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Luciferians control our Reality Matrix by presiding over Scientific Orthodoxy

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posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 05:22 AM

Originally posted by Getsmart
it appears to be a CABAL of Mystery Religion Satanists which penetrated Royal Bloodlines, the above normal lodge levels of Freemasonry

Originally posted by KSigMason
"Above normal"? LOL

Yes, KSigMason, I was "giving you a break" by suggesting that you would be a "normal" person and not an entirely Luciferian Freemason. For there are people of considerable virtue who are drawn to Freemasonry dazzled by the claims of Lofty ideals which are lauded to newcomers. Does this ring a bell?

"The rank and file Masonic membership are taught to live moral, upright, honest and chaste lives while the hierarchy practices the dark arts and the Black Mass in secrecy and obscurity - and thus they are able to deceive the people into a false sense of security and loyalty.

Red Ice Report on Luciferians

You would have to be of one of the Bloodlines to achieve 33rd Level, I know very honorable and even admirable men who reached the 32nd degree. Some Masons are decent human beings, and some are not. Yet the really nasty stuff happens above what I call the "normal level", meaning level at which you can still find "normal people". Of which I expect you belong, otherwise you would be committing blasphemy for not supporting Satan and praising his liege?

Originally posted by Getsmart
Presidents and Boards of Directors of many major Universities, they have not done so openly, but from BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, using leverage through masonic organizations.

Originally posted by KSigMason
Then how do you know about it? Could you cite examples?

You really must not underestimate people's intelligence when it comes to figuring out what must be going on behind closed doors. If one day a jury deliberates in private whether or not to find you guilty, you'll quickly find out what must have been going on behind those closed doors... when you discover what fate awaits you !

Regarding the fact that there is indeed a CONSPIRACY to control us through institutions of higher learning, I venture the following example, since you request such a one. But remember, each time you oppose me here, asking for proof, you are just helping to build a stronger case against the Luciferian interference and appropriation of Science and Education. Have you not realized that this goes against the interests of your higher authorities, and that you will be held accountable for your foolhardy actions which are so counterproductive for the objectives of your Masonic Brotherhood?

It is fairly well known at this date that the UN was built upon Rockefeller land, that the building was built using Rockefeller funding, and that almost all of its members are hand picked from among members of the Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations. Rockefeller also created the Trilateral Commission and is a key actor of the Bilderberg Group. These known GLOBALISTS who want to impose on the entire planet a LUCIFERIAN TOTALITARIAN REGIME are doing so with many heinous and criminal measures. Most are couched in fluffy "Love your Brothers" deceptive propaganda - yet as soon as you brush off the surface they hide dangerous and even genocidal agendas.

Of these, the one used for OVERT Planning, is called AGENDA 21. This is a plan which calls for the containment of human populations in mandatory zones, without freedom of movement and most of the planet off limits for naturally born and non genetically improved humans - those who survive multiple stages of culling. Their jobs would be assigned, their living quarters also, and their lives would be regimented by the State.

Agenda 21 has its Education Segment which the UN calls Youth 21

Since you want an example of the LUCIFERIAN POWER ELITE meeting behind closed doors, here it is and it happened this week!

"Youth is a time of idealism. Young people are a force for transformation. These are timeless qualities. But today’s younger generation has a new advantage. You have the Internet. As a child, when I first saw a television, I put my hand on the screen because I was fascinated. Now, when my granddaughter sees a TV, she puts her hand on the screen because she expects it to respond to her commands."

Ban Ki-moon keynote address to the Global Colloquium of University Presidents at Columbia University

If you are going to believe the "Angelist Poppycock Propaganda" spawned by the UN Secretary General about lofty ideals and socially responsible objectives, then JOB 1 of dumbing down the Sheeple was a success. JOB 2 of then carefully crafting a GLOBAL PLAN for our downfall can go forth. Part of this plan is called YOUTH 21 meaning the UN's plans for the world's young in the 21st Century. And are we asked what we'd wish for this? Of course not. It is a gang of Luciferian Cronies who are going to decide for us!

The twenty odd members of the panel were "hand picked" among the planets many thousands of University Presidents by INVITATION ONLY according to the Globalist Agenda. No dissidents allowed, no unorthodox opinions, only fully complicit Luciferians need apply.

Colloquium Agenda The Colloquium sessions on Tuesday, April 3 are open only to the Colloquium participants and will include presentations by Columbia University faculty and representatives from the United Nations. The university presidents will discuss the global impact of the youth population surge and the responsibility of universities in meeting educational needs and creating opportunities for the largest generation of young people the world has ever known. Together they will determine an outline of higher education objectives and action steps towards building a positive future for youth.

Simultaneously, the faculty experts from each participating university will discuss the United Nations’ Youth 21 initiative and long term goals to build multiple platforms that address the youth situation in the world, their struggle for democracy and basic needs. The Colloquium will produce a final report that includes the background paper, memoranda prepared by each president and faculty expert in response to the background paper, and recommendations and specific proposed outcomes, agreed upon by the Colloquium participants.

