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The That is a Hit! Thread

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posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 12:09 AM

Originally posted by Forevever
I have a problem with any and all EQ predictions that come true - because they're predicted here almost every day, and everyone here knows there's an average of 30 EQ's around the world every day

so um..... no
doesn't work for me

Greensage, I love your dog

I have learned over the years that you can't please everyone.


A lot of people have a lot of problems with a lot of things everywhere.
You do not have to be a part of the thread if you don't want to be.

My own personal answer to your point is that this is a place where lots of people share ideas on lots of things. There is a section for dreams and predictions, which would stand to reason that lots of posts would be there because lots of people dream. Perhaps in time it will show that most of the predictions made on this board from members who have strange dreams were of earthquakes, maybe not. Maybe a lot that has already been recorded just has not happened yet. The two I pointed out were of EQs. How many EQ predictions have you seen come true on this board? Not many. So if what you say is true, there should be a lot more EQ predictions coming true all the time. I don't see that happening, do you?

But I personally know that people do have dreams of future events, because I have had them myself.
I think it is a lot more common than people think or let on. Almost everyone has either had a premonition themselves at some point in their lives, or knows someone who has

posted on Jan, 3 2012 @ 12:17 PM
I am still watching!

Although I was gone for a bit...

Did I miss anything?

seems quiet on the hit thread....which is a good thing I would think since most predictions seem to be warnings.

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posted on Jan, 4 2012 @ 07:03 AM
Well, what about this thread:

On 25-8-2008 user daltoncullen posted:

Originally posted by daltoncullen
Like I said I see the number 311 everywhere. On the clock, TV commercials, phone numbers, even on scores on video game letter boards. Most people would tell me I'm looking for the number probably. But I'm not, I never think about it or look for it. It just pops up, its like its following me. Its been going on for a long time now and I've always just been blowing it off but its starting to kinda scare me now. Does anybody have any idea why I'm seeing this number. And please don't tell me because its programed into my mind to look for it because I'm not!

I guess that you know that in 2011, there was a huge event on 311...

On March, 11, 2011, one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded happened off the coast of Japan. A huge tsunami destroyed entire cities in Japan, killing around 20 thousand people. A very serious nuclear crisis started in the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Plant...

I dare to say that 311 was an event almost as important as 911...

And user daltoncullen was being tormented by that number since the year 2008...

posted on Jan, 5 2012 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by TheGreatRevelation

That would be a hit as well, although, more of a personal revelation for the poster I would think.
A case of numbers with no meaning until something happens that they go AHA! thats it!

This would be a hard one for me to say is related though, because there is only numbers and urgency with those numbers, and no other details other than they mean something very important to the poster.

I will have to read the thread.

Ok, I looked at it, it was from someone who posted 2 posts.
I guess 311 could mean anything although it is very interesting....

I'd call it a hit of a kind, but unusual.
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posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 10:43 AM
Well, here comes another one, made by....ME!

This is taken from this thread:
The Perfect Storm

Originally posted by Darkblade71
I had kind of the same thought when I heard the hurricanes name which is Sandy.

Be aware on the east coast. Sandy could cause a lot of problems.

Also she is correct about a major eq, this could happen any day now, but I am getting farther north. Like pacific NW. I don't make predictions, however after listening to her, I can say that the last few weeks my mind has been pushing at me about a major EQ along the west coast...I hope I am wrong and hope she is wrong.

I went and looked up her prediction for Cali on another youtube vid, her date is off, she says August.

I know from personal experience that predictions like these can be off by a few months to years depending on situations.

Here is an update from her on sept 18th

Talks about a lot of things happening here this year.
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Direct link to the post dated 10/24/12
The Hit

That's a hit!

