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Luciferians control our Reality Matrix by presiding over Scientific Orthodoxy

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posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 11:40 AM

We know for a fact that much of our past history has been suppressed, by burning down the Alexandria Library, by locking away ancient texts inside the armored vaults of the Vatican Library, by doctoring Religious Scripture, by falsifying historical accounts, by rewriting history on the whole, by substituting mass propaganda for education, by constantly distorting and lying about current events in the news media.

And we can be sure that the DEPOPULATION AGENDA is also barricading itself behind the very "organized" concerns we have been given about there being WAY TOO MANY people on this planet. For example, nice folks like Ted Turner want to protect THEIR PLANET from YOU !

Fewer than 500 Million would be just about PERFECT

Actually, while it can be argued that with the current social and economic models there may be an unsustainable system messing with the Ecosystem, it isn't at all certain that at current levels that our population is DOOMED by anything other than by the ELITE's Agenda to reduce us to a "MANAGEABLE NUMBER" of approximately 500 million total.

"They're going to make GODLIKE decisions on who lives and who dies"

This goes in concert with a number of simultaneous programs. First of these, is that of concentrating populations in ever denser urban population centers. This has been done very effectively through government measures, and corporate implantation and location of job places, by hiring policies requiring employee mobility, and by reducing amenities in areas designated to become less populous.

By stacking people in overbuilt cities, all on top of one another, this was designed to accomplish the following:

- to make our lives harder and harder by way of promiscuity, giving the impression that the planet is literally exploding with way too many people

- to increase local competition for essential economic utilities, such as housing and work, creating antagonisms against others and turning the crowds into "the enemy".

- to artificially induce high housing costs and lower wages, reducing our standard of living, thus giving us an economic incentive to want a lower population - this brings public opinion to favor population reduction measures

- to lead us to accept the misperception that our planet is too small to support so many people

- to associate our personal experience of overcrowding, spurred by artificial urban growth, with the argument that the global population is unsustainable

- to hide from our view the considerably vast preserved regions of the world, notably in North America and Australia, but also in abandoned back regions of many developed nations where rural "desertification" has been strategically engaged

Second of these programs is the Population Reduction program itself. It is being implemented according to a number of different axes, some of which are benign enough and others which are far more contestable than most realize today. This ranges from education of the need for planned parenthood, which when elective is laudable especially as it pertains to proper living conditions for children. But it however emphasizes economic well-being, with little if any regard for other constituents of a proper upbringing - a healthy social and cultural environment being usually far more important in child development than clinical standards of economic ease. Other measures include:

- programs to forcefully sterilize women in certain impoverished regions

- pharmaceutically or nutritionally induced sterilization of populations in multiple countries

- using war, contaminated water, food supply and pricing, to increase hardship on weaker populations exposed to disease and malnutrition

- forcefully infecting vulnerable populations with diseases by injection of vaccines

- using genetically selective biowarfare agents to launch controlled epidemics in target populations

- forcing abortion through birth quotas (i.e. in China)

- encouraging abortion through government health care policies

- fostering protracted civil-wars and campaigns of terror which take a relatively untallied toll on populations

- infecting our daily environment with industrial chemicals reducing our life cycle through cancer, etc.

- lowering our immune systems using aerosol chemical spraying by aircraft chemtrails

- reducing cardiac life by an agro-industry caused epidemic of obesity

- using weather warfare technology to cause extreme environmental conditions and hardship

- launching WWIII to unleash massive biological, chemical and other means of mass destruction?

The Elite has built and organized Underground Cities officially known as "Emergency Bunkers" to hide away during our destruction by attacks ranging from laboratory created contagious diseases to neutron bombing. It would be done in several stages to ensure that temporary survivors would attend to the clean-up of the successive series of casualties, prior to the final strikes.

What is alarming is that there is also an aspect to the ongoing and planned future killings which are not only Crimes Against Humanity as severely reprimanded by the War Crimes Tribunals, but they also happen to serve as Satanist Ritual Sacrifices, such as in the case of Abortion where the souls of the unborn children are offered to whatever Demonic Entities these Power Elites venerate. They are truly a sick and wicked bunch, but I will let you be the judge of that, once you've done your own research.