SOURCE: Global Colloquium of University Presidents“Global Effects of the Youth Population Surge: Addressing the Needs of the Largest Generation of Young People the World Has Ever Known”

What do the members of this panel have in common? They are SELF DESIGNATED planners of what our planet will be like in the 21st Century. They are arbitrarily selected, tapped and invited to be members of a "think tank" which is deciding behind our backs, even if in broad daylight under the auspices of a pretendly humanitarian conference, the EDUCATIONAL FATE OF OUR CHILDREN throughout the world. And they have the gall to say they wish to address the aspirations of the young for Democracy, when they LORD OVER US in a totally arbitrary and authoritarian manner.

If you are not able to read between the lines, they spell it out for you. Here is more:

The Global Colloquium of University Presidents is convened by the presidents of the five sponsoring institutions -- Lee C. Bollinger (Columbia University), Amy Gutmann (University of Pennsylvania), Richard Levin (Yale University), John Sexton (New York University), and Shirley Tilghman (Princeton University) -- on behalf of and with the participation of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Additionally, Michael Doyle, PhD, Harold Brown Professor of U.S. Foreign and Security Policy within the School of International and Public Affairs, the Department of Political Science, and the Law School, and Kenneth Prewitt, PhD, Carnegie Professor of Public Affairs and the Vice-President for Global Centers, are serving as President Bollinger’s academic counsel in the Colloquium planning. They have prepared a background research paper on "21st Century Youth in the Developing World" which provides a framework and starting point for the conversations among the Colloquium participants.

SOURCE: Global Colloquium of University Presidents“Global Effects of the Youth Population Surge: Addressing the Needs of the Largest Generation of Young People the World Has Ever Known”

I highly recommend that you think carefully about what this means. The Title of this Colloquium states "Youth Population Surge" and "the Largest Generation of Young People the World Has Ever Known" and the background working paper is titled "21st Century Youth in the Developing World". If you want to know what plans the Globalists have for African, North African, Asian and Latin American ethnic groups, you only have to look into who is ever invited as a Member of the Bilderberg Group. NONE OF THE ABOVE. So I would be very concerned about their solicitous care, when confronted with a "Third World Youth Population Surge". It is no surprise that the UN Secretary General was present to provide a FOG OF FAKE HUMANITARIAN LIES.


Following is an example of the MINDSET of this Power Elite and how they seek to administer World Affairs. It is NOT DEMOCRATIC at all, and it even goes against the wishes of the great majority of Humanity. I am certain that the Youth of the Developing World is happy that their fate can be best assessed and decided by Luciferian representatives from G5 countries. LOL Here is an example of the humanitarian and democratic mindset of just one of the participants in this conference, the excerpt is taken from a French news source from 2009 (which can best be accessed with automatic English translation using Google Chrome browser):

« Sciences-Po is a monarchy, or a Sultanat system, nothing can be done without its director's approval », analyses a higher up in the institution, in earlier days higher up in the court than he is today. « There is no counter-power », adds another... Powerless board members and directors simply filling their seat, according to a former member of the Board of Directors: « They are Yes Men, crawling on their bellies. »

Then another one adds, « the system is authoritarian, autocratic. The relationships are vertical and the only link between everyone and is the clientelist system ». What does that mean ? « One must stimulate the desire of the Director. Knowing how to stick your head into his office and say: "Richard, can I see you ?" » To understand Sciences-Po, « the best metaphor, is the Court of Louis XIV », explains a University Professor, who left IEP disabused and wounded, from his current prestigious position overseas: « One must gravitate in the antechambers. You are always in a position of having to solicit. » And « if you cease to please, sighs another, you lose your advantages. » Because « the Capitol and the Tarpean Rock are nearby, insists a fourth, it is a form of government by uncertainty ».

Sciences-Po: Welcome to the Court of King Richard !

But was Richard Descoings really a King, or didn't he resemble more closely the profile of a GLOBAL COMMUNIST TOTALITARIAN RULER? There are reasons for one to believe this, because just like a well-known former Communist Dictator, whose wife was made Minister of Justice of "HIS" nation, we can note that we find a creepy similar agenda which eerily reminds of such practices. He was Director of the most prestigious Higher Education institution in France which opens the gates to ENA where practically ALL French Presidents, Ministers, Cabinet Members, as well as a majority of Senators and Congressmen are coached and trained.

The Associate Director of Sciences Po:

She also reminds us of Elena, the wife of Romanian Head of State Nicolae Ceauşescu, who was renowned for her absence of human empathy and utter disregard for the rights of citizens. Similarly, she advocates the very logical and economically positive enslavement of thousands of professors in that school. It only has about 800 salaried professors, with another 3000 professors employed without any work contract and paid only a meager pittance once every six months. Nadia Marik-Descoings claims that this is wonderful; as it costs five times less than giving them real jobs!

« It is a very economical model to have replacement teachers, payed by the hour, at a low wage, explains Nadia Marik, Director of Strategy and Development, if all of the hours taught at Sciences-Po were by salaried professors, this would multiply the cost by five. »

Sciences-Po: Welcome to the Court of King Richard !