This EQ had been on my mind for a little while. I knew something was going to happen close to my home town.
Sometimes I will hear other people say something and it triggers off my psychic senses or verifies something I am thinking about. Luckily I posted this instead of holding back which I find myself doing quite often if I am not sure about something...this was way to strong of a feeling to ignore, so I had to say something about both Sandy and an EQ in the Pacific Northwest.
I'm glad I did not keep it in.
Kind of funny, I created this thread almost one year ago almost to the day....hmmm....
If anyone else has anything they predicted on ATS that has happened and has been missed so far, please post it.
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posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 11:14 AM
reply to post by Darkblade71

Information on the quake:

Tectonic Summary

The October 28th, 2012 (October 27 at the location of the epicenter) M 7.7 earthquake south of Masset, Canada, occurred as a result of oblique-thrust faulting near the plate boundary between the Pacific and North America plates. At the location of this event, the Pacific plate moves approximately north-northwest with respect to the North America plate at a rate of approximately 50 mm/yr.

This earthquake is likely associated with relative motion across the Queen Charlotte fault system offshore of British Columbia, Canada. Studies of tectonics in this region suggest plate motions are taken up by strike slip faulting parallel to the plate boundary, accompanied by lesser amounts of thrust motion to accommodate the oblique nature of the plate motion vector between the two plates with respect to the orientation of the main plate boundary fault structure. This oblique component of plate motion may involve either underthrusting of the western edge of the Pacific Plate beneath North America, or be taken up on crustal faults within the North America plate. The October 28th earthquake is consistent with either scenario.

This region of the Pacific:North America plate boundary has hosted 7 earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater over the past 40 years – the largest of which was a M 6.6 earthquake in 2009, 80 km to the south east of the 2012 earthquake. In 1949, a M 8.1 earthquake occurred closer to the Pacific:North America plate boundary, likely as a result of strike-slip faulting, approximately 100 km northwest of the October 28th earthquake, near the northern extent of Haida Gwaii region (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands).

Taken from:7.7 - 139 km s of Masset, Canada

Ok so only 7 EQ's in this area of 6 or greater in 40 years.....
What are the odds?

posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 12:44 PM

Originally posted by mark1167

posted on 6-10-2012 @ 04:25 PM

Earthquakes are fascinating and I've experienced a few small rattler's myself and I always seem shocked at how instantly small I feel at the moment.
Anyways interesting thread, but I don't think California is going to get the next big monster we are all waiting for on the west coast. What interests me and seems kinda spooky is if you look at this map from today, USGS website, the coast of British Columbia always seems to be eerily silent while all around it from Alaska, to California, down to Mexico and South America, earthquakes are happening on an hourly basis.
This is what scares me and this is where I think the next big monster will occur. Somewhere off the coast, or on Vancouver Island, or possibly right in the heart of Vancouver itself. I think the pressure has been building in this region for a long time and its only a matter of time before something happens.
The whole Pacific plate from Japan to California is in constant movement , sliding under the North American plate, yet British Columbia hasn't had a significant earthquake in , how long? Several hundred years? While all around it earthquakes happen so much we barely notice. This area has three plates all moving towards each other and so far nothing. But I have the feeling that is going to change very soon.

Another hit on this EQ

Taken from:Shaking,Rattling and Rolling on the W. Coast...EQ style

Good job!

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 03:59 PM
Posted on 6-8-2012 @ 10:55 AM

Originally posted by Alfred2012
Hi sled735 and all,
sorry for being absent from the forum and this great thread for such a long time.

The last months were very, very busy with great, new experiences, the reason i only was able to take a peek at ATS during that time.

You might remember that i promised that i will inform you on news when it comes to further predictions and also to news on my contacts with ETs. Well, now it is the time i like to give you a brief update on this.

