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The Madness of Saving Jessica Lynch (Brian Sewell is An Ass)

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posted on Apr, 8 2003 @ 06:47 PM
Sewer mouth Sewell better not come to the United States..That BASTARD will get his ass kicked POST HASTE. That SOB has audacity to print this garbage..He should be fired IMMEDIATELY..

The madness of saving Jessica
By Brian Sewell, Evening Standard
8 April 2003

To puke was the only proper reaction to the rescue of Private Jessica Lynch, of the US Army's 50th Maintenance Company, as April Fools' Day dawned in Iraq last week. "To puke" has just the right abrupt, dismissive note to it - "to vomit" and "to regurgitate" both have too much Latin gravity at their roots, "to heave" and "to retch" the false gentility of euphemism, but plain puke, good enough for Shakespeare, is onomatopoeic to perfection. Say "puke" and relish the sound.

It is not that I have any ill-will towards the girl - I have none for any young soldier, of any race or religion, engaged in any cause - it is just that I believe women to have no business to be anywhere near the front line in any campaign, other than, perhaps, as doctors and nurses. I am certain that no such effort would have been made to rescue a young man of her age and inexperience.

Jessica Lynch is 19, blonde, 5ft 4in, and weighs rather less than the equipment carried by a British paratrooper on the yomp. Driving across the desert with other US servicemen unable to read a compass or take direction from the sun, she was separated from a convoy, ambushed, injured, captured by Iraqis and taken to a hospital in Nasiriyah, on the Euphrates, nearer Basra than Baghdad.

There she lay, both legs and one arm fractured, attended by the few members of staff who had not fled, a pharmacist the only man of any qualification.

How these injuries occurred we do not know, but General Tommy Franks, commander of the allied forces, knew of them and knew where she was, knowledge attributed to " intelligence" until the truth was revealed - that a sympathetic Iraqi had trudged for miles across the desert until he found a US officer to tell.

General Franks it was who ordered Jessica's rescue, perhaps sharing her family's anxiety over the possibility of rape, perhaps recognising what a propaganda coup could be made of it. To effect the rescue, US marines staged diversionary attacks in Nasiriyah, on a bridge, a telecommunications relay station and the local headquarters of the Ba'ath party; and with these under way, two transport helicopters landed in the hospital grounds, with the protection of four attack helicopters hovering overhead and two patrolling tankbuster aircraft - all this by dead of night, in pitch darkness and with the appalling safety record of US forces.

posted on Apr, 8 2003 @ 06:52 PM
Whether Jessica Lynch was detained by the Iraqis, whether she was treated well or not and whether she was released or rescued ...

better wait until that story is confirmed by independent sources...

posted on Apr, 8 2003 @ 06:57 PM
that the Navy SEALs got PFC Lynch out alive and in one piece.

If Mr. Sewell were to be captured, injured, raped, and left for dead? Most likely, no one would care and he would die alone in a far off country. If he were lucky, I guess the British military might send an SAS detachment, if they didnt have something better for them to do.

If there were true justice, if an SAS team were dispatched to his location, they would simply pop a round in his forehead from a silenced 9mm and go home.


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