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Can Satan read our minds??How about demons and other kinds of spirits?

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posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 08:55 PM

Originally posted by Unwrittenfate726
Demons are real but only real when they act as entities through other people. Good and evil does exist but a demon or evil spirit cannot walk amongst a living world that is impossible but they can alter minds of humans and drive them insane becuz they thrive off misery and pain. God is real because if you believe in him and are being controlled with uncontrollable thoughts by a negative entity praying to him and having faith really does make it stop, so as long as u believe. Ignorant people say satan nor god exists well both of them exist and remember the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing man that god wasnt real and satan doesnt give a # if u think hes real becuz if u have no faith u are going to do something evil one day. Humans are a unique species believe what you want after all your the one whos really in control not satan or god.
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If you study the bible you will find that demons aka familiar spirits are different entities than fallen angels which can appear to visually shape shift, where as demons can only posses someone.

posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 08:56 PM
The bible does not say much about satan other than the fact he leads a rebellion against the father,until killed by jesus. My guess would be,he cannot read your mind unless you are turning into him.

Although there are many ways to "turn into someone/thing" here is one example.

Man1 Knows that man2 desires drug1,drug2,drug3. How? because man1 has observed that all the bad habits he,man1 has had,man 2 has "turned into".

Man1 is now far more likely to tempt man2,than if man2 just kept going on his straight path through life and never "turned into" man1.

The more someone "turns into" you,you "turn into" them. The easier it is to "read their mind".
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posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 09:29 PM
Samael (AKA 'satan') existed before mankind came into existance, as he exists in the angelic hierarchy as a cherubim, and was given his station by the Creator as Governor over the Earth... Earth's Protector, so to speak.

Samael, as reported by scripture, is the most beautiful creature ever created, meaning that his countenance, his charismatic character, and his ability to perform all have been given awe inspiring characteristics by the Creator. As a Cherub, 'satan' is a member of the command group of angelic creatures, albeit separate from the rank of Seraphim, which Seraphim attend the supporting foundations of the government of Yahweh, obviously the pinacle of rulership.

Cherubim are given the responsibility of maintaining aspect throughout the creation, thus they command a host of angels that do what the Cherubim command them. Of interest here is that the group of angels of Seraphim and Cherubim were given possession of Free Will, something I always understood was a characteristic only found existant within the sons of Yahweh, as they represent the direct progeny of Yahweh. However this fact being discovered, it is the foundation for why there have been two angelic rebellions recorded in history... The first being the rebellion of Samael in Eden, the second being the rebellion of Azazel in Enoch's day.

Incidentally, there exists 7 Cherubim, one for each day of the Earthly week. If, as recorded, 2 of those 7 rebel, that would make 'a third of the Heavens' that has bowed to 'satanic' influence (satanic meaning rebellious intent, NOT anyone named 'satan', who is really not a who, but a what).

As for what's understood as the Arch Angel (too much confusion out there of misguided intellectuals seeking authority), WHICH THERE EXISTS ~ONLY~ ONE...

He is known as the Metatron, and there exists 72 names in the Hebrew for this Person... one of which is 'Lesser Yahweh', the ONLY creature possessing the direct nomenclature of the Creator. ALL angelic creatures, including Samael and Azazel, ultimately must obey his command, as the Arch Angel is also known as 'the Voice of God', 'the Word of God', etc. What that means literally is that the Metatron speaks for Yahweh directly, as if Yahweh was directly speaking, which Yahweh does not (unless it is a mater pertaining to universal correctness). This is because when Yahweh speaks, what Yahweh says will be what happens. Yahweh has compassion for the creation, and as such will allow those creatures that possess Free Will to have the ability to excercise it.

Now that this explanation of the Heavenly Order has been given, We must now understand what roles this plays with influencing the Progeny of Yahweh... you and me.

Yahweh, and now the Metatron, both possess omniscient perception of the mind of mankind, as our thoughts are also manifested in the spirit (which makes petition for us before the Throne of God day and night). All other angelic creatures do not possess this ability, and thus none of them can read our minds. This is in perfect harmony with your power of Free Will. HOWEVER...

The angelic host, from Seraphim down to angel, all of them exist in similar form as a human, thus the proof of Azazel's ability to produce children with the daughters of men (AKA Nephalim). Therefore, they think like humans, and understand human nature. Plus, they too have existed for thousands of years, and have been there to observe hundreds of generations of mankind... So that means that, as a species, they know and understand mankind well enough to be able to influence them, because the next generation is less mature mentally, than the last. They know you better, than you know yourself!

Therefore, unless you intelligently listen to those who truthfully have provided insight into this and have given understanding on how to protect yourself, you will find yourself distracted by, and ultimately taken possession of by these fallen angels.

In short, and to the point, the ONLY way to prevent this from occurring is to allow Yahweh's Holy Spirit to fill that void, which in turn strengthens your individual spirit and prevents outside spiritual domination of a weak and faltering personal spirit.

This has been revealed to you, through truth... under the direct guidance of Yahweh's Holy Spirit. Those that chose to not accept this, or even attack this, have the Free Will to do so. This message obvously isn't for you, but for those with the correct heart condition and strength of spiritual aptitude to understand it.

Bless yourselves.... All of you.

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