This practice, while it is incredibly in a modern republic of the Nation of Human Rights, is apparently legal in France when done by the Government itself, which places its actions ABOVE THE LAW be it the French Penal System or European Law. The French Education Ministry runs an organization based upon a similar logic, exploiting over 200,000 such replacement teachers without any labor rights or job contracts, since the French Labor Inspection with police authority over ALL private companies in the nation has NO JURISDICTION to defend them!

However, is illegal for any Private Company - such as the one under which Sciences Po is instituted. We would welcome a lawsuits against them, in the French and European courts, although any just or legitimate outcome can be considered highly unlikely, given the extent of the Luciferian Cabal's penetration of the "rigged judicial systems" of both France and the European Union.

Unfortunately, it seems that the only justice which might be provided honest and law abiding citizens is the Judgment of God? For is that not what was brought upon this accomplice of the Luciferian Globalist Cabal who participated actively in destroying democracy in his own practices and in the policies he supported and helped to design? For Richard Descoings was found, lifeless and stripped naked in his hotel room before being able to participate in this Colloquium. Should we interpret this as an act of Divine Justice?

Video showing Nadia Marik, wife of Sciences Po Director Richard Descoings, as Joint Director of Sciences Po

In typical Luciferian fashion, similarly to the Luciferian Group Sex couple of former Sciences Po Professor (with Salary, mind you) Dominique Strauss-Kahn, she claims to have married him knowing he was adamantly homosexual. We can note how these Illuminati Cronies tend to perpetrate the same behavior patterns and support the same inhuman and barbarous policies and plans for the Cattle.

Getsmart be continued
edit on 7-4-2012 by Getsmart because: the Globalist Cabal of Luciferians is designing the NWO behind closed doors!

posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 07:25 AM

Richard Descoings, 53, director of the prestigious Paris Institute of Political Studies—and a friend of French President Nicolas Sarkozy—was “really into men,” his widow told cops, according to the sources.
Nadia Marik-Descoings flew in from France yesterday and told cops she was aware of her husband’s homosexual interests “before she met and married him,” the sources added.
SOURCE: Gay Hook-Up Connection Emerges In Bizarre NYC Death Of Esteemed French Prof

Let us make a small correction. Richard Descoings was "esteemed" by the Luciferian Globalists, and not by his colleagues in his own institution. We cannot call this a genuine measure of esteem when it only comes from his taking on the prestige of his job place in overseas conferences or validating his network of associates. I know from direct source that his university which forms the National Elites of France declined last year to offer Ethics Courses in their program. In the light of the current Financial Crisis, that stands on its own.

We should not be surprised if we discover that the Luciferian Cabal which controls most mass media try to whitewash his death as a Gay Accident or some other trivial cause. It is far more likely that this was meant as a MESSAGE TO THE CABAL of what awaits them if they pursue their Genocidal Plans. We can even wonder if he hadn't been one of the many High Level Cabalists who were allegedly warned by groups in the Pentagon to cease and desist or meet another form of Justice?

Let us also reflect that Richard Descoings was with the Trilateral Commission:

The organizations which contribute to deciding the International Agenda and its political orientatinos are of a diverse nature: diplomatic and strategic think tanks, scientific and technical research orientation offices, political influence networks, mafias, intelligence agencies, banks, legal and fiduciary experts.

Among these, the very influential " professional associations » such as the Trialteral Commission (Cetri, 1979) and the Bilderberg Group labor so that neo-libéralisme remains the dominant and hegemonic ideology. According to Marc Raoul Jennar, these two lobbies are the real architects of Neo-Liberal Globalization (Jennar, 2005).
SOURCE: The Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group: The Professional Associations planning the policies of the G8

Those with him in the days preceding his unsolved death precluded any possibility of suicide.

On the eve of the conference to which the Director of Science Po was to participate in in New York, Mamadou Diouf, the Director of the Institute of African Studies at Columbia University dined with him. He said he found him "enthused to be here".

One week earlier, the same conclusion. A university colleague remembers having crossed paths with him often at the Board of Directors of the Higher Research and Teaching Pole (PRES) of the Sorbonne Paris Cité, of which Richard Descoings was made Executive Director. He observed:

People are complicated, and one can have a serious bout of depression. But in this instance, he was explaining the five year strategy of the PRES and the relations he sought to establish with Sciences-Po. He didn't seem upset in the least".

According to this witness, the problems encountered these last months by the Director of the Insitute located rue Saint-Guillaume in Paris – a polemic about the general working conditions of the lesser personnel last summer, on his salary and the bonuses given to ten members of the Executive Board after revelations by Mediapart in December, over the suppression of the test of general culture in January- made him "more combative than anything else".

I have known him in more difficult situations. The nomination of Nadia Marik to the position of Joint Director and then his marriage to her, or the opposition of the UNEF teachers union which threatened to block Sciences Po during the implementation of the Priority Education Zones (ZEP), it was a lot tougher!"
SOURCE: Death of Richard Descoings; His colleagues Don't Believe it was Suicide

The Ceausescu Couple parallel is not just a supposition of mine, his marriage to his colleague and her remaining in her position caused a great deal of strife inside the Institute.

