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Comunication systems

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posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 08:57 AM
I have a idea, if and when or ever now aliens would use our interconnect communications systems would slowly and subtlety open up diolog.
(Not mind control)

I.e. during the Olymoic games

In the past few years hasnít there been several anomalies and malfunctions within our communications grid and internet. Please correct me if Iím wrong... I not any computer geek and I donít know the correct terms. Plus Im not an expert in any of thee related fields. Iím just pulling this right out of my a*s so, please bar with me. (Just woke from dream me still really groggy.) But if any of you have lynks to news articles, conspiracy theories or even Science and Technology Journals sites that might explain something logically or other wise. If I become ATS village idiot today, so what!! I can take it !!!, start chucking those rotten tomatoes and maggot infested pieces of mutton.

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