It is synchronicity that - when i had a look two or three days ago to an ATS thread which covered a prophecy ("A Message From My Guides About Our Actions") - i saw a reference from sled735 to a former posting of mine on that topic. Thank you very much to sled735! :-)

If somebody likes to copy the postings or references to it for usage in other threads i'm more than happy. :-)

The following is a translation from my original text, which is available on Original Message, if somebody is interested in:

In the following dialog i wanted to come back to my guides previous predictions. I wanted to know whether those predictions are still valid (Remark: All dialoges in waking state):

Dialog with "Droidus", Saturday, July, 14th 2012, appx 08:30am
Alfred: "Droidus, you gave some information on the time designation for an event which will be important for all human beings. Are these time designations "Before snow falls" and "When the birds are flying" still valid?"
Droidus: "Yes"
Droidus: "People will raise their eyes but they won't understand"

Droidus conveyed a feeling that people will see something in the sky what they won't understand. The time designations describe a date which is before onset of winter this year.

Prophecy of my Higher Self
All the messages I received from my guide "Droidus" and the ET beings kept my thoughts busy as you probably can imagine. So i decided to ask my spiritual group members (I run through a 3-years spiritual education developing my psychic skills in a group of six + the teacher) for help in validating the messages.

All the members are clairvoyant, so i expected more detailed insights on the predicted event(s) and also on the ET contacts i had during last months. During a meditation every single member of the group then has made contact to their corresponding higher self (fullsoul) and has asked the same questions. Beforehand: All members have seen something meaningful coming for all humans in mentioned time designation.

All the received information and pictures were complementary, but i will just focus on my own messages i received from my higher self. Here the dialog with my higher self right after contact (HS):

Dialog with Alfred's Higher Self, Monday, July, 16th 2012, appx. 12:00am
Alfred: "..."
Alfred: "What is the prophecy of the light beings, which will happen to all humans before onset of winter?"
HS: "Humans will awaken. They will be confused. Humans will be glad."
Alfred: "What about sorrow (of the people)?"
HS: "Many people will lose what they became fond of"
Alfred: "Is this related to their material assets?"
HS: "They will disbelieve that this can happen to them"
Alfred: "Please can you send me a picture on that"

Now i received the following picture:
I saw a street in a big city. It was very dark (night), no lights in the street or in the buildings at all, the street was all wet. The only light seen came from burning heaps of rubbish on the street or in barrels (appx. 60 inches height). I saw a person confused and disoriented walking on the street and 2-3 other persons further away who also seemed to be confused.

After the group members gave feedback on the messages they received from their higher self, my teacher asked me to check with my higher self the name of the city, the street which i've described belongs to:

Alfred: "My Higher Self, what is the name of the city the street i've seen belongs to?"
HS: "New York"

I received the answer immediately and it was clear and precise. page
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The link to this post on Sled's Thread:
Alfred's prediction

Another hit! This one about New York City.

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 10:57 AM
I want to give credit to Storm2012 for their Thread The Perfect Storm

This thread was VERY accurate all around when it came to what was coming up the east coast during Sandy.
I personally believe that it could of saved some lives just by making people who visit ATS a bit more aware of what was coming at them, so thank you Storm2012 for bringing it to everyone's attention.
I do believe that is a hit.

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 04:21 PM
Here is one posted by The Angel of Light in this post:

posted on 5/9/2012 @ 11:55 AM By the way the Quake I am foreseeing is going to occur followed by a giant tsunami, so there is going to be not only earthquake destruction but also flood one. posted on 5/9/2012 @ 01:33 PM even I am thinking if this event might be occurring instead of the west in New York, something really strange, since usually that city is considered one of the most stable soils of the country.......The point is that I don't perceive this occuring in warm waters, and we are now in a heating season, so that makes me think in cities that are more to the north along the coasts and as I told with high density of population. posted on 5/9/2012 @ 01:38 PMNo, this is not going to occur in five years or so, this is imminent, something comming sooner, in weeks or months at most but not in many years ahead of what we are now in the time line. posted on 10/18/2012 @ 07:30 PM Now as far as this one goes "1) Some strong seismic motion not very usual shaking the North East Coast of the country, and from what I can see it will affect specially the coast in between New York city and Boston." I will agree that you seem to have a degree of accuracy, and the reason that I agree with this one is because you have not cast your net so wide as to encompass all possibilities.

I don't know if this is a hit because the prediction was for a quake. But maybe what this person saw was the "Perfect Storm"?

