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TSA checkpoints now on HIGHWAYS, buses and rails

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posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 09:52 PM
reply to post by fishing4truth

Today in Chicago, IL they are now passing a new law where videos cameras can give you speeding tickets. The NWO is clamping down on us!!!

Illinois Senate approves Chicago speeding cameras


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posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 10:46 PM

Originally posted by dw31243
reply to post by fishing4truth

Today in Chicago, IL they are now passing a new law where videos cameras can give you speeding tickets. The NWO is clamping down on us!!!

Illinois Senate approves Chicago speeding cameras


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posted on Oct, 28 2011 @ 08:36 AM
that is stunning
ans they report it like its good for everyone-just ramping up security. if the FBI/CIA/NSA has information on suspects and behavior why don't they just tell us so it can be stopped? why randomly search truckers and in Tennessee and later everywhere? this is disturbing I am sure the 'TSA' workers have no idea about what they are doing and the director is just being told what to do by the FBI or CIA chief this is all one stinky mess

posted on Oct, 29 2011 @ 11:57 PM
Video surveillance cameras aren't anything new, America is only catching up to Great Britain where they are everywhere. They're in every city and village; many are camouflaged to look like trees or darkly painted to become difficult to spot. I lived in England for 10 years and learned to tell the different types of cameras and their functions. For traffic infractions like speeding they use large rectangular cameras that have a powerful strobe flash attachment for night use. If you're ever driving at night over there and suddenly a huge flash of light goes off behind your car, you've been caught on candid camera and can expect a ticket to arrive in the mail within 2 weeks. My former girlfriend got one in the mail and went to the headquarters of the Northumbria Police and demanded to see the video for herself. Within a few minutes of taking her ticket, a constable returned and led her to a room where she was shown the tape. She argued that there were three cars all moving at the same rate of speed and asked why she had been singled out. The policeman told her that she was not being singled out, all three of the cars on the tape received speeding tickets. England plays short public service appeals for assistance in apprehending crimes committed in the act on tape. In England, even the public buses have cameras on-board; they are literally everywhere.

The whole issue of American’s Constitutional rights being taken away and the emergence of a heavy handed police state is very real. In only 30 minutes I assembled the following related article and video links. This is no joke and American citizens who value their freedoms need to take the threat very seriously. See for yourself below:

Deep Contingency Plans for Martial Law
After the coming economic financial collapse, a state of world-wide martial law will be declared. Considering the current events which are in direct alignment with documented plans for totalitarian one-world government, (white paper plans published by the Tri-Lateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, and Club of Rome), martial law will be imposed without official dissent upon the various countries of the world. Martial law is military rule imposed upon civilian populations in a time of war or during a (sic) “State of Emergency”. The following elements can be expected to occur once the t.v. news anchors tell people not to panic, but that a State of Emergency has been declared due to the crash, and a (sic) temporary state of martial law has been declared, which will be rescinded once the State of Emergency has passed.

Guardsmen to conduct urban training in Iowa
The primary phase will be done Saturday, April 4, when convoys will be deployed from Carroll to Arcadia. Pictures of a suspected arms dealer will be shown in Arcadia, and soldiers will go door to door asking if residents have seen the suspect. ... The drill will culminate in the apprehension of the suspected arms dealer.

Indianapolis To Become "Mock Battlefield"
“Our aim in Indianapolis is to expose our Marines to realistic scenarios and stresses posed by operating in an actual urban community, thereby increasing their proficiency in built-up areas,” Col. Mark J. Desens, commander of the 26th MEU, said in a statement. “While some of the activity will take place around Camp Atterbury, residents in many areas can expect to see helicopters flying overhead, military vehicles on the roads and Marines patrolling on foot,” Desens said.

NY National Guard Involved In Mass Arrests Of U.S. Citizens
It has emerged that the New York National Guard is assisting in the arrests of thousands of American citizens as part of the “drug war,” while at the same time the U.S. government itself orders troops in Afghanistan to guard the poppy fields as heroin floods American streets.

Bush's Martial Law Plan
President Bush's post-terror attack martial law plan is so shocking that even sitting members of Congress and Homeland Security officials are barred from viewing it, another example of executive über alles and a chilling portent of what is to come as constant reminders of the inevitability of terror attacks reverberate.

