awakening lies with "the protocols of the learned elders of zion"

good luck

posted on Sep, 9 2004 @ 05:54 AM

Books are the root of all knowledge. Knowledge is the source of all wisdom. Read books, and many of them and a wide variety.

I disagree I think knowledge is important, but I don't think knowledge creates wisdom at all. There are many very intelligent people in this world that are very immoral people. I think whats more important is balance in heart, mind, and will. Knowledge alone is a computer or robot.

posted on Sep, 9 2004 @ 06:40 AM
You cant deprogram people or a culture. American culture like most has its good and bad aspects. America thanks for the fastfood , jeans but you can keep the guns and the lawsuits.

posted on Sep, 9 2004 @ 07:50 AM
When the superbowl was on (the one with the janet jackson breast) there was an advert about rembering to vote had loads of famous people tom cruise & a fair few others. Anyway they were all saying how great democracy & voting is with loads of flashing red white & blue & pictures & i thought wow thats the cornyist piece of crap ive ever seen but ive remberd it so if ya see it everyday it must have some effect & ive only seen it once

posted on Sep, 9 2004 @ 08:43 PM
You may not be able to "deprogram americans", but I think if more and more individuals are able take charge and make real changes in themselves and society we will only then begin to see real progress. Instead of projecting all our problems onto other people, religions, and ideologies. Instead of just focusing on the problems, I think we need to spend just as much time in the search for sollutions. Once we begin to develop some sollutions, then it is up to us to try to make the necessary changes. If we cannot make the changes in the outside world, I think making inner changes is just as important. Seeing the problems around us in some senses gives us a responsibility to realize the changes. Else our future generations won't have much of a future to live for. Technology won't save the moral and spiritual destiny of mankind.

posted on Sep, 9 2004 @ 10:06 PM
I'm reading a book called "taming your gremlin"
it sounds really corny, and by the cover i thought it was a childrens book, but it's really a good way to look at who you really are, what acts you put up, to notice all the bad stuff going on in your mind. I immediatley noticed how i'd put on acts or "be fake" depending on which group of people i am with. also it's what keeps you in that rut of bad habits... very good book imo for bettering yourself.

posted on Sep, 10 2004 @ 06:12 AM
everyone is fake to a certain extent. you have to be in order to fit into this crummy world. exposing your inner most desires for most would be considered unaceptable, you must conform and enjoy what everyone else enjoys, or you will be labeled weird. this is an extremely counter-productive means to conducting daily life, people will always stop short and second guess themselves. should i say this, or not? you might ask yourself, when in the most proper of cirumstances you will never question yourself because being true to your self is also being true to the world. we all say things we dont mean simply to please others. this is where it gets more complicated. should you be true and honest and tell exactly whats on your mind all the time regardless of if it displeases others and makes them bitter towards you? or should you be fake and fraudulent while conversing with others to be at their level and make them feel more accepted? ive been stressing over this for most of my life. i have come to a shaky conclusion that different people require different forms of conduct. so it is a constent rehersal and acting of different parts, to please the masses of programed, intelegent, and depraved indivuals you will find on your journeys.

originaly posted by surfrider "Technology won't save the moral and spiritual destiny of mankind. "

thats true in fact it wont do a damn thing, but test are abilities as good humans. it makes the physical realm much much easier, in turn making it much more difficult to bring ourselve to go out and be something. making proper desicions is rather difficult when there is so much influence from technology around. then when you actualy get the energy to forget the technology and go out and be a good person and try to do something you are met with no one of the same mind set. i guess it all about having a good time and not caring about the world around you. infidels!

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posted on Sep, 10 2004 @ 01:04 PM
I read an Anton Wilson book called "Promestheus Rising" and it was a series of exercises designed to make you more in touch with the your brain is MEANT to work. He claims there are 8 circuits in the brain and teaches you how to become aware of each in turn...althought I don't think the 5th to 8th ones are that easy to access actually.

