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neglegence on the MOD's part

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posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 04:44 AM
Has any 1 heard of the latest brittish soldier to die in iraq due to negledence on the mod's part because of 2 reasons

1.remote detonation jamming device called a bolterman (this is how i think its pronounced but these where not fitted to his particular battalian, they did have these in the store but where not fitted for sum unknown reason even though they patroled bomb ally

2. the spare wheel thats usualy situated in the front bonet of their vehicle but instead due to shorter soldeier not beein able to see out as a result they decided to put these in the inside the vehicle in the rear with the rear 2 soldiers

Has any 1 got any comments bout this much obliged and could these eliments if implimented would these have save his life ,take in mind with piont 2 he was 12 inchs taller than all other occupents

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