« Around Richard, there was a small circle, a bit like in the Prince's Court », remembers a former director. How far could the metaphor go? « He is Louis XIV, he even has is own Mme de Maintenon » says a former Chairman. To everyone's surprise, the Director of Sciences Po married in May 2004 his Joint Director, in charge of external relations and partnerships.

Former Director of Development of the advertising agency RSCG, then General Manager of TWA, today age 52, she pilots the private financing of Sciences-Po: fundraising, sponsorship, financial grants. Starting at Sciences Po as Administrative Manager of the curriculum preparing for ENA after herself having studied at the High Administration School - coming out to serve at the Administrative Court - she climbed the rungs of the ladder of the IEP. Fires under her first married name, Nadia Granier-Deferre, then under her maiden name, Nadia Marik. Last July 14th, she became Knight of the Legion of Honor.

This marriage, « at the beginning, we didn't believe it, it was just rumors », says a former staff delegate. And one day, during a New Year's staff party with the employees, relays a former manager of Sciences Po, Richard Descoings « announces to us that he has found love,and that he is going to marry Nadia Marik, that they both thought about it and that it didn't bother them. People applauded. It was unbelievable! I was in disbelief and said so out loud... those around me looked at me as though I was blasphemous ».

A couple directing the IEP ? « It sucks », murmurs a former close associate. A former high level director adds: « it is an aberration that in a top school which purports to be a model for the Republic ». A professor protests: « When you marry your associate.... she can no longer remain your associate! In the public sector, one must not mix nepotism with the institution ».

Nadia Marik does not appreciate the issue: « Look around you ! Look at companies, small and medium size ones, in little businesses, in public service. How many people work as a couple on the job market ? » Perhaps the risk of conflict of interest, and a confusion of roles ? « But in what instance could there be a conflict of interest if one works for the same objective ? », thunders Nadia Marik.

But the criticism doesn't stop at the matrimonial tie uniting the Director to one of his staff members. In their social circle, many staff members left since Nadia Marik's arrival to the directorship of Sciences Po in 2002. Some were directly fired by her. Others left after experiencing tumultuous relationships with her. One former administrative staff member recalls a meeting where « when the staff members protested, she told them: "Shut-up, or else you'll be next" ». A few months after getting fired, a staff member has lunch with his former colleagues, not far from Saint-Guillaume street. « Nadia Marik threw a fit telling us it wasn't possible to to that », relays one of those at that lunch.

« Richard thought he was hot stuff, analyses a former exective director, he changed. He became impermeable to criticism. From that moment on, as soon as somebody didn't fit in, they were ousted ». According to certain former collaborators, this isolation of the director was reinforced in contact with his spouse. « Everything goes through her. She blocks everything. Just like an attack dog ». Richard Descoings liked to brag : « Nobody is laid off for economic reasons at Sciences Po ». Then on what basis does one take leave of one's collaborators? Under the seal of confidentiality, a former close lieutenant spoke of his firing, some years ago: « Richard told me : "In one year I will tell you why". He never told me. It disappointed me. I was always getting cussed out by Nadia ».

Nobody dares ask the question directly at Sciences-Po. Criticisms are murmured, with disarray, far from Saint Guillaume street. According to a former director: « Sciences-Po, it is very codified. There is a lot of innuendo about people and projects.There are things which are not said but which one must understand. It is the rule of understatement ».
SOURCE: Sciences-Po: Welcome to the Court of King Richard !

Given her declarations that she married him knowing he was a homosexual, that she found no problem being "The Woman Behind the Man" in their joint functions at Sciences Po, and especially given the patterns of behavior towards colleagues, teachers and basic ethics, it stands to reason that theirs was a "Marriage of Reason" such as one might expect in a KGB type of infiltration or some other form of NETWORK advancing its Agenda. I venture, most forcefully, that they are BOTH part of the LUCIFERIAN CABAL.

Sciences Po hosted Dominique Strauss Kahn as Economics Professor. According to another Professor who taught class in the same room right after his, he would lecture the whole time directly towards a single student, always female, and this for the entire duration of the class. He would then HIT ON HER vehemently which shocked the following professor and disgust any students presents. Strauss Kahn's students claimed that this occurred without fail at every one of his classes, and that it actually worked one time out of two, with the girl giving in to his insistence! Sciences Po, as an institution of higher learning, not only failed to remedy such a blatant breach of professional ethics, but continued to support that member of their Luciferian network in every way possible.

The Rabbit Hole goes deeper yet, as his wife also is a graduate of the French Elite School ENA to which you can gain entry only if you were first a student at Sciences Po or sent by a Foreign State member of the Cabal. They happen to have posted a Tribute to Richard Descoings on their website which reads as follows:

The director, staff and students of the Ecole nationale d'administration learned with great emotion the death of Richard Descoings, of the Ecole from 1983 to 1985 (Promotion "Leonardo").
They wish to express their deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. They will fully involve the homage rendered to him to salute the extraordinary journey of a man who devoted his considerable talents and his great capacity for innovation in the field of training, be it education secondary or higher education.
In its action at Sciences Po, it has profoundly changed, he remained strongly committed to training future servants of the State, stating its desire to diversify their profiles.
Richard Descoings has led many students to the school, he always brought values ​​and contributed to their radiation.