Top witches are coming out of the closet and proudly declaring, "Yes! Abortion is a sacrament. It is a ritual sacrifice of a live baby to the Great Goddess." Meanwhile, a leading abortionist admits: "Eight percent of my abortions are elective." Texe explains how New Age theologians teach that the spirit of the unborn baby wants to be tortured and sacrificed so that his or her "life Karma" can be balanced. He also explores evidence of a kabbalistic and Masonic connection with abortion rituals.

NOTE: only linked to for informational purposes, do not as a result purchase this item!
Abortion as a Satanic Ritual and Witchcraft Sacrament

There are also examples of their use of Terror Attacks for Ritual Sacrifice purposes and there have been allegations over time of the Royal Families historic use of Warfare to cull their own populations, mass murdering their own subjects in concert with their family members who were also rulers of neighboring nations - not just for population control purposes but also in a form of regularly observed Satanic Ritual Human Sacrifice.

"Remember, the Illuminati considers war to be a most acceptable way to sacrifice, for it kills both children and adults indiscriminately. Killing indiscriminately is an accepted manner for killing those that are unsuspectingly killed for some ritualistic blood sacrifice."

Satanist and followers of Lucifer prepare for April 19th

"This makes one wonder if the Holocaust - "burnt offering" - was yet another of the alleged sacrifices by a joint, secret priesthood and occultically-inclined rulers. The fact that the slaughter was named after the burnt offering of biblical priests, is indeed odd; as is the fact that Hitler received large amounts of money from transnational corporations based in America and Britain."

"Certainly WWII represents the efforts of a cabal, perhaps the Order of Melchizedek, or Righteous Molech. The alleged association of Teutons and Zionists is disturbing to many, but there are similarities between the two groups. In the first place, both are the "superior" or "chosen" race - people destined to dominate the world. In the second, Hitler himself reputedly said his ideas of genocide came from the Old Testament. Indeed, the occultic Hitler allegedly considered his behavior to be in accordance with the human sacrifice practices of the ancient world.."

Is War a Ritual Human Sacrifice?

It seems that there is indeed a LUCIFERIAN Pattern to the global depopulation agenda, seeking to be supported by Luciferian accomplices from the Scientific Community!


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posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by Getsmart
Wow,i'm breathless and almost speechless after reading your last two posts and what a multitude of important revelations they contain and a reservoir of relevant significance.They could easily be expanded into book length and it would be a book that everyone should read.Because whoever someone thinks they are and whatever someone thinks this life is all about,will have been drastically altered and permanently changed after reading it.A metamorphosis of the mind and a transformation of preceived reality would be the result of realizing the meaning of your words...

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posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 10:42 PM

Originally posted by blocula
reply to post by Getsmart
Wow,i'm breathless and almost speechless after reading your last two posts and what a multitude of important revelations they contain and a reservoir of relevant significance.They could easily be expanded into book length and it would be a book that everyone should read.

I agree! Getsmart is a beautiful writer. I really hope he will consider writing a book about this stuff

posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 10:50 PM

Originally posted by someotherguy

Originally posted by blocula
reply to post by Getsmart
Wow,i'm breathless and almost speechless after reading your last two posts and what a multitude of important revelations they contain and a reservoir of relevant significance.They could easily be expanded into book length and it would be a book that everyone should read.

I agree! Getsmart is a beautiful writer. I really hope he will consider writing a book about this stuff
Yeah its so true,he or she?,although i deduced a male behind the words,has somehow managed to be able to express and combine complex words,with complex meanings into easy to read,easy to understand statements and i try my best and i am getting better but wow,his writing is 4-stars all the way through...
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posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 03:27 PM
More on Topic, but still attending to the NWO scheme and its PREDATORY AGENDA toward SCIENCE:

"I just want to kick in here, one very important point. And that is that, if you go back to the origin if the Illuminati, which was revealed when documents from the original group founded by Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria were seized after an Illuminati henchman was struck by lightning on his horse, and then the Bavarian government officials found these Illuminati charter documents in the breast pocket of his blazer. It was from that point onward with a series of other arrests that have happened since then, that they found that one of the key areas that these people want to control and completely dominate is Science!"

