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Israel has direct influence over the US Iran policy

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posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 05:50 PM
This analysis comes from the Juan Cole's website:

Franklin Met with Naor Gilon

The Israeli foreign ministry has confirmed that Lawrence Franklin, the Pentagon's top Iran desk officer, met repeatedly in Washington with "Naor Gilon, head of the political department at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, and a specialist on Iran's nuclear weapons program."

Gilon appears already to have been under surveillance by the FBI. At one point Franklin is said to have offered him a document, which he declined to take, but asked what it said and got an oral report. Gilon was unaware that he was being monitored and clearly thought he would be safe as long as he did not have any incriminating paper in his possession (conversations can be denied or spun, as long as they aren't taped).

Franklin did succeed in giving a confidential draft presidential directive on Iran to AIPAC officials, who then passed it to someone at the Israeli Embassy, perhaps Gilon. It is telling that the official took hard copy from AIPAC, presumably because he trusted them implicitly, whereas Gilon had rejected it from Franklin.

That Gilon is a specialist in Iran's nuclear weapons program suggests that Franklin wanted to consult with him about what the US should do about that issue. Gilon was "Director of the Division for Strategic and Military Affairs in the Center for Policy Research in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from 2000-2002." Franklin harbors feelings of profound hatred for the regime in Tehran and wanted to see it destroyed.

Israeli government officials and people like Dennis Ross at the AIPAC-funded "Washington Institute for Near East Policy" keep saying that this case makes no sense, since if Israel wanted to know something about US policy toward Iran, they could just make a call. This line of defense doesn't really help, though, since it suggests that there are no US government secrets to which Israel would be denied access on a simple request. That is an impossible proposition, and if it were true then it really would be the case that AIPAC runs the US government.

I continue to believe that Franklin was not seeking to give Israel information so much as he was soliciting input on the wording of the presidential directive on Iran. We have seen over and over again in the Bush administration how crucial it is to control key policy documents. Because Bush frankly is not a detail man, and cannot get his head around nuanced policy (he makes fun of the word), the ability of his smarter subordinates to control what paper is put in front of him is key to making things happen. Thus, the Neocons managed to put the false Niger uranium purchase story into the State of the Union address in 2003 despite the opposition of CIA director George Tenet, who knew by then that it was junk. Stephen Hadley, then the Neocon chief mole in the National Security Council, signed off on the insertion.

So, if you could work up a presidential directive on Iran that, e.g., threatened military action against the Iranian nuclear facilities at Bushehr, and could put it about the Pentagon that AIPAC and the Israelis had signed off on it, you might be able to make a US air attack on Bushehr happen. When the final draft was presented to Bush for his signature, Karl Rove (Bush's campaign chief) could be assured that Bush would get brownie points (big money and votes) from AIPAC if he signed.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 06:48 PM

one who is capable of this in my mind is no way a human being

makes me want to go over there and exterminate everyone of them

i would never surrender if this is the way they treat prisoners

cyanide capsules or shooting myself is more satisfactore

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 11:40 PM
it is very worrying how Israel can directly affect the policy of the most powerful nation on the planet.

We all know about the long hatred between Jew and Muslim, both aren't willing to accept compromises for peace and want to have the upper hand on the other. IMO what needs to be done is to force these children to play nice. But the Jewish child knows how to manipulate the parent to side against the muslim child.


posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 07:41 AM
The influence of the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) in NYC and Washington is enormous and growing (they influence certain key elements of the US press such as the AP ----and CNN, which is run by AIPAC's very own Mr Aaronson, and give large donations to candidates that are pro-Israel) and they threaten with political death anyone who stands in their way.

Some members of AIPAC are actually on high ranking committees in the Senate and other branches of US government: such special interest groups have NO business being active in the US government, or being able to weild blackmailing tactics against political candidates and sitting officers in the govt but that's precisely what these people do, especially since about 1974.

And speaking of Governor McGreevey, exactly what WAS the very gay Mr Golan's relationship with AIPAC and the Israeli Mossad Intelligence Community in NJ when he was given that $100,000 job he was not even cleared by the US government to accept in the first place, then planned to blackmail a sitting US governor for cash or bring him down for good?

