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ATS Traffic Summary - 08/2004

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posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 07:34 AM
ABOUT ABOVE TOP SECRET August 2004 Site Performance Summary Who said the "dog days of summer" need to be slow? August of 2004 has turned out to be our second-busiest month in the history of ATS. During August, we experienced a total of 873,452 unique user sessions, which is 96% of our previous record on May of 2004 (which was primarily due to have a major story about Nick Berg being extremely well indexed on Google). However, when looking at pure page views, August of 2004 had the highest number of pages viewed on ATS ever at 21.3 million! That's almost twice as many as our previous high of 10.7! So it's clear that people were spending more time on ATS, looking at more content. The single most-popular content page throughout the month was the War on Terrorism forum, followed closely by the UFO and Aliens forum. The most popular forum thread was, of course, the Very Scary End Of The World Article thread which continues to be a big Google draw. On the main site, our Area 51 Page remains the most popular of the main site content pages, followed in a close second by the Aircraft Index page. We continue to be a major force in search engine topics within our category. A record 217,189 users came to ATS from searches on Google alone, and a total of 9,713 unique website URL's have referred visitors to ATS. A total of 43,878 unique search terms brought people to ATS, with the following ranking as the top 10 searches: above top secret area 51 conspiracies john titor novatech society abovetopsecret lori hacking comanche helicopter philadelphia project novus tek And finally, we continue to be an interesting destination for users "in the know" as we've experienced the following session activity from these domains: - 4,529 sessions - 3,416 sessions - 2,382 sessions - 1,593 sessions - 393 sessions(!) Another great month for ATS!

posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 07:37 AM
Amazing growth. The best content of the genre will continue to carry this great site to new levels.


posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 07:46 AM
I was curious to know what was so I did a search and found that the nipr is actually VERY secure, single point of contact for all DoD connections to the web, a super firewall for all of the DoD's various branches, partners, and
educational institutions that work with the DoD.

the home page for NIPR:

United States of America Department of Defense Network Information Center

The NIC is operated by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). It provides information and services that are mission critical to the operation of the worldwide IP router Defense Information Systems Network and other DoD sponsored networks.

The NIC:
Operates the .MIL generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Registry
Operates the DoD Assigned Numbers Registry
Operates the DoD Internet Routing Registry
Provides Directory Service for Each Registry
Manages and Administers the MIL gTLD
Manages and Administers Sub-level Domain Name System (DNS) Domains
Coordinates Actions Regarding Security Incidents and Network

Operates World Wide Web Servers
Issues Network Management Bulletins and Other Announcements
Maintains On-line Documentation Repository
Manages, Administers, and Operates Dial-up Access Service Support Systems
Monitors Use of the Dial-up Access System and Investigates Possible Abuse
Provides General User Assistance from a Help Desk

And below is a link to info about what NIPRnet was envisioned to be...

Seems they have taken a liking to the chemtrail discussions...

And now to go back on topic.....All I have to say is WOW

This place isn't doing to shabby... Congratulations SimonGray et all...
Looks like business is booming....


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