"And so in my book, Source Field Investigations, I have presented information regarding the Truth of Science and the Truth that has been Suppressed. It's very important to understand that Human Health does not require the products of the pharmaceutical companies. There is an aspect of Human Health that is related to Consciousness. There is an aspect of Human Health that is related to Good Diet. And there are aspects of Human Health that strictly Energetic, and I'm talking about cures that require nothing but energy..."

"...My point in bringing this up is that Scientific Suppression is vast, and it includes a variety of information about the idea that our DNA - its primary function is to store photons, there's about a thousand photons per DNA molecule - and when you have an area of your body that's sick, it looses those photons and your DNA doesn't have those photons in them anymore. That's how you can measure where sickness is."

"A guy by the name of Doctor Fritz Albert Popp studied cancer, and found that the only commonality between carcinogens is that they scramble light that comes in at 380 nanometer wavelengths, which is ultraviolet."
-- David Wilcox, March 28th, 2012

Original Statement Here at minute 1:53:45

This is but another example of how university and laboratory researchers are led to study in compartimentalized areas where funding is made available to prevent their discovery of the underlying processes and to ensure that cancer goes unchecked, so that population numbers remain in check. Yes, our loved ones who died atrocious deaths taken away by industrially induced cancers were programmed to die in that way, leaving the culprits in total impunity without accountability or any other measure of justice. But for how much longer?


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posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 04:44 PM

There is in addition, a source which is widely respected in the Conspiracy / UFO Community, which is a research collective which has published its findings under the pen name of BRANTON. They offered the following, which was recently posted in another thread here at ATS, to which I shall link. Some are said to be military insiders and others UFO investigators and Exopolitics researchers.

They happen to bring a very interesting light to the MASONIC / LUCIFERIAN / ExtraTerrestrial Combine which they allege lies behind today's Power Elites and the thrust for a New World Order. They even go so far as to present a "TRANSMISSION" of the higher Luciferian authority from Alpha Draconis - yeah, it's hard to believe but who knows for sure? Whether this is a transcript of a very arrogant extraterrestrial domineering race, allegedly the source of the term "Draconian" by virtue of their behavior, it could be part of what is behind the LUCIFERIAN CABAL which this thread seeks to denounce.

This alleged transcript might also be a very well designed political "tract" as seen in the past in the form of leaflets or pamphlets. While fictionalized, it might however be using this medium to relate things considered by the authors to be factual, but for which there is no substantifying evidence, due to the extreme secrecy observed by the groups studied. In such a case the message might be their best and most accurate representation of their conclusion, while not being an actual transmission that was intercepted. You can each be the judge of this for yourselves, for there are quantities of disturbing elements included which will trouble some more than others.

"Actually, from what my sources tell me, not only are there degrees beyond the 33rd degree, but the 33rd degree itself is made up of two cores, an inner and outer core, the 33rd degree and the 33+ degree. In the past when the 33rd degree initiation was reached a potential initiate might have been given a Bible or a Cross and asked to spit on it or desacrate it in some manner. If they refused to do this they were told that they had made the "right decision" and remained in the outer core of the 33rd degree, thinking that they had finally 'arrived'.

If they did or do commit this form of blasphemy then they are told that they have made the "right decision", and they are sent on to the inner core of the 33+ degree, which is the springboard to the higher levels which interact with the joint humanoid-reptiloid Ashtarian lodges or branches of the 'Serpent Cult' on other planets, within underground cities, and possibly even other dimensions.

One source informs me that former president George Herbert Walker Bush -- who was at one time the HEAD of MJ-12 -- had attained to the 42nd degree, however he may have attaned to even higher levels since that time. I would guess that the one who holds the highest level of initiation would be the 'dragon-king' of Draconis himself, or whatever appellation the leader or the leaders of the Draconian Empire may go by. - Branton)"


From: Draculi-Levithon IV-0094736 Commander of the Alpha Draco Regional Contingent Ephraim [Canada] & Mannassah [USA] sectors Solar-3 [Terra] Infiltration force Station-D, Level-VII

To: Rashtikarsh-Draculon IX-0006476 Central Commander Alpha Draconian Galactic Intelligence Force 664th degree Terminal #3 - Central Nexus Command Planet Typhon, Alpha Draconia

Glorious and Exalted One, I send you my humble greetings. Might and power be to your holy and majestic name, and to your service as director of Galactic Intelligence on behalf of his great and omnipotent highness, the Lord Emperor of Alpha Draconis, and arch-regent of Lucifer.

