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Battlefield 3 is!

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posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by TrueAmerican

Just downloaded BF3 PC last night and started playing today and in one word it is Awesome !

I've a basic high performance gaming rig, I built several years ago and it has held it's own for years now.
I overclock my systems if needbe but so far so good. I ran Crysis 2 full tilt and it looks as if I can run BF3 as well.

If i begin to see performance issues I begin by upgrading the video cards first until the subsystem becomes obsolete...but once again so far so good.

The basic config:

All Aluminum Case

ASUS 775 Socket Motherboard

Intel Quad Core CPU - 2.4Ghz but overclocks to 3.1Ghz if necessary. - the key advantage though is the 8mb cache and the multi cpus which Win 7 utilizes as well as the clock speed.

4Gb DDR3 Ram - I am 32 bit only 3 are used...

Nvidia 1 GbDDR5 Video Card - which is your major bottleneck throughput wise.

There is a certain degree of detail/granularity on the PC primarily due to the Monitor I am using (24" Dell Ultra Fine Pitch) vs even my 46" Sony Bravia Digital TV that I don't see on my PS3.

But bang for the buck, I can definitely see the PS3 crowd's perspective because the entire PS3 system costs what my Video Card alone did.

The game itself is impressive. I have only done a little of Co Op to learn the interface and just began a regular campaign today.

We were fighting off an attack of a firebase and the guys are attacking on foot and through the scopes on my M-16 they were like crystal clear....and also there were these guys with RPG's up in the 5 floor apartment were clear as daylight at a distance as their heads popped up which is very cool as you pick them off !

I am glad that I bought BF3 and I am even happier that my good old faithful rig is still holding up just fine !

Gotta run and Go Get Some !


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posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 03:43 AM
Hah! BF3 plays perfectly on my snotty old q6600 and hd 5850.. I never would have expected that.

I shall buy it afterall.

But lmao, it has TRON music for the menus and entirely Generation Kill dialogue. Only thing missing is a reference to the godfather.

I love it

Now I know I can actually play the thing, it's a dead cert... MP is any game these days.

Why arent they shooting at us?

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