A sampling of Strauss Kahn's classmates also graduates of Sciences Po and ENA:

French Culture minister Jacques Lang, arrested in France with two accomplices during an orgy organized with mentally retarded children, but subsequently released with the other two left alone to stand charges. The Luciferian Cabal went on to make him the most popular French Politician through massive media propaganda campaigns.

Wikipedia: Jack Lang

Current French Defense Minister Gerard Longuet, who was notorious for his role in a Political Scandal became a member of Sarkozy's government once cleared after 15 years of Trial for illegal financing of the current ruling political party. He had to resign 4 times from his previous Ministerial appointments due to his trial...

Wikipedia: Gerard Longuet

Philippe Douste Blazy, arrested in Marrakesh Morocco during a Pedophile orgy with pre-teen boys, and evacuated by the French Government back to Paris on a military plane. His case was outed to the media by another French Minister also graduate of Sciences Po and ENA, Luc Ferry, who was outraged by the cover-up which ensued and his continued participation as a French Government Minister after the event.

Wikipedia: Philippe Douste-Blazy

edit on 7-4-2012 by Getsmart because: Yale, Columbia, Science Po are only a sampling of LUCIFERIAN Cabal strongholds!

posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 09:27 AM

First, regarding the Sciences Po and ENA Politician who ought to be sought in an international pedophile case, you might find it noteworthy that he carried substantial functions in the Luciferian Cabal, as can be seen in his rank of "UNDERSECRETARY GENERAL OF THE UN":

A pioneer in the innovative financing movement, Philippe Douste-Blazy is currently Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary-General on Innovative Finance for Development, with the rank of Under-Secretary-General.
SOURCE: UN Secretary General's Millennium Development Goals Advocacy Group

Regarding Richard Descoings involvement with the Luciferian NWO Agenda, here is more about his ties to the Rockefeller genocidal network. Given his wife's proclamation that the were "both working for the same objectives" we can assume that she remains in place to continue the task !

Luciferian Descoings "Dream Team" at Elysees Presidential Palace

Richard Descoings with his good Luciferian buddy Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Richard Descoings with his Luciferian Political Interface President Sarkozy

David Rockefeller is the main founder of the Bilderberg group, then of the Trilateral Commission and of the Council on Foreign Relations (Geuens, 2003 : 30). He declared to Newsweek international, that something must replace governments, and that private power seems to be the adequate entity to do so (Rockefeller, 1999). This same individual had declared, eight years earlier, before the Trilateral Commission: "The supranational sovereignty of an Intellectual and Banking Elite is preferable to the principle of self-determination of peoples" (Jennar, 2005 : 17). In fact, these are considered by certain elites, such as certain experts of European governance as ignorant, emotive and versatile, as is reported by Hermet (2003 : 16). It is therefore, to avoid them making mistakes harming the people's own interest, that the elites propose to erect Governance, by only the experts and the economic and political elites.

Certain Frenchmen have been invited to the meetings of the Trilateral Commission: Michel Barnier (former Minister, Vice-President of Merieux pharmaceuticals); Professor Albert Bressand; Henri de Castre (CEO of the Insurance Group AXA); Bertrand Collomb (CEO of Lafarge cement); Richard Descoing (Director of the Institute of Political Science in Paris); Patrick Devedjian (Congressman); Yves de Kerdrel (editorialist in the Figaro newspaper); Anne Lauvergeon (CEO of the Nuclear Energy Group Areva); Thierry de Montbrial (President of IFRI: French Institute of International Relations); François Pinault (Chariman of the Artemis Group) and Olivier Roy (Orientalist) (Geuens, 2003)
SOURCE: The Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group: The Professional Associations planning the policies of the G8

You will note that Richard Descoings was reported to be part of the undertakings of the Trilateral Commission in association with key members of the Bilderberg Group such as Bertrand Collomb who is a "fixture" there. This could incline conspiracy theorists such as those which roam the corridors of the ATS forums, to speculate that Richard Descoings' death was probably not a gay party turned gory but instead possibly either a rendering of Justice or maybe a very clear message to members of these networks of LUCIFERIAN GLOBALIST that they are considered Traitors of Humanity and will be dealt with accordingly?

Richard Descoings in front of Sciences Po

To conclude, I will add that given that KSigMason requested that I give an Example of how the Luciferians decide things behind closed doors, in both the Academic and Scientific fields, there are quite a few clues in my latest postings that only those least adept at understanding issues will fail to piece together. My previous post quotes an article where it is clearly stated, that among the various levers of influence used, there are what the author calls:

Scientific and Technical Research Orientation Offices

...which are used to ORIENT according to the Luciferian Globalist Agenda what can be researched and what must be construed as Orthodox Science!

If KSigMason has more requests, they are welcome since they are very helpful in spurring on the unraveling of the Luciferian stranglehold over the Scientific and Academic world - which happens to function using MASONIC Complicities !

