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Well the interviewee on one step beyond (sky 200 uk) summed up 9/11, brilliantly.

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posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 04:02 PM
He said basically (but in better words than my own) what you saw on 9/11, was the "whole western world totally taken in subliminaly by watching the repeat of two towers collapsing over and over again"

Absolutely brilliant statement IMHO, basically what you saw on 9/11 was a complete TV brainwash program.

Yep, 9/11 was an inside job. Many of the UK mps are too scared to speak out, (basically if they can do 9/11 what can they do to me?)

Thats it for tonight, too much brandy have I drunk

My input:
Mainstream media countries I know now covering the fact that 9/11 "may have" been an inside job.

Its creeping through to mainstream and many more people now know they were had on 9/11. But whats important is not to be too hard on those that believed the "official story". Remember two things IMHO

1. Many of those people who believe the "official story" maybe in denial mentally.
2. Many will not want to know the truth for other reasons.

Remember when dealing with people and spreading the truth there are a couple of key things to remember.

1. Dont try to persuade them of the facts. (They may snarl at you and get angry)
2. Just tell them what you believe. (and I say I know the truth). If they want the facts they will find them.

We dont know how it was done, but we know people that were involved

And one thing to keep your pecker up, remember there are now more white hats in the pentagon
and many of the uk MPs now know he truth, the key is to give the courage to our MPs in the UK the so they can find the strength and backing to stand up in parliament to tell the truth.

If we voted our members into parliament then we should get them to stand up by writing to them.

The truth is catching up.
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