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What I have learned about Terrorism and governement in 30 days

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posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 04:13 AM
Ok, I am going to tell you guys a story of myself to kinda help you along with this crap I am going to spill out, so here we do.

Ok pre 911 I really didnt give a crap about anything governement wise, I knew they screwed people, but I figured it was part of life. A freind and I would talk about the New World Order and so on and talk about what they might do and what they will do and so on, mind ya this is 15 or so years ago we would talk about this.

Anyway, we get to 911, most of the population fell for the old trick that we seen on tv just like a really cool David Copperfield show, but in most cases with magic there is a way to exose the trick sooner or later. I had my chance to expose it early on, see I was watching local TV and when Flight 93 crashed I was interested in it, why you ask cause it crashed like 2 seconds from my front door.

Now we get into Flight 93.

After a while, the guy on the news stated there was some head guy from the 911 control place in westmorland county who said they got a call from someone in the plane before it went down. They gave what they guy said and told the viewers they would talk to that supervisor guy a little later one in the day when he got to the station, needless to say that guy was never aired on TV. what they guy on the phone said tho was this. "I am on Flight 93 my name is bla bla de da and I think the plane has been highjacked" now this guy stated a billion times he is not some prank caller or some hero or some other crap like that. "I am in the bathroom of the pane and I am scared" he said a few more things I cant remember "I hear an exsplosion and see white some." then a little while later the plane goes down. Now this is when I started thinking things in this magic show werent starting to add up for what I was edspecting.

What brought me to ATS?

Well I had 2 sites before this one and I got bored with them, a 3d art site, and a gaming site. I decided to do something that will make people thing about what is going on in this place. I decided I would maybe so something on Flight 93, ((which btw is a good site about this already called but like everything else in this kinda of field you need proof on something like this 150% before you make accusation on something and have no back up. Which lead me to here. I started searching Flight 93 shot down. I knew it was shot down, I knew there was no hero story, the only thing to do is prove how the trick was made.


I have read alot of things on this site, everything from shadow people, to losing your internet forever, to people seeing little green men, and astral projection/oobe's.

Its interesting for a site like this you guys arent more open minded. I thought in the beginning of this war with Iraq we should have went over there, now I wouldnt not even give it a second thought that we made a big mistake, but the problem is nobody cares now, so what no WMD were ever found, Saddam was a tyrant.(Side note: Saddams wife stated man we have isnt Saddam.) Now Ok he is a tyrant but so is alot of other people on this planet but you sont see us going after them now do ya?? well do ya??? No?? Well heres a smell for ya, next time you pump some of that oild into your car, think of why we are over there. We are selling bloody oild for american/iraqi lives, which is pretty sick of you ask me.(Side Note: When the bush crew was assembled in 2000, every one of them people Rice, Bush, Cheney, and Powwel stated that Saddam wasn in no possible way a treat to the United States.)

Now what have I learned besides all this jibber here, well I will tell ya.

I have learned this, If the US dont straighten up and open thier eyes they will be in deep bla, cause as we have seen after Al-CIAda attacked the WTC/Pentagon we will start losing our rights/liberties.(Side Note: The mayor of NYC stated that being able to protest was a prvldge not a right.) As we have seen with Part 1 of the Patriot act, what does that exactly intel exactly, it intels what we would like to say from 1939'ish I would think. A;; of our freedoms and liberties are being raped. Everywhere from newspapers calling christains hate criminals, to cops stopping and pulling some lady over and arresting her because she didnt show them her papers. To some guy getting tazzed and bitten by a dog cause he had "pipe bombs" in his car. to Military people doing urban exersizes in america's back yard. to being forced to take some kinda of national ID card/chip. To realizing that people who talk about phantoms of lost liberties, they will lose thiers, quotes buy john ashcroft. and even to show on a peice of governement paper that people who enjoy the constitution are considered terrorists.

I dont know about you, but considering I have only been dabbling here and there into things for 30 days, I have come up with alot of usefull infomation that alot of places like CNN and such will not tell you about. and if they did it would be a 2 seconds clip or something and never seen agin.

I also am using an educated guess from what I know from 9/11 and before.

I think there will be a terrorist attack again on the US compliments of the Al-CIAda crew sometime before this election, actually they are over due for one, so when they do this its going to be big.

I am not sure but i have a feeling big as in nuke size big. It will force americans to go under mashall law and then sent to camps provided by FEMA.

Well this is all I am going to say, please comment on what you think about this book I have written, sorry it is so long I didnt intend on it being like this, but I want to show you guys what infuence you guys have been on me.

I also listen to Alex Jones also. I sem to think his infomation is really accurate considering you can look it up at the drop of a hat.

Anyway that is what I think I should share with you guys, I was going to leave a quote here, but I cant remember what it was.

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