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Breit Bart targets Natasha Lennard for supporting OWS but she works for Americans for Prosperity?

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posted on Oct, 24 2011 @ 12:03 PM
Heres the story where Briet Bart targets Natasha Lennard for being part of OWS(Occupy Wall Strreet).

A recent video posted at a far left website revealed that New York Times reported Natasha Lennerd not only reported on the #OWS protests, she participated in and helped organize the radical movement.

So I followed the name Natasha Lennard to see who she works for.

Natasha Lennard's Experience
Project Officer - North America International News Safety Institute
Nonprofit Organization Management industry

September 2011 – Present (2 months) New York City

Freelance blogger
Public Company; 51-200 employees; Writing and Editing industry

April 2011 – September 2011 (6 months)

Click Reporter Politico
Privately Held; Marketing and Advertising industry

August 2010 – April 2011 (9 months)

News intern
Public Company; Newspapers industry

June 2010 – August 2010 (3 months)

News intern The New York Times
Public Company; NYT; Newspapers industry

January 2010 – August 2010 (8 months)

Seems her new job is with North America International News Safety Institute. And so I looked it up.

About INSIThe International News Safety Institute (INSI) is a unique coalition of news organisations, journalist support groups and individuals exclusively dedicated to the safety of news media staff working in dangerous environments.

It is a not-for-profit charity, supported entirely by membership contributions which are channelled back into safety work.

INSI’s purpose is to create a global safety network of advice and assistance to journalists and other news gatherers who may face danger covering the news on international assignment or in their own countries.

It raises funds to provide safety training free of charge to journalists in need around the world who are unable to afford their own. It promotes measures to improve safety understanding among news organisations, militaries, governments and international bodies.

Sounds like a good cause. Saftey training for journalists working in war zones around the world. I also noticed a few people there with her go back to Columbia University - Graduate School of Journalism. So I guess that is where she got the job from. But I was interested in the donations where do they come from. Seems they link to Dart Center Advisory Council? Judith Matloff Professor, Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University seems to link the two together as a lader of both groups. And they get there donations from Dart Foundation.

And here is a annual report for the Dart Foundation. That shows under Public Policy at the bottom of the last page. Americans for Prosperity, Arlington, WV Ayn Rand Institute, Irvine ,CA.$FILE/df2010ar.pdf

So did Briet Bart call out a mole working for the Koch Brothers trying to infiltrate OWS? Or did he just point out a plot to undermine the OWS movement with a mole? Or is the OWS movement part of bigger Koch Plot?

But then there is another twist. Bill Wheatley Professor Columbia University also sits on the board with the two above. Natasha Lennerd and Judith Matloff. And who is Bill Wheatley? Well he used to be the executive vice president for NBC News. He is now advisor to the Nieman Foundation. Seems on there annual report they are partners with Dart Foundation on a special project?

The Dart-Nieman Collaboration

It seems the more you dig on what is going on when it comes to OWS the more you see both sides of our evil government and global corporations coming together to destroy it. Just to think all we had to do to get the Republicans and Democrates to come together is for the American people to become there enemies. Strange I thought we were supposed to be there cause and reason to exist?

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