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Is something new trying to enter our lives?

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posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 10:23 AM
Seven years ago I was still working and on a remote island off the coast of California. I had a feeling then I needed to do something and got my passport renewed with no particular place in mind to go, just knowing I had to go somewhere to see and do something different. So today I find myself here at around 6300 ft. ASL in the central highlands of Mexico, a town close by with a name in indigenous language meaning "Place of Waiting" (Erongarícuaro) with a meso-American pyramid just outside of town. The setting and the weather seem nearly perfect to wait for "come what may."

So I have been here for over six years, earlier in the year having finished building the last of the major construction of my "fortress" - as most Mexican homes seem to be constructed. I did not seek out and find this place but rather it found me, in a manner of speaking. I had no idea I would be here or anywhere close to here but all the pieces began to fall into place to put me here permanently when I thought at this time I would still be working on that island and looking for a place in the sun for my golden years. Just naturally every opportunity presented itself with an offer so enticing at each turn I almost could not refuse to take advantage of it. The money, the opportunity to retire early, and every opportunity to progress with relocating here just fell into my lap and led me out of the US well ahead of the economic collapse in 2008 that would have hindered these efforts.

Like everyone else here I have no real clue what lies ahead, just a feeling that a change was coming and that doors were opening for me to take me in a new direction. But for what reason I still have no clue. Such as it is with Mexican architecture and plumbing I live in my own slice of paradise with a courtyard garden and a castle of quarry stone and reinforced concrete around me. I have my own water system that is fed by municipal works but have an underground well that stores enough water to last several months, nothing I planned for but just another feature that came with the turf so to speak. So now it appears I am ready for any number of contingencies that could come our way, and living in a land of natural beauty and a great deal of personal freedom from which I now never want to leave from and return to my former life.

Who knows how this may all end up? Whether or not big changes come our way it seems subtle forces were leading me to prepare for the best or the worst that could happen. Yes, the world appears to be changing for good or ill or some of both, there appears to be a tension brewing globally and a new age dawning. Whether we are the last people to die here on Earth, the first to live forever, or that life goes on as it always has I feel I am where I want to be and feel I can accept whatever may come. I just follow my head and my heart and muddle through every day like there is no tomorrow or a universe of tomorrows to wake up to with opportunities to take myself another step toward becoming a fuller and more aware individual each passing moment and bask in the glory of what we call life and living another day.

ETA: With so many doom prophesies I overlooked the 28 October 2011 date for the Mayan calendar. Being aware of that these past few days has added a tad to the "feeling" going around. I don't know any Mayans to carve out a new calendar. I'd really like the get the new calendar before their new "year" is upon us.

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posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 12:15 PM

Originally posted by AzureSky
I dunno, just ranting. Everything just seems geared to rob the wealth out of everyone. Im not talking about people making 350k, or a million, or whatever. Im talking about corporate interests that control everything, or are in the process of doing that. They own it allll...

Here we come to a very crucial point of fact: They do NOT own it. ANY of it. They can no more own it than YOU can own the Earth. Ownership belongs to All That Is (God, Brahman, Allah, whatever label you use, minus the megalomaniacal implications adopted by the followers of each).

There is no ownership, only stewardship.

There are no victims. There are only sovereign beings who CHOSE to come here to experience life on planet Earth at this pivotal time. Each child that gets blown up by a drone attack is in essence a powerful being who CHOSE to live a life in these days of upheaval, and who knew the end before the beginning. Don't disrespect them by pitying them. Pity is an insult.

When you make people out to be victims you disempower them.

I'll say it again, because that is truly a heretical statement to the ego-driven, false-love-and-light crew. So much so that they can't even parse it without intentionally paying attention.

When you make people out to be victims you disempower them.

"But justice has to be done!" Boll*&^s. Justice through calling another to accountability is an illusion on the same order as the idea that you did not specifically choose your life script. There ARE no "others". There is only the eternal YOU. From my perspective, it looks like the eternal ME, of course! Every being you see is a reflection (or facet) of All That Is. Infinitely powerful, and in no need of your championing for their recompense when they experience something that looks like injustice from your perspective. The level of illusory disempowerment we each choose is for valuable purposes of experience and joy. Don't second guess yourself. Doing so leads only to unproductive pain and suffering.