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by sled735

That is a hit as far as something bad happening in new york. It also has the possibility of still becoming a hit if there is an EQ there as well. So, it is a hit as far as city was correct so far.

posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 10:22 PM
This was posted today on Jessica's blog page:

NOVEMBER 10, 2012 East Coast Earthquake? Haarp status? A psychic friend of mine asked me about what I thought with regards to an east coast earthquake. Granted, I have yet to have been warned of any thus far but my feeling is that we aren’t really supposed to totally know about any of them- timing wise. I have been flashed, since talking to him, many times an area of the mid-southern part of the east coast- looks more like between: tennessee, north carolina, south carolina. At the highest area maybe a little more north, including the very southern portions of west virginia, and virgina. When I asked the probability the east coast will get a large scale earthquake I keep seeing “30%” but when I ask about the west coast, the probability is over 90%. Seeing “any time now”. Texted my friend this and it included Kentucky for proof.

After this post the quake in KY hit!

Fastest Validation ever- Earthquake Kentucky I texted my friend, as mentioned in the post before this. I mentioned that whole area about an earthquake I kept getting flashed at in my head. And not too long later my friend saw this on the news: 4.3 Kentucky Updated at 2:20pm – Ky Just got hit again but with a 2.5

posted on Nov, 10 2012 @ 11:41 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen of ATS I present to you

Member JakiusFogg

2 February 2011
Member JakusFogg
created the thread titled

"Coming Massive Earthquake off Japan - A Dream"
350 Flags
268 Stars

With what I consider one of the best opening sentences ever.

OK, I have never bothered posting anything like this before, but though this was a good a time as any to start!.

On March 11th, just 37 days later
the Tsunami hit the coast of Japan.

But that's not the wierd part.
He got a number out of his dream.

On it I saw a LARGE RED sqaure surrounded by many other smaller squares just off the east coast of Japan. The thing was this square was much larger than the normal size square USGS put up for a 7+

Mike Grouchy
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posted on May, 18 2013 @ 08:22 AM
reply to post by mikegrouchy

That's Awesome!

I'm a little late in responding but..

That's a hit!

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 08:23 AM
Ok, so now we have some hits.

Anyone else have any threads out there or posts on ATS that are hits?

posted on Jan, 9 2016 @ 11:35 AM
a reply to: Darkblade71

Hi Darkblade! Please help me understand/remember how this was a "hit" for NYC? I just don't remember how the prediction manifested - it was made August 6, 2012. Sorry - brain is drawing a blank here...


- AB

posted on Jan, 9 2016 @ 07:21 PM
a reply to: AboveBoard


If I am not mistaken...

October 28–29, 2012- Hurricane Sandy, a historic storm, makes landfall near Atlantic City, New Jersey with 90 mph winds. This storm was unusual because it was a late season hurricane combined with a Nor'easter at high tide during a full moon, producing long-lasting and devastating results not seen in generations. The largest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Basin, wind gusts topped 100 mph in some parts of the New York Metropolitan area. Sandy caused a record 14.41 foot storm surge at Battery Park, New York City, flooding various parts of Lower Manhattan including various tunnels and subway systems, making them inoperable for weeks. Some are still damaged. The immediate aftermath included widespread flooding, massive power outages and a system-wide disruption of mass transit service. Sandy had a significant effect on the digital world: 1/4 of cable, Internet, and wireless providers were unable to properly operate following the storm.[citation needed] Over nine million customers were without power, including 90 percent of Long Island and most of Manhattan below 49th Street, some for several months. Many low-lying neighborhoods in NJ and NY were completely destroyed. Thousands of homes and businesses were demolished by the record storm surge.