Nobody seems to be talking about Mr Golan's zionist agenda in the press...thanks largely to the influence of zionist groups like AIPAC in the US press in Washington and NYC.

Many of AIPACs members are also members of terrorist organizations such as the JDL (Jewish Defence League) which boasted members such as Brooklyn-born Dr Rabbi Baruch Goldstein who opened automatic weapon fire in a Hebron mosque in 1994 (Feb 25 at 5:30 am) killing 29 men praying to their God on their knees, and wounding 87 others, screaming verses from the OT prophet Hezekiel in chapter 8 and 9--albeit with a very bad NYC Ashkenazi accent in Hebrew (translated into English as "exterminate them all facing the east, show no mercy, kill them all, leave nothing breathing!") .

Since violent Zionist terrorism is clearly part of the larger zionist circles in which AIPAC travels (including the 5 laughing-and-dancing Mossad agents atop a building taking colour pictures of the World Trade Center JUST BEFORE THE PLANES ARRIVED on 9-11, secretly skirted off back to Israel without any legal process in the US) , perhaps these creatures should all be plaed in solitary confinement in Guantanamo Bay for 20 years without a trial?

Sooner or later the goyim (AIPAC's charming word for "gentiles") will get fed up enough to do something to curb AIPAC's growing influence in the US govt, but Americans first have to learn to become critical thinkers, and not just watch CNN headline news and take their carefully crafted (often zionist) propaganda as factual, when many other sides of different issues are rarely if ever discussed openly "for the masses"....

I think you've opened a can of worms here, and they're going to start crawling all over the floor soon ...!!!!

posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 12:18 PM
Amadeus, I think you have some serious reality problems. For starters you seem to have a problem accepting reality.

AIPAC is a PAC, we know what those are, right? They raise lots and lots of money and donate that money to candidates who they feel will respond to their interests and enact legislations that benefits their membership.

There are many PACs that function through that very method and are very successful, for example ever here of "Big Tobacco"?

That said, you also levy charges against Golan Cipel and invent allegations that no one but you and your 'imaginative' pals agree with. Instead of seeing it like the intelligent community does, which is that McGreevy had a relationship with him and gave his boyfriend a job, you just HAVE TO pounce on the "Israeli" part of the equation like the parasite some types of people tend to be. Had Cipel been born ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET besides Israel this would have been a guy giving his lover a cushy job. But because he was from Israel we have to hear from people like yourself float out non-existant ties to Mossad. Simply because of where he was born.

People like you have nothing to say. You float the same stupid points on a daily basis and think that if you keep saying it eventually others will accept it as truth. It's not going to happen. It's one thing to want to investigate ideas. I support that. If you believe those nasty ass Jews are up to something, then sure check it out. But you have absolutely no right to allege things to be truths that are not even seriously considered ideas. You have no right to claim something to be a fact that neither you or anyone else can even support. I can't say you're a martian because I have no proof of that. It's called reality. Reality indicates that Baruch Goldstein was a maniac who has been punished accordingly by his Government. Reality indicates that your theories of 9/11 being pulled off by the Israelis is nothing more than processed hay coming out of the rectum of a horse. Reality indicates that your statement that AIPAC should not be allowed in US politics is the stupidest thing uttered in recent memory because you neglect to attack the other thousands of PACs, some of which dwarf AIPAC, but are not headed by JEWS.

We understand, you don't like the Jewish people. You think the Jews call you a worthless member of the "Goyim" and want to enslave you. That's fine. Don't like them, don't support them, don't spend any money for their businesses, call them nasty, call them satan, prank call their nursing homes, whatever other odd things you may do. But you may not represent your own odd theories and opinions as truth as they are nothing but your own opinions. It's called reality and I think you need to take a moment to relax from whatever your next theory is (perhaps a circumsized asteroid with horns, 'the rothschild' will hit earth soon) and realize what the problem is here. I don't know about the can of worms but you'd do better to release what I've seen as more intelligent comments from you rather than this can of crap.

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