But it's a kinda good example of one man's attempt to deprogram people in general. I know I want to be one of those freaks who skips down the street singing and wearing only a sheet - just because I want to and am not about to take social constructs into consideration if they're going to stop my fun. But I'm too worried about what people will think.

posted on Sep, 28 2004 @ 11:43 PM
One place to start would be getting a better understanding of how the mind works. Try finding a good on persuasion and marketing. I personally reccommend "The Dynamics of Persuasion" by Richard M. Perloff. The thing to remember is that you can't believe something you don't understand. So, while all sorts of things can influence you unconsciously the most powerful type of persuasion is for things you have thought a lot about, and feel you understand. The true believer is much more faithful, than someone who just kind of feels they should act a certain way. There is also the influence of following the crowd. The rest of it are just various tricks. Politeness gets a response. One trick called innoculation, involves presenting a weak opposing argument, and refuting it. Another things is that if people don't think the issue is important, they will look for cues rather than actually analyzing the message.

Meditation will help try to get outside this cultural landscape. Also, try to learn about foreign ideas. Read books from different periods, whose ideas are different from those of today, and study foreign things. The "Illuminatus Trilogy" by Anton Wilson and Robert Shea, helped me understand how difficult it is to put explanations to things. Be wary of all theories and idea which claim to explain everything.

Do you really want to be deprogrammed? If you start to really understand things better, you're likely to get depressed. What do you believe in? Who do you love? Do you love yourself? Are you attached to any ideas? When you start uncover, fallacies that have been floating in your mind for a long time, you will often need to give up heartfelt beliefs about things. Letting go is not always so easy. Realize what you want to do.

All that I have mentioned so far are about challenging your old beliefs, and finding out how you've been duped. You can compare the beliefs of different places, and times, but this still doesn't really provide a way to understand what is true. How do you know all the other things you learn aren't just different delusions?

Science tries to understand these questions. Normal language doesn't really work very well, so science employs mathematics to explain these. A lot of people don't understand mathematics. The basic idea is to look at relations between undefined terms. For example consider the two sentence: "dadtes jajs kwidgow", and "kwidgow jajs sddf". All the words are undefined. These aren't very interesting by themselves. However, we can come up with the following rule for manipulating these things: If we have "[1stword] jajs [2ndword]" and "[2ndword] jajs [3rdword]" we get "[1stword]" jajs [3rdword]. So, applying this rule to the two things we have, we can get "dadtes jajs sddf". The basic idea comes from Euclid's Elements, the most popular textbook of all time. In it, Euclid gives five axioms which are really just like the rules for manipulating things. He then using them to prove lots of theorems, although by modern standards he was a little sloppy. For more on this also see Gold, Escher, Bach by Douglas R. Hofstadter, and any introductory logic textbook. Science looks relations among various things, and so they can then be understood in this mathematical language. The reason why this is so valuable is it allows for things to be looked at much more objectively by their individual components, without running into as many mental blocks. Also, you can understand without resorting to making analogies to things you know, which may not really have any relation.

The basic way science does this is by breaking things down into components, and finding relationships between them. The general study of this type of stuff can be found under System Theory, or branches of it like System dynamics. Although, I think its important to understand how an understanding can be formed from just a flood of data. An important book to read would be Full House by Stephen Jay Gould, which explains the problems with trying to blindly follow statistics to meaning. Despite its usefullness, faulty statistics are the sophisticated way of fooling people. There is also the issue of where people focus on those who succeed, and attribute a reason where none is there. For a more thorough view of that subject read Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The point to remember here too is that situations are made to special, where they really aren't. For instance with nationalism, each nation is led to believe: they are special, chosen by god, the best, etc. So, people might try apply different modes of thought, but often they actually follow the same patterns.

Now, all of this may be able to help you get over the the propoganda mechanisms, but should you decide drop all of that, you still need to solve ethical dillemas. As Nietzsche pointed out "Beyond Good and Evil" a lot of morality is tied up in your position as a slave or master. If you overcome the propoganda, you become less a slave, so you may run into questions of morality, beliefs, etc. The science and such doesn't define morality, and neither does anything else. For that you need to look to your heart. What do you think power is, and who should hold it? Do you want to help others acquire the same knowledge you have?

These are my thoughts on the subject, although I don't claim to know all. I merely point out some stuff which seems to help understand our world a little better, and get away from the current propoganda system. However, you must remember while some things have changed, many remain the same. The United States is not the only country in the world with problems.

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