Now let's go to the next level up and demonstrate that my previous statement is only valid within a finite perspective. Yes, I'm going to prove myself wrong. Looking at your life experience from the perspective of an all-knowing eternal consciousness, assuming you second guessed yourself all the way through, it looks like you went through a lot of "unproductive" pain and suffering. However, you at the higher level knows that it was just what was needed in order to learn the lesson (on a separate-facet-experience level) of not second-guessing oneself. The next lifetime can be devoted to learning other even-more-interesting stuff.

See? most "problems" solve themselves when you look at them from a large enough perspective. Even the "OMG the world elite are pwning the werld!" kind of problems. In other words,

Hakuna Matata!

posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by mountaingirl1111

A kindred soul. I also am drawn to the four corners area . There is a high iron content in the native rock hence a genuine magnetic pull I also have shut out a former life and have a desperate need to figure out what the hell is happening so that I can be prepared for whatever it may be. Some people tell me you cant do anything to stop it so whats the point? But I have to understand something and the whys before I can combat it or accept it as the case may be.But I can say one thing with certainty: We are heading towards a crescendo of some sort . There are more highly charged particlles in the atmosphere .. The earth`s magnetic shield is thinning allowing more spaciial objects into our atmosohere and the magnetic north pole shift has accelerated greatly in the past year. I believe these are contributing to our " feelings" of an imminent world catastrophic event' I just cant put my finger on the where,when, how and why.This was an excellent thread and Its nice to know one isnt alone in insanity(ha, ha)

posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 02:25 PM
Hi Shansen,

You obviously are not alone in how you feel. I am so glad you posted this because I have been feeling the same way with increasing intensity. I look around and everything seems so surreal. I try to stay in the moment and go about regular activities but the feeling is always there. I try to talk about it but most people think I'm nuts or conspiracy theorist, so it is relieving to know there's many others who understand.


posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 04:13 PM
I feel that all the people of the world will revert to the Ancient religions and Mystery Schools, we will become like the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks religiously.

There's obviously some sort of Revolution to come, I personally believe it might be one of two things; Chaos, or Religious revolution and evolution of the human spirit and consciousness, bringing us into the next dimension if you will.
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posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 04:43 PM
I haven't read this entire thread yet so if it's been said already I apologize for being of limited patience and limited time

I understand what you have posted about, I feel it too.

In my limited understanding of this *feeling* I call it our awareness of *the end of an age*

Consider the Mayan Calendar, The Bible and assorted other ancient texts of fact and myth and mixtures and I believe what we are feeling is a vibratory, energetic shift happening...the first signals of the end of an Age. We are leaving the Age of Pisces...and entering the Age of Aquarius.....

I am not a New Age believer and my opinions on the goodness or evilness of the coming new age is based on my studies, experiences and core beliefs which I don't need to go into in this thread.

I believe this is the *impending something* all are feeling and striving to describe. I do not believe any one group is 100% correct in what this will mean to humanity but I do think *the times, they are a changinnnnnnnnnnnnnn*

In the US many of us old enough to remember the 60's see massive similarities to then and now. How I have verbalized describing this connection in feeling is to say (much like you did about your country) The 60's were a *different time* and now, it is a *different time* again....

What does it all mean?

TIME will tell methinks.

Thanks for the post ...S&F's

posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 04:48 PM
Thanks for posting this! As you've already found, you are not alone. I live in the midwest in the US, and I've been feeling that something Huge and worldwide is getting ready to happen soon. I've been feeling this for a couple of years, but it is getting stronger all the time. I don't know how you would describe what you are feeling, but I would describe what I feel as just "knowing". As a Christian I can tell you that I believe that we are very near to the end times as the bible dscribes them. Not the end of the world, but a culmination of many things. As you described what happened in Romania, I think it will be the same across the world...much fighting, war, death, violence, weather disasters and extremes, among other things. I think that everyone should prepare as much as possible to protect and provide for their families in the event that these things happen. More than that, it is really important to know where you are going to be once you die, and get your spiritual house in order. You are right that something new is coming, and I also believe it will be something big on a worldwide scale. We should all prepare for this life and for the next. Noone knows what tomorrow will bring!

posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 05:07 PM
reply to post by shansen

This is something I have noticed here in the U.S. I am not very social and do not make an effort to be around people yet in the stores or at school functions people appear to function on "needed habit". The people in the stores do not seem as if they are really "there". Shoppers are more rushed and the workers seem that there is always something of urgency is on their mind.