Ever since our illustrious race in the most ancient of times joined in alliance with the Luciferian gods, also known by the derogatory hu-man term "poltergeists", we have -- by reason of our advanced genetic sciences, our collective intelligence matrix, and the supernatural abilities which our Luciferian benefactors have themselves bestowed upon us -- enjoyed physical, psychic and supernatural dominion over the hu-man species.

Our father Lucifer was wise to bestow upon our supreme race the dominion over this world that his arch-nemesis Adonai had so presumptuously given to the hu-mans.

True, it might seem that the hu-mans had ruled the surface realm of planet Terra since ancient times when our species was driven into the subterranean depths of planet earth. However this perceived dominion and freedom is only an illusion (this history and the reality of our inner domain of course having been sequestered from public consciousness by our agents on the surface for our own protection).

We have, as you well know, inspired various elitist fraternities which have been carefully designed and structured so as to initiate any hu-man who might stumble onto certain technological secrets which otherwise might upset the balance of our infrastructure of dependence and control through which we keep the hu-man vermin in a state of submission. The purpose of these fraternities also being to eliminate those who would betray these secrets to the profane masses of hu-man cattle.

Yes, like cattle, humans do serve our purpose, and their purpose, as you well know your excellency, is to serve our glorious race and to serve as the milking-cows who provide us with a constant supply of the bioplasmic fluids which we crave. So indeed you might say that it is in reality a symbiotic relationship, with the hu-mans serving as the "hosts".

However, we can not allow the masses of hu-man cattle to leave this planet, otherwise the great plan of our lord and god Lucifer -- to conquer the cosmic realms which Adonai unjustly claims for himself -- might be put in jeopardy.

Only those who are truly loyal to Lucifer can be trusted to possess the interplanetary and interstellar technology, as you well know most illustrious one. And even through we have offered technology to the leaders of the military-industrial-banking elite of Germany and America (Terra or Solar-3) in exchange for "access" to various levels of their society, this technology was either obsolete to us or it was assured that the hu-man recipients were first under our psycho-emotional control, having received the psionic implants within the nerve centers of the brain linking them into the nexus.

The nexus (which some hu-mans humorously refer to as the "hive") will be strengthened all the more once we have fully infiltrated the Ashtar/Astarte psionic information matrix and have forever rooted out the last vestiges of individual thought and expression. In that the "Federation" places so much dependence on that particular cosmonet, as the hu-mans do on their so-called internet, the Ashtar collective shall be the common ground that we shall use to destroy and conquer our enemies within the Federation, and ultimately shatter their futile blockade of Solar-3 and its system.

This manner of assimilation through interventionist-collectivism, as you well know your excellency, has been our policy for ages. It has also been our policy that unless alien collaborators have been fully assimilated and genetically integrated, that once their minds have been "bled" or "drained" of any useful data, they have been eliminated once their usefulness has been served, or in some cases their soul-energy fields have been removed (into electro-magnetic containers and then sold on the metaversal galactic markets as "energy food"), and replaced by one of our 5th dimensional counterparts who have proven to be very useful to our 5th column agendas... although some of the earlier "shifters" were rather indiscriminate in their activities, giving rise to the ancient "vampire" legends among the hu-mans.

In these times however the shifters are far more discrete in their methods of obtaining human bio-plasma in order to keep their host bodies from decomposing prematurely. One of the most successful being the subterranean "farms" where hu-man children, being strong in life-essence and free of chemical contaminants, are bred for servitude and sustenance.

As you know, your highness, there is still the disturbing fact that some of the hu-mans have in times past slipped through our claws and have acquired hyperspace travel technologies and had established bases on Luna and Mars. History will tell you of the glorious battles that have raged over and within Terra, Luna, and Mars before the hu-mans managed to escape from the system all-together, mainly to Orion and Lyra.