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posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by Getsmart
I'm not sure if this is related to luciferians controlling scientific orthodoxy,but i think theres definitely a sinister connection and what exactly are the reasons why so many people of this unique profession are being killed off? What is it that they might have discovered,or already did discover,that "the people of the lie" do not want us to find out about?

Author Theorizes,40 Microbiologists Killed Before Unleashing "The Ultimate Epidemic" >

Eleven Microbiologists Mysteriously Dead or Murdered in Five Months >
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posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by blocula

Hi blocula,

I had seen those links some years ago and think that while it was indeed a definite risk, that maybe such plans have been delayed if not fully countered? The deaths are however simply the routine elimination by cynical handlers of those who knew too much.

By the way, regardless of what all the Freemasons say in this thread, you will notice the MASONIC HANDSHAKES of Richard Descoings with Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Nicolas Sarkozy. In such a way they are sending a SILENT SIGNAL to all Freemasons at high enough a level to SUPPORT THE CAUSE. Unfortunately for us, we know we won't be very kindly attended too in their current cause of depopulating us!


posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by Getsmart
What do you think the ultimate goal of the luciferians "the people of the lie" actually is?

posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 05:52 PM
reply to post by blocula

In all honesty, I really don't know. I still cannot fathom why they accept being as they are, and moreso yet how they could find their way to partaking in human sacrifice. The entire thing is beyond me. Yet I was just at an Easter Service with an Irish Catholic Priest who spoke of much of the Old Testament, and it seems as if there was some form of authority which clamored for SACRIFICE? It is out of my grasp, given the horror of it. They do reunite Royals and Illuminati offspring of the selfsame lineages, plus any number of Zionists (Note: not to be confused with Jews).

It seems that maybe the Luciferians might believe they are of Abraham's bloodline and thus that they are the chosen lineage to rule over all the others? For they do use bloodlines to ensure that they are among themselves. The Power Elite's obsession with genealogy, and with eugenics, is alarming to say the least in an officially open democratic society. Also, any God who chooses one family to rule over all the others isn't exactly "cool" or loving. Unless somebody rewrote it adding that it was because his son Isaac was willing to proceed with the sacrifice of his own only son, that this made him worthy of God's rewards? It does sound a lot like Babylon mystery religion given a new spin.

Regarding in practical terms what they seek, there are any number of clues hidden out in the open for all to see. the first is to create a broadly divided class society, much like that promoted by Plato. For the Elitists believe that they are our "Guardians" and that whatever they do, even culling our numbers by genocide, is for our own good. Next, they are convinced of their own superiority, either because it would be God given or due to their intelligence and organizational skills.

They would keep an intermediate class of clerics, administrators and liberal professions, in order to ensure that society functions as they wish. These would be genetically enhanced using breakthroughs in science, and they would have certain advantages tied to their position. Finally, the rest of those surviving the great culling of surplus populations would be genetically "dumbed down" and handicapped to the extent that it prevents them from causing any disturbances or contesting their subservient position as mere slaves. These would be kept temporarily until they might be replaced with fully genetically engineered clones.

Whether this entire conspiracy is of their own initiative, operating as an embedded sect pervading many societies for hundreds of years, or is piloted by some external dynamic as if driven by an extra-human presence, is something which remains to be explained. At this point, from my point of view, there are any number of possible explanations, each with its respective merits. They might be at the service of some Demonic Possession from a parallel dimension called "Hell", they might be an interface between us and a host of Aliens which have been farming humans on earth for ages, or they might simply be a sad gang of very sick and deranged individuals perpetuating their mental illness for centuries? Take your pick.


posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 08:25 PM
Richard Descoings, 53, director of the prestigious Paris Institute of Political Studies — and a friend of French President Nicolas Sarkozy... LINK appears to have died on April 4, 2012.

Word on the street is that there is an internal civil war currently being waged amongst the different Ill factions.

I do not know if there is a connection, but April 4 was the last day of Mercury Retrograde, a time that is considered unlucky.

The planet's backward movement -- which began yesterday and will continue to do so until April 4 -- is notorious for screwing up anything involving technology, communication, transportation, and legal matters and drudging up problems (or people) from the past you thought were gone for good.

The following presidents whose elections or swear-ins coincided with Mercury Retrograde were killed in office:

The first president to be assassinated, Abraham Lincoln, was sworn into office two days before a Mercury Retrograde began. Apparently, that was close enough; he was assassinated in April 1865.

President James Garfield was sworn in during a Mercury Retrograde, and was shot four months later, on July 2, 1881; he died of his wounds on September 19, 1881.

President William McKinley's second term began during a Mercury Retrograde; he was assassinated six months later on September 14, 1881.

President Kennedy was elected during a Mercury Retrograde, and was assassinated on November 22, 1963. (His brother, Robert Kennedy, a presidential candidate, was assassinated one day before the start of a Mercury Retrograde, on June 5 1968.)