I have noticed something else as well, people are stopping to help others more. Two years ago if a person had a flat tire or accident it would take forever for help to come yet in my area people are responding, and very quickly. The accident rates are oddly up in this area as well. In the past three weeks I have seen 7 car accidents and 5 on the same road with 3 in the same time frame, people were helping and not rushing to their errands.

I hope whatever the static in the air may be when it clears what is left behind is good and with purpose.

posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by mountaingirl1111

this post fascinates me as I can identify with much of what you said as well as the time lines you note and feelings associated to them!

While I am in a different location than you as well as the poster in Colorado I see the huge similarities!

I live in Alaska and have for most of my life, even though I have been to most of the rest of the USA. Over the course of the past say 3-4 yrs I have felt this extreme at odds feeling about where I belong.

I started having a strong urge to relocate, at least for a few yrs to go walkabout to the New England area...more specifically the Boston/Salem areas. I had an initial plan to do so in 2009 but hesitated and decided to wait when Obama won the election....I have never been able to put my finger on WHY his election changed my feelings though. That said, I still feel this strange pull to go there and at the same time as things play out in the country and the world feel exceedingly grateful I am still in Alaska...

I have talked to others that feel this odd sense of, like myself that *I don't belong HERE, anymore*

Also, like the past few months my luck has changed for the better 1000%.... which causes me only MORE confusing about my mixed feelings about where exactly it is that I belong, geographically speaking.

posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 05:21 PM
Go to the SOHO Satellite webpage.

Look at images of the sun in 1996, and compare those with images of today of the sun.

Look at how flat the sun has gotten as its squatted down and bulged at its equator. Time is shorter, this solar system is being effected....right down to our daily lives. The sun is going nutz.

posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 05:53 PM
Hi - thank goodness - I have just joined - because all you people have made me realise I am not losing it - the following writing is what barrelled out of me on the 30th Sept - I HAD to write I couldn't stop it and only got the courage to read it a week later. For the record I do not watch TV or listen to the radio, and had no idea about Wall Street! So Shansen if you are going insane then I am already there!


The earth is going to start shrugging herself again and it is the end of times for the patriarchal dominion and the suppression of the feminine energy by men through their use of money, and their inability to try and harness us with it. Soon, the feminine spirit and soul of the beautiful lands of this world, is going to start standing up to be reckoned with.

The world as we know it is changing dramatically and the vice grip that money and the patriarchal egotistical way has had on our species – our planet - is about to be terminated. And rather abruptly at that! I feel that the time is changing into a new one of questioning and commitment to something new – what is it all about and why have we not succeeded as a species in attaining a level of commonality amongst all?

Who, or what, has us in this grip of have and have not, soul and soul-less, givers and takers. Who are these people that blindly ravage women, children and our lands? What happened to their basic humanity, what is it that is now filling that void inside of them? What is it that has a strangle hold on our society and drives them from within with the blind rage of madness?

What is this monstrosity of energy and by what name is it known? How do we harness it, cure it, or tame and train it into something anew? It is in our religions, that have harvested the lands around the world of the very essence of our souls and it has shown us, graphically time and again that is does not care about us, as beings of life. We seem to be viewed as something less than cattle which, can be herded and milked, and herded and killed and consumed, but never ever are they stripped of their very essence of spirit. Blessed are they…

Some of us have heard the call and have awakened our numbed, befuddled and duped minds and are looking out with eyes of trepidation at the grossness and trying to understand – to name it – to stop the numbness and gain a toehold on the real reality of life and not what we have been force-fed to believe, see and accept.

Our hearts lift at the sound of the freshness of a new day and we smile at the sun and the warmth of it mends our patterns and dips and hills of memory, long lost in the depths of eternal time. What is it? Who are we? What have we done? What have we not done? What are we doing? And most importantly… What are we about to do?