Congress Seeks To Authorize & Legalize FEMA Camp Facilities

Mystery Prison Buses in the Desert

posted on Oct, 30 2011 @ 07:29 AM
I posted this in another thread about the tsa in TN
The solution is simple. Money. TN relies on tourism in many of its towns

If you guys want to put a stop to this simply do this email every restaurant cabin rental place amusement park and every other possible place a tourist might go. I hqave already canceled my trip to the mountains because of this and told the owner why. She said I was not the only one.

The business owners aka voters will jump on the state governors butt about this fast.

posted on Nov, 2 2011 @ 06:56 PM
Has anyone read about our government using technology to monitor, track individuals or completely shut down civilian communications? I don’t think it comes as any shocking new development, but is certainly another layer that our government can use during a martial law take over and suspension of American civil liberties. Here’s an article that you can check out - “Suitcase sized device can remotely disable phones, intercept communications, record unique IDs and track you in real time.” l_time/16376/0/0/0/Y/M.html

In case you’re not aware of it, the government has technology that can scan your vehicle with you in it looking for weapons or explosives - or anything else. I’ll assume you’re aware of the high altitude spy blimps that are solar panel powered and can stay aloft for weeks or months at a time doing surveillance on the American people. According to Kate Dunlop a spokesperson for Lockheed Martin,"The possibilities are endless for homeland security," says Kate Dunlap, a Lockheed Martin spokesperson. "It could house cameras, and other surveillance equipment. It would be an eye in the sky." According to a summary released by the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, the HAA can watch over a circle of countryside 600 miles in diameter. That's everything between Toledo and New York City. And they want to build 11. With high-res cameras, that could mean constant surveillance of every square inch of American soil. "If you had a fleet of them, this could be used for border surveillance," suggests Dunlap. See links below:

Pentagon plans blimp to spy from new heights -

DOD proposes new giant spy airship--or is it already here?

Potential Spy Blimp Being Tested At Loring

Lockheed Wins $149.2M Contract for High Altitude Airship

Be it TSA roadblock check points, military exercises all across America, mysterious black helicopter activity or government jamming of cell phone service; it all boils down to the government slowly but surely tightening their grip on America in preparation for martial law take over and nullification of American’s civil liberties and freedoms.

posted on Nov, 5 2011 @ 12:33 PM
This article link is a follow up to my comments about the use surveillance cameras in America.

Street Lights that Spy On You -

posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 08:46 AM
History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid. -- DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, inaugural address, Jan. 20, 1953

From Naomi Wolf's book, "The End of America"

This site gave a very good over view of this book that everyone should have read.

The Ten Steps to Fascism:

1. Invoke an External and Internal Threat
2. Establish Secret Prisons
3. Develop a Paramilitary Force
4. Surveil Ordinary Citizens (Covers the original post here)
5. Infiltrate Citizens' Groups
6. Arbitrarily Detain and Release Citizens
7. Target Key Individuals
8. Restrict the Press
9. Cast Criticism as "Espionage" and Dissent as "Treason"
10. Subvert the Rule of Law

Freedom does not come cheap..............the average American citizen has become so distracted and apathetic (except for all us brave OWS souls) that we are well on our way to a corporate dictatorship/fascist state.

When all of our freedoms are gone we will have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Every single one of you that fly and allow a scanner to scan you and a TSA to grope you is a traitor.

I read 1984 years ago and thought, this could never happen, Americans are too brave, too gutsy to allow this frap...............well 1984 is here.

Everywhere you go you are now being filmed, photographed, recorded, evaluated and logged into some data base.

Your face, what you buy, what you eat, what you read, what you google, your medical records --- all on database.

Again, if you are not actively protesting and allowing this you are a traitor, a compliant sheep allowing us all to be led to slaughter.

And I don't care how many nasty replies I get back..............I'm only speaking the truth and our forefathers would agree with me.

It is time for peaceful protests..............if that doesn't work, our next recourse is another American Revolution.

But with all the chemtrails (chemicals to sedate our thinking process), the fluorite in our water, the cell towers that send out mind conditioning frequencies to allow the few to control the many I don't see any real change coming.

A slave that does not realize he/she is enslaved will never rebel.

A prisoner that does not realize they are imprisoned will never try to escape.

And if you think this post is nuts start researching mind control and mind conditioning..............yes it exist and has been being used against the masses for decades.

The human brain is nothing more than an organic computer...........garbage in - garbage out.

I leave this post with a few quotes from credible professionals to back up my reply to this thread.