(The Mercury Retrograde phenomena is also seen in presidents who survived assassination attempts)

Anyway, due to the internal power struggle, one should not be surprised if more of these people turn up dead.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 07:12 AM
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Hi Someotherguy,

I understand that you interpret this as being an internal battle where like RATS IN THE SACK the Illuminati tear one another to shreds? I will confess to wishing it were a measure of Justice that said rats meet their undoing, but that is really wishful thinking in this hopelessly corrupt world for eons under Royal and Illuminati dominance.

If your theory is valid, then one reason he might have been Assassinated - possibly by the UN's own HIT SQUADS - could be that he supported adding a sampling of the local Elites of ethnic minority nations for them to survive the Great Culling during the launch of the Globalist NWO. It could very well be that this is a controversial point of contention, with one faction wanting the all out elimination of Ethnic Groups while others seek a more diverse Satanic Elite? LOL


posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 11:28 AM

Originally posted by Getsmart
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I understand that you interpret this as being an internal battle where like RATS IN THE SACK the Illuminati tear one another to shreds?

It is just the information I've gotten from my sources that there is a civil war on amongst the different Illuminati factions. Will be interesting to see if the bodies start piling up.

I did want to add that not all of them are on the same page. For ex, Putin (Illuminati, according to my sources) is not on board with the One World Government/NWO agenda.

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posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 02:00 PM
Hi Someotherguy,

I noted how Putin mentions that "nobody will feel safe" if a unipolar NWO sees the light of day. For a former/current KGB or FSB colonel to make such a statement means more than if it were a mere diplomat. I'll bet those in the room know what sort of "reach" he has at his disposal.

At least he is openly opposing them, you will notice how all Western mass media relayed this position and the risks that the NWO poses for our world? LOL

Returning to a close focus on our topic, I venture to quote another ATS member in one of his posts in another thread. I find it interesting given that he is well versed in traditional Chemistry and Physics, yet explains that what we are taught in highschool and college is MISINFORMATION:

Contrary to what teachers have told you...Gravity is not a FORCE but rather Space/Time Geometry. Split Infinity
Link to source post

There we have an example of how much of our Reality Paradigm is tampered with by the Scientific Overlords who decide what is valid science and what should be conveyed to the public through education and media.


posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 02:50 PM
Here is another TESTIMONIAL to the LUCIFERIAN control of SCIENCE !

One area of Science which has been and continues to be very tightly controlled by TPTB is that of GENETICS.

Throughout history, it was established that Royal Bloodlines were superior to those of ordinary people; because it had been presumably selected or "tweaked" by GOD. Maybe so, maybe not. But whatever that answer, we can ask ourselves "Who is this GOD who told them to horribly dominate the rest of us, as their slaves?"...

Royal families have since controlled lineages of their human subjects and tinkered with the genetic heritage of many animal and plant species by developing mating and grafting techniques. This developed into EUGENICS which were broadly promoted at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, only slowed by the NAZI Participation in their FINAL SOLUTION, and which are undergoing today a resurgence.

Thus, genetics have been subject of SCIENTIFIC FALSIFICATION on a Wide Scale. Who has heard of humans being alone among animals on Earth to have thousands of genetic deformities? Who has learned that our genes could not have developed as they have naturally, without outside intervention? This is because the LUCIFERIAN CONSPIRACY vows to keep us in darkness, unaware of Alien intervention since our beginnings and clueless to what their agenda is - namely creating a subrace of dumbed down slaves, and a super race of dominant elites with every genetic advantage to ensure their lasting dominance and superiority. THIS is the FINAL SOLUTION.

To demonstrate just how SECRECY is enforced in the Scientific Community and how there are serious career and even "health" risks, such as sudden illness or accidental death, A SCIENTIFIC DEEP THROAT must remain anonymous, in the shadows, in order to speak the TRUTH.

I agree with your conclusions [that humans are genetically engineered] and will give you a few hints, if you wish [speaking] as a “DNA Deep Throat.” First, look up the huge discontinuities between humans and the various apes for: (1) Whole mitochondrial DNA; (2) genes for the Rh Factor; (3) and human Y chromosomes, among others.

Regarding #3, I refer you to K.D. Smith’s 1987 study titled “Repeated DNA sequences of the human Y chromosome.” It says “Most human Y chromosome sequences thus far examined do not have homologues [same relative position or structure] on the Y chromosomes of other primates.” Human female X chromosomes do look somewhat apelike, but not the male’s Y.

This means that if humans are a crossbred species, the cross had to be between a female ape-like creature [i.e, “creature of Earth”] and a male being from elsewhere.
Source: DNA Deep Throat and Zana

This very serious "SHORTCOMING" of publicly promoted Scientific Authority, in not only failing to report honestly about known scientific findings, is far more serious yet. And this is because this particular area of science illustrates what their motivation is to keep us in the dark: We have become smarter, naturally evolving, than the allegedly superior Masters of lore, the Royals whose genetics became degraded by excessive inbreeding and absence of interfacing of genetic characteristics. This has created a RULING CLASS WHICH IS STUPID and which often battles with congenital diseases, whether they are officially of the Royal Bloodlines or unofficially just as degenerate as their illegitimate ILLUMINATI offspring which also stay within their bloodline.

