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Understanding Low Level Biological Weapons of Pestilence and Treatment

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posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 10:19 PM
Infectious Disease has played a major role throughout history in not only warfare, but common Human
development. In this Day and Age it must be questioned whether certain biological contagions are the result
of Low Level Biological Warfare, Inadequacies in Global Trade Regulation,Climate Change, or possibly all of the
above forementioned.

In Particular of concern are the Demoralizing Pestilence Type Contagion :

For Instance 1. Treatment Resistant Bed Bugs


2. Treatment Resistant Head Lice


3. Treatment Resistant Scabies Links: es%3A+Controlling+Pesticides& pesticides%2Fsearch.htm&result_template=epafiles_default.xsl&filter=sample4filt.hts&typeofsearch=area&querytext=scabies

As We all know, these subjects are not only distasteful, but carry a negative social impact and stigma.
Regardless, this is the current world we live in, and these forms of Pestilence can happen to anyone.
Even if you have exceptional personal grooming habits.

The Idea here is to inform, manage, detect, and cure. This is the proper direction to help minimize and
eradicate these pestilent forms of contagion. It is essential that the victim not only Thoroughly takes the
steps necessary to treat themselves, but the victim must also be mentally strong enough to inform any
persons who they have had physical contact with or vicinity. This in itself is a major hurdle for eradication
as the social embarassment and implications promote silence in such matters.

Please feel free to visit the CDC Website:

or the EPA Website for further information.

Contrary to the tidally waving belief these days, there are people who care, and are there to help you.

To The Great Moderators Here, Please Relocate this Thread to any Proper Forum you See fit.

I could not decide between Survival,Health,or General Conspiracies. Difficult Call with this Data. Thanks

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