What is this passion in my heart that is trying to spring forth in an abundance of words that make no sense – what am I trying to harness in a 4D world that cannot be harnessed by my mouth, or my thought, or what I know, or what I don’t know? Who am I?

The singing of my soul is ringing happily in my heart and I lift myself above momentarily to look at the world anew and see it with these new eyes of mine. The colours of life and the sounds of living are all around me and comfort me as I try to understand the language of this universe and that we are all a part of – unlimited and beyond comprehension??

posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 08:06 PM
hi all.

a number of years ago, I had a Dream. A Grey haired old wise man appeared to me, and he invited me to come see "the museum of mankind"!
what i saw saw a hall-like beach front along the sea and along the cliff were niches for exhibits. as we walked along to the past, to the left, each niche back was of some great historical event in the collective of mankind.
there was, at the beginning, a pile of primitive wooden and stone tools. near by the present was the three crosses of Jesus. the closet to "now" was a collection of Nazi things.
then this Guide pointed me to walk to the future! we walked to the right, along the beach. I could see no niches.
---up ahead just only a tiny bit, along the beach, a narrow river came down the hills to this beach, from the white topped mountains back in the far distance. this river, i could see, was NOT crossable.
in fact the river had tiny beaches along the sides of it. I awoke then, but even there I felt the Implication, that in the very very near future mankind will all turn Inland, along this river, and leave the sea coast behind!
we all will turn away from the sea, from the earth plane sphere.
as the science fiction people put it, "advanced races live in the hyperspace dimensions, and leave the physical galaxy behind"!

meaning: earth school 404 is over, high school is over and the whole race goes into the non-physical realms, to live in higher dimensions. off to College, then. all of us.
the laws we all will live by will be spiritual laws, even if our surrounding "objects" and scenery look earthlike.

our inner lives we will wear on our sleeves and everyone will know instantly how we lived back on earth!
everyone will be linked to everyone, consciously.....

I am beginning to think, myself, the reason why the radio SETI hunters cannot find any aliens is that there are no aliens with radio!! by the time they get radio, it is time to graduate from the earth plane, planets are the elementary schools of the galaxy, there to learn fundamentals and then to leave!

in some manner that I do not know how, this Point is *just* about here. the "2012" thing.

how will we all beam up?
I do not know.
Armageddon, apocalypse, end times, rapture, ascension. these are the terms that i read about and dream about.
I have had dream of asteroids, of ww III, of great sea changes of heaven itself, that heaven itself is undergoing a far far greater revolution, now, than what might be now happening upon the earthplane!
I was shown that even purgatory is now part of heaven and soon the hells will be part of heaven: one huge
World of spirit where heaven and hell are in the same place!
I am not even now sure as to *how* we all will leave the earth!

a place where no one falls through the cracks and the 'evil' people cannot crawl off and hide somewheres .

anyway, these are some of my own thoughts as to what *might* happen and what *might* be behind these collective feelings.

these will increase as late 2012 gets closer.

and if the words "heaven" seem a bit "religious and far distant", well, soon those abstract concepts will be the only reality in town.

and what about having devils and angels standing side by side, how can this be, one might ask?!
well it will be *YOU* that chooses , deep in your soul and in your life, what you will see and experience, there!!
you will see there a reflection of your present earthly life!
if you live a good life, you might see angels, if a not-good life, maybe demons.
[with the ever present option to change your life.]


posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 09:13 PM
The beam of bottsrgeddon will be narrow.
You will NOT be outside of yourself choosing to be either good or evil.
The humonculus theory is an infinite regression and not to be tolerated.

You have a year more or less.
In or out?

posted on Oct, 22 2011 @ 10:48 PM
reply to post by freestonew

Love what you expressed in your post. I can see how evil will be integrated as the Creator I believe in would want us to learn from our school here on Earth. What's that lovely phrase about studying our history lest we repeat it.

Even though I do not subscribe to evil I know that it exists and because of that I have already learned the lesson of discernment. I cannot wait until we are all connected and sharing all our collective 'lessons' and the ensuing wisdom.