"Too many contemporary neuro- and behavioral-scientists seem committed to a narrow, unrealistic view of human social behavior. They focus mainly on the possibility of controling behavior. If this continues, psychotechnology will increasingly become a favorite tool of social and political repression." -- Professor Stephan Chorover, Psychology Today, October 1973

"[A]t a distance of one or more rooms and under conditions where the participant would not know or suspect that she would be experimented with.... One such experiment was carried out in a park at a distance,... [and] a post-hypnotic mental suggestion to go to sleep was complied with within a minute." -- - Dr. I.F. Tomashevsky, Critical Evaluation of the Hypnogenic Method

"Eventually - say by A.D. 2000 - perhaps all this depth manipulation of the psychological variety will seem amusingly old- fashioned. By then perhaps the biophysicists will take over with 'biocontrol,' which is depth persuasion carried to its ultimate. Biocontrol is the new science of controlling mental processes, emotional reactions, and sense perceptions by bio-electrical signals." -- Vance Packard, The Hidden Persuaders, 1958

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." – Dresden James

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posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 10:25 AM

Originally posted by nateandcourt
I posted this in another thread about the tsa in TN
The solution is simple. Money. TN relies on tourism in many of its towns

If you guys want to put a stop to this simply do this email every restaurant cabin rental place amusement park and every other possible place a tourist might go. I hqave already canceled my trip to the mountains because of this and told the owner why. She said I was not the only one.

The business owners aka voters will jump on the state governors butt about this fast. get it! time to Vote with your MONEY and Businesses need to make a decision...are they on FREE people's side..or are they with the elite police state terrorists running this country?

posted on Nov, 6 2011 @ 08:36 PM
Dear ofhumandescent, your contribution to this thread is truly awesome - thank you! You have clearly identified the average citizen’s lack of awareness and general apathy regarding what is happening right before our eyes. The quotes you’ve used support your argument and add depth to its meaning.

Karl Marx’s often quoted words about religion being the opiate of the masses could be interjected here, replacing the word religion with sports, shopping, TV watching, over eating and alcohol / drug use. Americans love being entertained and escaping reality through endless diversions like video games. Americans are only too happy to turn their heads or keep them buried in the sand while this nation slides into a fascist state. Your 10 steps to fascism is a brilliant comparison to exactly what is happening in America today. And I certainly agree with your comments about the use of mind control, fluoride, chemtrails and so many other ways that our government is systematically conditioning Americans to become easy prey when the NWO takes over. How crazy is it for our government to promote GM crops? Genetically Modified foods are poison in small doses, and our government expects us to blindly accept that and eat our poison like good little boys & girls.

The Fed lent 2 trillion dollars to unknown recipients since September, and they brazenly refuse to disclose who got the money, what it’s to be used for or who approved the lending of it. That’s total insanity when Americans are losing their homes, going hungry and forced to live in the street. The government is pushing and squeezing the average citizen to the limit of their endurance and Americans are beginning to react out of sheer desperation and suffering. Those damn politicians that make policy decisions on Capitol Hill aren’t affected by the bills that they pass. They live securely tucked away behind gates and enjoy a lifestyle that is supposed to be every American’s legal rights to pursue and have. But they’ve built so many road blocks like a lack of jobs, an economy that’s ready to crash, cut backs in health care services that the average American’s focus is diverted to the daily struggle just to survive. Like Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs pyramid; the foundational needs that all others are built upon are shelter and security. If those needs are not in place for every American, then it creates stress and that sets the stage for anarchy, which is exactly what Big Brother wants. Then the NWO police hounds will be unleashed and average citizens whose only crime is trying to survive will be targeted, arrested and possibly transported to FEMA camps. This is all very real and when it does begin to happen it will happen very quickly. I expect that thousands of Americans identified as “terrorists or subversives” will be arrested quietly at night. Eventually as word gets out the arrests will be more open and the dis-info spin doctors will reframe it all to appear as though it’s all for the security of America. We really do need to wake up and smell the toxic coffee!

posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 11:17 AM
Greyhound bus stations in major cities...such as Salt Lake City..Dallas....and many others, have had their own form of TSA clowns checking peoples luggage, and using metal detectors for the last several they're going to be checking the highways???? hell no...this has gone too far! I can see the checkpoints in border states like Texas, New Mexico...Arizona...looking for illegals, and illegal drugs, etc...but when they start setting them up is places like Tennessee, that's where I draw the more...what gives anyone the right to set those checkpoints up, and search my car, or personal belongings? no search warrant? then go away...probable cause? i don't think's just a bull# excuse to harass people, and invade privacy.

posted on Nov, 19 2011 @ 02:56 PM
I completely agree with you moonweed, things are getting way out of hand. But that appears to be what the NWO agenda is coming to. I think the road block checks are really more a conditioning exercise to desentitise Americans to seeing police road blocks and being stopped. This seems like another form of the NWO's ramping up process preparing us for what's ahead. If road blocks make you upset, you won't like marshal law at all.

posted on Nov, 19 2011 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by fishing4truth

Our only hope is to take out the Roadblocks/Checkpoints should they begin to occur. The only exception is near the southern border where there is a clear proliferation of illegal aliens moving.

