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NEWS: Israel Hit With Double Suicide Blasts

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posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 07:40 AM
Two buses in Israel have been victims of a double suicide bombing. The explosions killed at least 12 people with many more injured. They occured near a shopping center where one bus was engulfed in flames.
Police in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba say there has been a double suicide bombing on two buses.

At least 12 people are reported to have been killed, according to Israeli TV. Many others were injured - several of them seriously.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Beersheba, Israel, where the blasts occured, has not seen suicide bombing attacks in several months. The first bus was still in flames while the other bus had it's windows blown out.

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posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 07:40 AM
Another tragedy hits Israel, as 2 buses got bombed this afternoon. Israeli medical services report at least 10 dead, and 20 seriously wounded victims.
Palestinian authorities condemn the attacks on the Israelis.
Ambulance services said at least 15 people had been wounded.

The explosions happened about 2:50 p.m. local time near Soroka Hospital, according to the Israeli day newspaper Haaretz' Web site, which also reported police and emergency personnel at the scene soon after the blast.

Police said they had also received a report of a third explosion at a mall.

Beer Sheva is in the Negev desert and about 200,000 Israelis live there.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

What a mess, palestinians keep on condemning such attacks, but so far there is no full cooperation between Israel and Palestinian authorities regarding preventing this.

Israel will probably come with a revenge attack soon...

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posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 10:58 AM
The above news is reality. Below is someone's fantasy.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 12:14 PM

Originally posted by Jakko

What a mess, palestinians keep on condemning such attacks,

Do they really?


In the Gaza Strip, Muslim leaders praised the "heroic operation" over mosque loudspeakers.

Hamas claimed responsibility through a leaflet that surfaced in the West Bank city of Hebron, 50 km from Be'er Sheva.

"Our religion orders us to respond in kind to aggression against us. You [Israeli people] are the ones who choose your leaders and choose to be their shields. Therefore your shields will suffer more blows," the leaflet said.

"This is a gift to the newcomers who arrived recently to our land," it added in a reference to recent wave of Jewish immigration to Israel. "We say to you: 'This is your fate, so wait.'"

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

At least 16 people were killed and 91 others were wounded

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 11:36 PM
I'm Pro-Israel. It sickens me that my brothers and sisters are constantly under attack. Those who attack Israel definitely has a death wish. They don't want peace. Praise God of Israel for giving her strength against what is seemingly insurmountable odds. Hunt them down Sharon, and take no prisoners.

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