Much Peace...

posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 12:38 AM

Originally posted by Drewdini83

To those of us that are AWAKE, we are realizing that we are connected to them (the elite), as much as we may despise them. Inside of them are the greatest gifts and ugliest flaws also inside of OURSELVES. We realize we have a greater potential as a planet, but we must come to an agreement, all the way from the most influential man at the top of the pyramid down to the farmer at the farthest reaches of the land.

Indeed, an agreement is in order. Forgiveness is indicated. Only if we allow the elite an "out" will they have any chance of going peacefully into the nightfall of their power. How to forgive? Good question.

Here is the solution we've been waiting for. Or rather, a solution. I think there are several ways this could be done, but the method Roage suggests is elegant and educational for everyone concerned. I'll include a little excerpt of the document:

The Solution to the Financial Crisis

In the “modern world” most of us live in a perpetual suffering because we have made so many choices and sustain so many consequences that it has become nearly impossible for us to “make sense of it”. The term used for this state is called "confusion" or living in a “state of confusion”. To exist in this state is to exist in continual fear as new consequences seem to arrive “out of the blue”. The consequences are not happenstance but occur because we do not know Natural Law and therefore do not know how they are related.

Usury is against the law! That truth can be observed by anyone in the know. “Neither a lender nor a borrower be” is the “obsolete” documentation of that Natural Law precedent. The borrower becomes slave to the lender and slavery is also against the law. Because it is against the law there are uncomfortable consequences for both the borrower and the lender. The borrower lives in toil and misery and the lender fears that his crime will be discovered and the borrower may revolt violently.

As an agent for my “fictional person” I am prepared to allow my “person” to assume all colorable debt obligations for every entity real or colorable such that every borrower is free of their debt and every lender is free from the borrower’s wrath. The borrower is to be provided a financial instrument to facilitate the discharge of their debt which also discharges the consequential debt of the usurers of this world. Here is that instrument:

This is just a partial quote, so it may be beneficial to read the whole article at

I also am certain a paradigm shift is already underway.

posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 02:59 AM
reply to post by shansen

Is something new trying to enter our lives?

National boundaries are becoming less important. Global perspectives are taking over. I don't think there is anything you or I can do that will stop the globalizing of the world population. Except a big meteor hit or a zombie plague ... or catastrophic earth changes.

The collective mind is moving toward transparency, openness, open source and free information. There are no detrimental effects for any of these things. All of these things promote world security and individual rights.

I'd say the structure of civilization is breaking down... and we are the ones who will be rebuilding it.

posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 05:02 AM
There’s possibly something in the air.... Let's see....

We've seen many technological changes - which have brought about different shifts in lifestyles and how we work- some to a minimal degree- such as the digital watch, and some to a great(er) degree, such as the internet... Supplementing that- the mobile internet brings this out even more. There are radio, television, cellphone tower waves bombarding humans on an unprecedented rate. No-one knows for sure if they will affect us negatively or not. On the horizon, we are looking at more genetically modified foods, possible growth of human organs in the lab, and the further alteration and/or creation of new foods from genetic engineering.

On an environmental level, major changes have ensued- especially of late. The world now has
huge floods - wiping out cities and vast areas. Tornadoes, at least in the U.S., have jumped to the next level: F5s wiping out towns more frequently these days, and tornadoes appearing where they have never appeared before- such as New York City.

The earthquake and tsunami of Christmas 2004 wiped out 200,000 people in a day.
The Japan earthquake triggered major tsunamis as well, killed 15,000 people so far, and triggered core meltdowns of nuclear rods that they still to this day have not figured out how to contain. Japan’s oceans and sea-life are being poisoned by radiation to an unknown degree. My suspicion is that as you read this, these cores are melting through the crust of the earth, possibly proceeding towards the center of this ball we call earth. Birds, whales, sharks, etc... are dying en-masse- by mysterious forces with the disturbing and unsettling manifestation of the aquatics beaching themselves. Again, no-one really has a scientific explanation. This is especially so in the past 5 years. The Gulf Oil Spill- an unabated, full-force oil well spilling out for approximately 3 months continuously: did not help matters. More and more animal species are either becoming extinct, or are in danger of being so. Now, there are unexplained, loud sounds in the heavens- that baffle and perplex people, including scientists.

