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No need to quit smoking during the apocalypse

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posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 10:33 AM

Originally posted by WatchRider

Well I tried smoking an E-Cigarette, just to see what the fuss was all about.
It tasted nasty!
There was no 'hit' or anything, just a foul taste in my mouth that took hours to get rid of.
Yes, it was worse than smoking a normal tobacco cigarette.

Sorry you had a bad experience You simply tried a bad brand with bad juice that was not tailored to your liking. It happens. Not all e-cigs are created equal. They cannot duplicate tobacco flavors exactly so they try to mimic them as close as possible, and some flavors are indeed way worse than others. The flavors depending on how they are mixed do not all "vape" the same. You can mix them to adjust for the throat hit you like, strength of flavor, strength of nicotine but only if you mix it yourself or let someone else do it that has experience. When you get a Mall or gas station e-cig that's pre-filled, you never know what you are getting.

posted on Oct, 23 2011 @ 10:38 AM
reply to post by CoherentlyConfused

I tasted one e-flavor that almost made me faint. I'd descripe it as smelling like foot rot from hell and tasting like the arm pits of a sumo wrestler after a match. It was supposed to taste like cappucino thought. Wont touch that stuff again and even though I'm vaping delicious cherry now that taste still haunts me.

posted on Oct, 24 2011 @ 10:46 AM

Originally posted by Six6Six
reply to post by Rocketman7

Smokers are weak and often they are considered easily breakable.

Plus they smell bad and quite frankly you can never trust a person that needs a drug to operate.

I would vote for smokers to be rounded up and be the first in line in the depopulation agenda. Plus they are a drain
on the Medical system right along side fat people!

I rank smokers along side pedophiles, rapists and religious zealots and obese people!
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I don't give a # if you apologized later on... I don't #ing care if you're the sorriest mother#er around for these words... YOU HAVE A PROBLEM and I'm sure, 100% positive if SHTF and I met you, I'd kill you and use your #ing soul as dog food.

You put smokers on the same level as Pedo's? You have got to be mentally insane, and mentally insane people should be the first to go, they are lost causes in a situation as you described. In an end of the world scenario, a smoker would simply quite smoking until they scored cigarettes... period. You can't smoke what you don't have... and in a survival situation, you don't complain... a smoker isn't any stupider than a non-smoker, nicotine doesn't create negative effects on your brain, you #ing dolt...

IF YOU DON'T LIKE CIGARETTE SMOKE, THEN MOVE, walk 15 feet away. # if you can drive your car, then someone else can smoke. Period... you'd be hurting everyone 100000x more by simply turning the ignition, then a smoker does his whole life... so get #ing used to it.

And to think... I don't even smoke cigarettes.

I do have an occasional cigar though.
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posted on Oct, 24 2011 @ 12:19 PM
Im an ex-smoker and I really dont feel its my place to tell others what to do. Even at my age I have a hard time being perfect... I figure I better perfect myself before I start demanding it from others.
If you want to kill yourself, you are free to do so as far as Im concerned. Just dont expect me to pick up the tab. Im one of those horrible people who think that suicide shouldnt be " illegal" and the police shouldnt go all out to stop a suicidal subject. If they want to die.. let em. Its their right.. by gun, pill, or little paper sticks you smoke that a big company has purposely filled with nasty carcinogens and addictive chems. As long as you arent taking a bunch of innocents out with you... have at it. BTW, natural tobacco AKA real tobacco doesnt have the same smell or effects on the body... however, they are prohibitively expensive if youre a 2-3 pack smoker a day.. which I was. Hey, I worked in an ER for a decade... id have smoked valium to cut down on stress at the end of my career! I didnt see the long lingering horrible effects like floor nurses. I got to see smokers come in that breathed out one day and were never able to breathe back in or were drowning on dry land. And yet I still smoked. I think it was a form of temporary insanity in my case... or stress driven slow suicide. LOL!

I love a few smokers very dearly, so there is no hatred ( just sorrow) and I put up with the stench because I want time with them.
You know what smell I associate with my dad? Smoke. I get an immediate thought of my dad when I smell a guy who is all smoky stinky. Sad really! In any case I feel Its all about free choice, It was not difficult to stop smoking for me.. I just stopped. I still want one even after all of these yrs, but I wont give in. I have my own personal reasons and they far outweigh my desire to smoke and the enjoyment I got from it. Really no big deal to me. You actually can do it too if you choose and dont listen to the propaganda. I too believe second hand smoke is overrated and etc.. but still, Id prefer no one die of a silly choice thay made. Oh the "pipe" dreams I have.

I agree, ciggs will be a hot commodity if the SHTF.
Ive seen smokers go nutty when craving a cigg. Last thing I want is a bunch of armed folks going nutty with nicotine cravings... the zombies will be bad enough to deal with without that.

As for the scary Satanist.

Meh, 666 is absolutely free to hate whomever they want and say whatever they want concerning things they dislike/hate with an unnatural passion... within TOS of course.
I can not understand the dislike/hatred but hold dear the personal freedom to seethe hatred at whomever you want
, I just dont share it.

Now to piss off the Christians:
I have met a few true Satanists, and not the Satanic Bible sideshow LaVey silliness. If you listen you will see why they chose it. They usually dont wear a sign around their necks or have avatars to prove their satan-y-ness because it would be viewed as absurd as one wearing a cross to signify their Christ-y-ness.. as if it affords anyone special treatment.
Please dont let one person and their claim of being a satanist .. and your personal feelings due to the things you find offensive in this persons post cause you to judge all by one. 666 and its feelings expressed arent representative of all.
Im old and grumpy.. and one thing I have learned is never to judge a person by their self styled labels.. judge them by their words and actions. Their true internal beliefs may not fit your assumptions. And yes... we all judge so dont be a hypocrite.

BTW, there are a few old school Satanists on ATS.. and they are pretty damned amazing people. You just dont know it because they dont wear a neon sign and choose to be judged by their words, rather than their signs or internal beliefs. In fact, I really really respect one of em.. and many of you do too.
Thats coming from an OT slay utterly angry "God" believer.
Takes all kinds to make this old world twirl, better understand that.

carry on.. light em if you got em.

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