We responded by establishing our own imperial forces in Draconis and Bootes, and then in Orion once the hu-man parasites were for the most part eradicated there, save for the Nephel-Anakim who still maintain a considerable hold on the Betelgeusian system. This left Lyra as our main target, and our vengeance was swift and decisive once the great purge was ordered. In that mighty battle, our glorious forces succeeded in wiping out most of the hu-mans in the Lyran Alliance, save for a few resistors in Vega.

Many however escaped the purge, and spread like a virus throughout the galaxy, in spite of the fact that we hunted down and eliminated a great number of them. For instance the Zenatae Andromedans, the Tau Cetians, Procyons, and even the female dominant Capellans who have betrayed our own species and had taken sides with the so called "non interventionists".

Our former lack of commitment in hunting down, eliminating and enslaving the entire herd of the hu-man scourge shall haunt us and be a lesson and motivation for our species for ages to come. However, with the blessing of our lord Lucifer, we shall prevail in the end against Adonai and all who serve him. Because of our past lack of discipline, our hold upon Terra must be strengthened, until our forces -- amassed within the Sol-ar system, fortified beneath the crust of Solar-3, and within the localized alternate reality singularities that we have generated within the grid matrix of Solar-3 with the assistance of our human puppets within the Montauk network -- finally have the hu-mans surrounded on all sides.

The time is soon at hand when we shall bring about the complete collapse of their society and initiate the implementation of total electromagnetic control of all hu-man cattle on Solar-3, and in turn all remaining hu-man rebels throughout the Multiverse.

Terra, unlike many worlds, holds a convergence of many of the ancient and powerful meta-genetic characteristics, being essentially the galactic root from which the hu-man scourge sprang. However our continued interference in the hu-mans genetic lines has allowed us to keep them for the most part in a state of docile passiveness, as we continue to rightfully take the strongest genetic attributes of their race and integrate them into our own glorious biogenetically engineered warrior lines.

And if factions do arise in rage, resulting from an overcrowded corral, we shall simply influence the global merchants who have sold-out their own kind for personal gain, and command them to use their economic pull to turn these warring factions against each other, being extremely careful to conceal ourselves, the ultimate "chess players", from the rest of the blind pawns while they continue on the path of mutual annihilation.

Thanks to the gullibility of the military-industrial element of the surface, we now have the means to "bleed" the outer world of its resources, and our hu-man servants have bled these cattle even more to help expand our underground empire, having constructed for us even more sub-networks with the hopes that they will be allowed inside and given refuge by us, once the chaos and carnage begins.

It amazes me just how easily these greedy little worms will sell out their own kind and then trust US to follow through on our so-called "promises". No harm done though, for these hu-man imbeciles provide us with a steady supply of "hosts" for our 5th dimensional allies to incarnate, and a steady supply of hu-man "soul patterns" to provide us with ectoplasmic sustenance.

Since technology on Terra has reached a critical mass and poses a threat to our galactic empire, a project of massive depopulation through our fifth column agents in the Terran United Nations Organization and other eco-political global agencies -- who are expert in divide-and-conquer tactics -- shall work to raise up the United States as the greatest threat to the "socialized" world.

Our agents in the economic infrastructure have succeeded in polarizing the United States into the two fasocialist extremes of left and right, unknowing in their ignorant blindness that both wings are controlled by the same "dragon-lord", whose purpose is to breath "fire" upon the planet and to flap its left and right "wings" in order to "fan the flames" that would destroy the old eco-political boundaries that were established by Adonai, and thus offer us easier global control.

Since all hu-man conflicts have an economic "fuse", we have made it our priority, your highness, to infiltrate and control the most powerful economic institutions of Solar-3. Eco-political collectivism in any form is our desire, as it makes the hu-mans dependent, destroys self-responsibility, and makes them all the more easily conquered, controlled and manipulated towards our greater cause -- a planet and galaxy and metaverse where all hu-man cattle are finally contained in a perpetually controlled society of servitude, in which the "livestock" will be tamed completely, tagged, and made to serve and to feed our superior race. We must therefore seek to destroy eco-political boundaries and hu-man self responsibility at every possible opportunity.

The left-right capitalist/communist machievellian polarities of a Russian-Chinese-Arab alliance vs. the U.S.-Canadian-European factions, and even more localized "civil" conflicts within each of these, will decrease the rebellious surface population dramatically.

