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Lawmaking by disaster:

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posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 08:36 PM
Everyone using a computer has heard of 9-11 and most know what happened. Many think they know what occurred after- but they are looking too close.

9-11 was horrific. There is no doubt in anyone's mind about this. Who caused it and why are still a matter of some controversy.

1. 9-11 was only the beginning.

After 9-11 on October 11, 2001 just one month after the attack on the WTC the United States passed into law a sweeping set of governmental powers- the Patriot Act (one month).

Within months cities and states passed laws denouncing the Patriot Act- others denounced it as a violation of those very rights America has portrayed to the world.

In the meantime Afghanistan was invaded. Cover stories that the rulers (Taliban) were not cooperating with the U.S.'s anti-terror fight were used to explain why “a Democracy” was invading a nation half-way across the globe.

More laws were passed, the Patriot Act was rejustified.

Within a month of 9-11 the U.S. claimed to have “proof” of the perpetrators and their protectors. Afghanistan under the Taliban was gone- conquered. To free women the U.S. killed off 25,000 civilians in that war. Within a month all satellite coverage was government property and the foreign press was either muzzled or destroyed. No coverage of indiscriminant bombing was produced.

The sheer speed and power of the U.S. attack took the world by surprise. A few wondered aloud why the U.S. was in such a hurry. Within months they would know the answer.

In January the President (Bush) told the world where the U.S. was going next- the Axis of Evil was going to come down!

By July 2002 news broke about WorldCom. WorldCom which was supposedly a corporate rip-off scandal screaming for accounting reforms. These were in the works and passed into law quickly.

Something was hidden behind WorldCom, it was Iraq resolution 2. With the WorldCom imbroglio taking most headlines and the “War on Terror” filling in the blanks the Iragq 2 resolution went largely unnoticed.

Iraq2 , beginning with NATO this resolution became the “fig leaf” of respectability. The basis for further action.

WorldCom and Afghanistan occupied attention as the American military built up for more conquest. By September 2002 the U.S. was informing the UN that invasion of Iraq was imminent. Enron implosion begins in February. The U.S. clammored for more laws. By March 2003 the Iraq invasion was in full swing. Afghanistan was still not pacified.

Talk of Patriot Act2 was floated and shoot down. The simmering anger about the Patriot Act pushed the second law on to the “wait until later” shelf.

Here, within the short span of two years two of the largest financial catastrophes imaginable got marginalized because of a war. Enron was almost forgotten and people asked “what was WoldCom?” Behind all this, as if sent like a deadly quick arrow the premiere accounting compnay of the U.S., Arthur Anderson dissolved into oblivion.

Two nations are invaded and conquered. The nation's attention is lost from the original purpose amid the all too thick tar-brush of militarism. America has once again gone for the Imperial Crown.

All this is supported by newly created “emergency measures.”

Makes me wonder, who is conducting the band?


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