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Viral Storm: Dawn Of A New Pandemic Age

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posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 09:41 AM
Nathan Wolfe, once called "the world's most prominent virus hunter," wrote a book called The Viral Storm: The Dawn Of A New Pandemic Age. He correctly names the "Pandemic Age" - but totally blows it on the rest. The book appears to be little more than a plug for factory farming, and a rationale for regulations prohibiting small farms.

Wolfe says most emerging infectious diseases start out in animals then jump to humans. Bunk. True, most communicable diseases do, but the chronic disease NCD Pandemic - currently killing 3 out every 5 people who die every year, and disabling millions more - comes from infectious but non-communicable prions created by industry.

Wolfe says it's dangerous to eat "bushmeat" - claiming wild animals are the most important modern disease vectors, and implying nature is the primary breeding ground and reservoir for new diseases. Way wrong. He totally ignores the fact that factory farms routinely create new diseases - routinely spread new diseases to consumers, and routinely release new disease agents into the environment. Where they infect wild animals, true, but that's NOT where they start - and humans do NOT "catch" already pandemic chronic disease from wild animals.

Wolfe's third main point is that individual humans cause pandemics - spreading diseases around the world when they travel. Incomplete information, and misleading crap. We're in the middle of a chronic disease NCD Pandemic caused by infectious but non-communicable prions spread around the world in contaminated industrial products - including prescription drugs, vaccines, processed foods and personal products.

We're not at the "Dawn of a New Pandemic Age," we're in the middle of a chronic disease NCD Pandemic, 100 years in the making. By falsely reporting viruses as the main culprits, wild animals and nature as the main source, and human travel as the main method of spreading disease - Wolfe misrepresents the issues. His book not only dismisses the current chronic disease NCD Pandemic, but also the planet's most common and harmful disease agents - and industry's role in creating disease. He cultivates fear of nature, and tries to generate panic about exposure to the natural organic world. All Wolfe is doing, really, is supporting and defending factory farms - and the corporate industrial economy.

Also see; Beyond Bird Flu: The Perfect Microbial Storm
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