Their FINAL SOLUTION is to use Genetic Engineering to enhance and improve their own lineages while either KILLING US OFF or simply turning us into DEGENERATES through massive brainwashing, contaminated genetically modified food, tainted drugs with known side-effects and direct attacks on our gene pool through vaccines which destroy our genetic constitution.

This is why they operate in SECRECY. This is why the hide behind the highest echelons of SECRET SOCIETIES. This is why they maintain us in a MATRIX OF DISNEY SCIENCE which we must reject vehemently and DEMAND THE TRUTH NOW !


posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 03:30 PM
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13 Bloodlines Of The illumanti >

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posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 09:58 PM

Originally posted by Getsmart
their agenda is - namely creating a subrace of dumbed down slaves, and a super race of dominant elites with every genetic advantage to ensure their lasting dominance and superiority.

This is my information - FWIW. The repts came here long ago & lived for a time on the surface in peace w/ other humans (Hopis, for ex). At some point, the repts' enemies came & drove them underground (this might have been ancient wars chronicled in Mahabharata, for ex, IDK). For some time now, repts have been trying to re-establish themselves & actually conquer the surface. Apparently, the repts took over the English throne at around the time of Henry VIII. It is possible that H8 was killed in a joust & replaced at that time. From all accounts, he was very *different* after being seriously wounded. We pretty much know that Queen Lizardbreath I was a rept from her snake symbols, but it seems likely that Bloody Mary was one, too. At any rate, the pretenders to the throne (as far as i'm concerned) basically forced Dr. John Dee to help them come up w/ a strategy to conquer the surface world. I have to research the guy more myself, but here is a LINK for information about him.

Anyway, there are rept-human hybrids out there. Maybe there is/was a genetic-engineering program to mix DNA, but my take is that the hybrids look human enough to breed w/ other humans. I think there may be a covert genetic "usurpation" program going on. Maybe they hope that all humans will have a substantial amount of rept DNA at some point, simply by replicating in the usual way. In so doing, they can conquer humans by stealth.

And btw, unless humans have a higher dimensional entity attached to them, they are already pretty "dumbed down." lol

I'd love to hear your thoughts on all that, GS

EDIT: here is another link to info on Dr. John Dee:

Dr. John Dee

His legacy has lived on and his Enochian magic has evolved, in the late 1800’s it was at the heart of the Order of the Golden Dawn’s teachings and appears in all their initiation ceremonies and rituals.

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posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 10:09 PM
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I have since changed my position on this thread, and it is as follows.

Excuse me, but Lucifer does not control science. Lucifer has class and style (undoubtedly), and is associated with the planet Venus. Venus is associated with desire among other things.

The other one, Satan or rather Saturn is the spirit of materialism. The agenda being pushed by science is one of pure materialism and therefore is a better fit to the reality.

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 10:13 PM
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Unfortunately,our world leaders both past and present,might actually be reptilian aliens,who have either shapeshifted into human form and or they are using an extremely advanced body cloaking technology to diguise who they actually are and what they really look like.They might be able to alter our perceptions of the visible wavelength,while projecting a costume,a holographic image of people they think we want to see,who dont really exist...

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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 06:22 AM
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Well one of the plans of the powers that be was to use holographic tech such as project blue beam for different kind of Psy-Op's on targets such as a fake alien sighting to some type of fake religious referendum these sorts of things have been tested out on people to see if the person could tell or sense if it was fake, however this agenda has sort of been outed by the alternative media making it harder for them to accomplish such a task on a large scale at this time.

However if the holographic technology is better perfected and they wait for the alternative media to forget about this issue then rogue elements of the Military Industrial complex still could put this plan forward, something to think about anyway.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 06:53 AM
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The leaders are hybrids. Human dna is ET too.

The leaders/bloodlines/royalty, etc, are like Pit Bulls, their body suits have less compassion.

All of nature and everything here has been formed by many races for their learning school, to serve many systems for growth and lessons. It was hijacked. Like starwars dark empire running many planets like earth.

We're all ET and most ETs are good.
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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 10:28 AM

Originally posted by Getsmart

There we have an example of how much of our Reality Paradigm is tampered with by the Scientific Overlords who decide what is valid science and what should be conveyed to the public through education and media.

Because the earth has been hijacked by a race of diabolical beings,who are ruled and controlled by their sinister overlord we think of as lucifer.The human race is dominated by their materialistic ideals and has been posessed by their malevolent intentions.Our royal bloodline elite world leaders are working in unison with those nefarious entities and are implicitly involved in perpetuating their evil agendas...
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posted on Apr, 20 2012 @ 08:17 PM
Any scientist who doesn't fall in line w/ the global warming BS should have his/her house burned down - according to Steve Zwick in Forbes.

Climate Alarmist Calls For Burning Down Skeptics’ Homes

“We know who the active denialists [sic] are – not the people who buy the lies, mind you, but the people who create the lies. Let’s start keeping track of them now, and when the famines come, let’s make them pay. Let’s let their houses burn. Let’s swap their safe land for submerged islands. Let’s force them to bear the cost of rising food prices,” writes [Steve] Zwick...”

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