Hurricane Sandy hit NYC

The Prediction:

Alfred: "What is the prophecy of the light beings, which will happen to all humans before onset of winter?"
HS: "Humans will awaken. They will be confused. Humans will be glad."
Alfred: "What about sorrow (of the people)?"
HS: "Many people will lose what they became fond of"
Alfred: "Is this related to their material assets?"
HS: "They will disbelieve that this can happen to them"
Alfred: "Please can you send me a picture on that"

Now i received the following picture:
I saw a street in a big city. It was very dark (night), no lights in the street or in the buildings at all, the street was all wet. The only light seen came from burning heaps of rubbish on the street or in barrels (appx. 60 inches height). I saw a person confused and disoriented walking on the street and 2-3 other persons further away who also seemed to be confused.

After the group members gave feedback on the messages they received from their higher self, my teacher asked me to check with my higher self the name of the city, the street which i've described belongs to:

Alfred: "My Higher Self, what is the name of the city the street i've seen belongs to?"
HS: "New York"

Full post on ATS

The date it was posted on Sled's thread was August 6th 2012,
Hurricane Sandy hit NYC Oct 28th 2012.

Whatever Alfred was seeing from his higher self as he called it,
it was to happen to NYC before the onset of winter.

posted on Jan, 9 2016 @ 07:24 PM
a reply to: Darkblade71

Ah! Okay. Yeah I would call that a hit then. Thanks so much for following up with me on this. I feel dumb for not putting that together myself!

Blessings to you


posted on Jan, 9 2016 @ 07:30 PM
a reply to: AboveBoard

No problem!

I probably should of explained it better when I originally posted it.
It looks like I put it on this thread a day or two after the hurricane,
so I was probably in a hurry or on a coffee

posted on Feb, 3 2016 @ 11:39 AM
Would this count? If not, my apologies in advance...

In the late 80's early 90's (my dates are still packed away someplace) I went through an odd period. During it, I knew a few hours in advance of an airplane incident near Hawaii where some people were sucked out of a plane. I felt it happening. The details were a bit humorous at first, except for the outcome.

Also, a few hours in advance, I knew about the Iranian plane "falling" out of the sky. I didn't know it was Iranian at the time. I was just speaking with an Iranian friend when I got so upset that I needed to go home and then I had the (don't know what to call it) "experience" of this.

My husband just reminded me of one that still upsets me. I forgot. But I knew about some people in a shuttle that died. I didn't understand it until afterwards. This wasn't the Challenger incident but one that disintegrated on reentry some years later.

I knew during a drive from Florida to Indiana, through I think Chattanooga, about a huge crash on the highway. I kept getting visions of it as if I were in it and began to scream to get off the road. I kept describing what I was seeing, such as "I look up and can't see the stars...I feel like I'm in hell...," and my husband couldn't console me. I kept holding my cat and was upset that I didn't know how to shield her from this. Finally we got off the road and went to a hotel. The next morning, at the hotel's restaurant, or one near by, I not only saw in the newspapers about the event, but people who survived it were quoted with the same quotes as I had said. I believe I still have the notes I had written that night, but of course this doesn't prove anything.

In fact, while at that same restaurant near the hotel, a waitress took our order and then went to the kitchen. After a while I got upset and told my husband that the lady had just gotten burned. Since he was a vet, and knew a bit about medicine, I begged him to go help her, but he just thought I was too excitable. In my excited state, I felt a bit desperate and immediately "knew" that one of the only other people in the restaurant, across the room in a booth, was a nurse, and I wanted to beg her to go help, but I was leaning towards my husband's conclusion that I needed to get a grip and calm down. But a few minutes later a different waitress came with our order. I asked about our original waitress and the new waitress said that she had just gotten burned in the kitchen. At that point my husband told her to go and do what they could to put something cold on the burn. And then the woman from across the room interrupted and volunteered that she was an ER nurse and "what that man said it true." You could say that that one was a double-yolker.

The one that upset me the most was that I knew about a near miss with an asteroid, that had flown between the earth and the moon. I almost sought professional help over that, since I thought I had gone over the edge, but then we saw the following week that this had really happened.

I saw some other things that still haunt me. So, that's it in a nut shell, pun intended.

There might be more, but this is all I recall at the moment. I hope it helps.

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