Once the major forces deplete each other and the ectoplasmic manna released from the untold numbers of dying hu-man cattle is "harvested" and stored up for our final battle with Adonai, we will continue to divide-and-conquer and debilitate the smaller localized factions until they are too weak to resist assimilation... and the only faction that shall be allowed to maintain its size and organization will be that which is directly under our electromagnetic control via psionic implantation and programming.

We shall also appear in the skies as "saviors" to "rescue" millions of hu-man cattle from the so-called earth-changes created by our electromagnetic weapons, and from the war and disease and chaos and famine also, but of course these "rescued" hu-man cattle will be redirected to those areas of our empire which most need to be "sustained", and little will they suspect their ultimate fate. Many who do not fall for this guise will be brought to the point where they shall sell their very soul-matrixes to us for their daily bread.

An economic cattle/slave society based on an illusion of freedom has it's limitations. In the future all hu-man livestock must be "marked" and tagged with sub-epidermal chip implants, which will be integrated with a time-released virus to maintain the level of population on the planet that we so desire.

Every action and in fact every thought shall be monitored, using our mainframe subspace microwave transceivers which are capable of tapping the encephalographic and emotional signals directly from the nerve centers of the brain, linking and assimilating those minds into the central nexus, which will instantly through algorithmic programs interpret and translate the neural-emotional energy signal-patterns and feedback the conditioned assimilative responses that have been programmed into the mainframes -- which are carefully guarded under miles of earth and rock.

This is the glorious plan and destiny which our lord and god Lucifer has bestowed upon us, your excellency. The blessing of our lord Lucifer be upon you and our efforts, for his greater glory and for the glory of our expanding multi-dimensional empire. The universe shall be ours!!!


Original reference post by EarthCitizen07

You will not fail to note the many references to LUCIFER which almost seem out of place in something people might consider to be a Sci-Fi fantasy. However, if you ponder the human motivations and the likelihood of this being real, a few aspects are problematic.

1. Is an Alien related conspiracy any more ludicrous than their Conjuring Demons which are invisible entities?

2. Why would "grown men" with a high degree of intelligence surrender to some mystical Mumbo-Jumbo nonsense unless their was a higher impelling reason?

3. How is it possible to keep such a tight lid of secrecy on what really goes on behind the scenes? Could there be something so ominous, so beyond believable, so frightful that people simply tend to naturally clam up?

4. What on earth might compel otherwise seemingly civilized people to commit atrocious barbaric acts such as human sacrifice? Could it be the very real presence of something so impressive as to prevent any resistance?

5. Wouldn't it require an inordinate, almost "superhuman" intelligence to set up and coordinate so DIABOLICAL a massive global control system to enslave all of humanity?

The incidence that this excerpt might have upon the subject of this thread is that one of the reasons for the Luciferian Cabal's manipulation of Mainstream SCIENCE might also be in order to keep hidden by a veil of secrecy the actual Breakthrough SCIENCE obtained by an alliance with a higher intelligence?

This has been alleged by many ATS members in countless threads in this forum. However it is usually only associated with Secret Services and Military Black Ops and not with Secret Societies and Parallel Networks of Influence. I find that the outlook that this message provides is a very instructive one: LUCIFERIANS are those who were made aware of these Entities, and who are associated with them in an UNHOLY ALLIANCE. FWIW.


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posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 05:45 PM
reply to post by Getsmart

that draconian message,, you believe that?? what can that information do but scare you of something that may or may not exist? are you familiar with human written works of fiction ( do you know how easily the human imagination can create scenarios and stories)?

if this is true,, its nice to know in the universe/metaverse there exists larger and more excellent quantities of d#$*#baggedry and A#$%wholeness

posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 05:46 PM

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posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 05:47 PM

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posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 10:26 PM
reply to post by Getsmart

Satanic Child Sacrificing Rituals First Reported At Vatican And Now At LDS Temple In Salt Lake City >

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posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 10:27 PM
I saw this video recently as well.

However, it seems to play fast and loose with the facts and rely more on emotionalism.