What is troubling (so some), is that none of the above environmental patterns are showing any signs of decreasing, or coming to some plateau. In fact, they all seem to be exponentially accelerating.

Combined with the above, the UN (I believe) has determined that our little world has around 7 Billion people on it now. Talk about 'population explosion' (a term that I used to hear a lot- now not at all in the MSM). Us who make up the 7 Billion are more than all the other people who ever lived on this earth- COMBINED. Basically, we are it.

While this is happening, the Dollar and the Euro have been getting a lot of bad press lately, along with the countries that use them. Many people think that it’s time for a new world currency standard.
other link
But not all the economies of the world are languishing… China is doing so well that they are building entire cities to house their population. in article, search on: “China Builds cities”

Not all hope is lost…. The US economy is not in the toilet. The Occupy Wall St. movement may result in positive changes for us all. There is the specter of the NWO, but that may be several years in the future. Besides, if it does come to pass- the Bible states that there will be a one-world government, with a leader who will be against Christ. The AntiChrist (in vrs 17: man might buy or sell...), as it were. He will deceive billions, but will be relatively short-lived. Immediately after his reign, Jesus will take the throne and everything will be different. It’s all good (in the end: for those who are ready).

So, yes, I agree with the OP that something is definitely afoot.

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posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 05:58 AM
Thread title: Is something new trying to enter our lives?

Originally posted by shansen
I don't know what it is. Maybe it's nothing. Maybe I'm a nut - probably. But it's the second time I am feeling this.
I have been talking to my friends, my relatives, my family. Most of them told me that they know what I am talking about because they can feel it too. Some of them don't. But they know I'm a wacko sometimes, ha-ha!

As I told you, it's the second time I feel like this. I am looking around, seeing the familiar places and faces but they are somehow changed. It's them and yet, they're different but I am unable to explain which way they're different.

Is there something in the making? Is something coming to us? Are we going somewhere and we're not able yet to figure where? Is the Earth itself sending us a message? I don't know. I'm not scared, but I'm impatient. I can't wait to see if something will happen and what. Are we on the verge of fundamental changes? I don't know.

Or maybe I'm just completely nuts? I have a full life, a happy family, many friends but I feel like something new and huge is just trying to enter our lives. What could it be...?

I read your entries, and a few pages into this thread until it just got too much for me to handle...

The title is a little broad. Is something new trying to enter our lives?

Originally posted by Majic
The Gray Area is a discussion forum that provides a dedicated area for members to post their confessions, disclosures, and related extraordinary personal experiences.Like the highly speculative Skunk Works forum, The Gray Area will tolerate topics that may be unusually hypothetical or unproven for the purpose of vetting the stories of thread-starters by the ATS membership at large.

You had me reading your entire OP because it was a personal experience. But because the title is soooo broad and open ended everyone can hog pile in on this thread and make it their personal trip experience.

I hope Shansen and his family are safe if his feelings ring true for him in Romania.

posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 11:00 AM
reply to post by shansen

Wonderful post, Shansen. You described the feeling very well.

While it is true that certain feelings of foreboding certainly come from being bombarded from all sides with images and stories of doom, there are feelings - very much like "static" in the air, just like you described - that have nothing to do with that.

I happened to be in Romania at the time, for the first and last time so far (something to do with Robert Reiter, if the name rings a bell), but being a foreigner I could not perceive it as you did, I am sure.
However, I think you will find the same was the case in Berlin on November 8, 1989, hours before the sudden announcement was made on TV that the border was open. Many people felt it.

The same feeling was present in many other countries and societies just before they found themselves on the brink of change.
Or rather, they already were on the brink, they just didn't know it consciously.

I believe what happens is that people are reading - and feeding into - the pool of collective energy and intent, if you will. It's as simple as that. We already KNOW, individually and collectively, how things are going to turn out. But the conscious mind is slow in catching up.

My best wishes to Romania.
And to everyone else.

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posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 11:42 AM
I fell it too , we are going to reach soon breaking point ...I know it will happen in just several months.
This feeling is so intense I can't shake this off.Is this going to be good ? I don't know ,is this going to be bad ?
I don't know but I'm witing fot that

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