It was entertaining, I'll give it that.

posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 10:28 PM

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posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 10:33 PM
reply to post by Getsmart
Luciferianism: The Religion of Apotheosis >

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posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 11:30 PM

Originally posted by Getsmart
it appears to be a CABAL of Mystery Religion Satanists which penetrated Royal Bloodlines, the above normal lodge levels of Freemasonry

"Above normal"? LOL

Originally posted by Getsmart
Presidents and Boards of Directors of many major Universities, they have not done so openly, but from BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, using leverage through masonic organizations.

Then how do you know about it? Could you cite examples?

Also, to an earlier post, if you post Bill Schnoebelen then you're showing how little you know. He has demonstrated many times over that he has fabricated his Masonic resume.

posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 12:33 AM
reply to post by Getsmart

What an incredible thread. Good job on this.

What a terrible transmission.

posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 03:34 AM
Here's an example of Luciferians presiding over scientific orthodoxy regarding global warming.

'If you don't believe in climate change you must be sick': Oregon professor likens skepticism to racism
PUBLISHED: 12:07 EST, 31 March 2012 | UPDATED: 16:25 EST, 31 March 2012

The professor [Norgaard at the University of Oregon], who holds a B.S. in biology and a master's and PhD in sociology, argued that ‘cultural resistance’ to accepting humans as being responsible for climate change ‘must be recognised and treated’ as an aberrant sociological behaviour...

And fellow attendee Yale University professor Karen Seto told MSNBC: ‘We certainly don’t want them (humans) strolling about the entire countryside...’

So, if you don't just buy the scientific fraud they have perpetrated, they will force you into psychological treatment until you "think right?" Maybe you will have to swallow pharmaceuticals until you agree to pay the Elites for the privilege of exhaling CO2?

And the bit about not wanting *them* - the humans - to run around the countryside loose is such a giveaway as to how they feel about people.

posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 09:54 AM
Actually this is a question i'd like to ask both MemoryShock and Getsmart, and that is with the ever expanding nuance of technology created by scientific means which can and is used by the alphabet agencies or if you like the Military-Industrial-complex for the tactic of advanced weapons such as direct energy weapons for the prupose of mind control is there anything we can do to combat this???

I was thinking most of these high tech mind control type weapons are ran on the concept of the manipulation band of low frequencies, well in theory couldn't a counter to this type of technology be a defensive combative type weapon
that runs on a higher frequency such as 528Hz known as the healing frequency, i mean if this battle comes down to (at least in this spectrum) the simple yet complex art of manipulating said frequencies then couldn't a device be created that beams the frequency of 528Hz in the area of where there low frequency mind control weapons are aimed and over take it,hence negating the lower frequency effects???

Just a thought i was pondering.

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 05:18 PM
The Iron Mountain Report and Silent Sound Weapons

All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control. Beyond this remains only one issue, “who will be the beneficiary?”.

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 11:55 PM
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I don't know about combating them in such a fashion would work. Perhaps there is a way to jam the signal but in my opinion, the far more effective way is really to inform everyone and maintain a means of monitoring the frequencies that have been deemed most effective for the direct energy weapons. By obfuscating the airwaves more you are only treating a symptom to a much larger problem...people need to be aware and such awareness may actually treat other problems in different aspects of our society...perhaps.

To offer a suggestion to another aspect of this thread, the use of ludicrous terminology could be a means to dissuade attention of the information as ludicrous by making some of the information that may be valid false by association. People spouting off about Luciferians is very easy to dismiss as crazy. People spouting off about how George H.W. Bush has abused his power for personal gain of self and his pals is a lot easier to consider and accept. Ditch the terminology and the information may be more palatable. It may also get this thread away from some very irrelevant side conversations. Seriously...I don't care if Bush was a 412th degree Mason. He was an oil magnate, a CIA Director, a Vice President, a President and the father of a President...and he never stopped being anyone of those things.

Secret society labels are part of how the 'reality matrix' gets skewed and misinterpreted...

posted on Apr, 6 2012 @ 04:06 PM
More on nutty Norgaard - saying if you don't agree with global warming, you should be treated as a mental patient.

Professor Norgaard Urged Obama to Enforce Climate Change by Executive Fiat

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