Border Patrol began to put up checkpoints here in Washington near the northern border a couple years ago and they were driven out through populist demand.

Shortly thereafter the very vocal Joseph W. Giuliano Deputy Chief of the Border Patrol was exposed for using his position to adopt children for his personal sexual gratification. He was quietly given a light sentence by his comrades in the justice system and the media kept it buried on the back page.

They will still listen when people in numbers demand them to take the checkpoints down. If it goes beyond that, each person will have to decide for themselves if they want to live in an "East Berlin" penitentiary police state or remove the checkpoints by whatever means each individual or group of individuals decide is necessary within their capabilities.

Plain and Simple - if you wish to remain free you must stand up and demand it. Documents, papers, ordinances, precedents matter not. If they ignore the highest law of the land, Our Constitution, we are free to choose to ignore theirs, for we are equals not slaves.

Though shall let me remain free or though must extinguish my life force.

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posted on Nov, 19 2011 @ 03:36 PM
seems to me that, by day....america itself is becoming a prison...the FEMA camps are probably going to fill up fast...which will create a demand for slave labor....i see a nasty domino effect unfolding

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 04:20 PM
I couldn’t agree with you more moonweed! Big Brother has been able to slowly erode the basic freedoms of all American citizens by hiding behind such cliché's as "national security risk" to throw innocent people in prison with the most flimsy, if not fabricated evidence. When the government claims that a case involves a national security threat, its power increases tremendously. Government investigators have the power to:
1. Order wire taps or a search without a warrant.
2. Restrict the discovery of evidence to who may see it.
3. Impede the accessed defense lawyer’s access to their client or require that an entire jury have security clearance.
4. In short, they can throw you in jail for as long as they wish too with any false or fabricated accusation against you.

Our nation is sliding into a government controlled fascist state. Our freedoms and civil liberties are being eroded by things like the Patriot Act, which was sold to us as a necessary means of protecting the American public. One of the main tricks used in selling any product is the fear factor. That creates a sense of urgency in the mind of the consumer, which motivates them to purchase the product purely on impulse. Be that fear the possibility that the sale will end, the product will no longer be available or the product must be gotten to ensure safety and security. It’s based on the impulse to stay alive and remain safe. Like any snake-oil selling con man, Papa Bush, Baby Bush, Cheney and now Obama are all part of the same insidious plan for altering America into an evolving NWO state by selling the public a load of complete bunk to get their agendas passed through to law. Just have a read of REX 84 to see what our government has lined up for U.S. citizens that won’t align with Big Brother’s plans for out New American Society. Anyone considered a terrorist could be interrogated, detained, jailed and eventually imprisoned in a FEMA camp. But the bills don’t clearly define exactly what a terrorist is; so that is left up to individual jurisdictions to decide what a terrorist is to them. If someone has firearms in his home as our Constitution allows, he would be considered a threat to the government and arrested. If a Christian group wants to meet for a Bible study or women want to have a knitting group, they may be deemed an anti-government and arrested. Heck, the police are raiding organic markets and food co-ops right now. What do you think they’re planning for gun owners? See… Big Bro must first disarm the American people, so that take over meets as little resistance as possible. This whole thing of Government control is systematically moving forward in small steps that allow Americans to become more and more accepting of seeing armed police stopping cars and militia patrolling through neighborhoods across America. It’s like a frog in a pot of water; if you slowly turn up the heat, the frog will keep becoming acclimatized and remain in the pot until it is eventually boiled alive. The American Sheeple and basically doing the same thing with all the TSA road blocks, military exercises, airport pat downs and scanning etc. We are systematically being groomed for take-over by Big Bro.

You can bet the FEMA camps will start taking in detainees as soon as Big Bro decides it’s time to begin implementing that phase of the ramping up process. I read that Government plans include a tier system for evaluating FEMA camp detainees; or should we refer to them as FEMA prisoners? At any rate, those deemed permanently against the New American Policy will be separated for further processing, transfer & most likely disposal. That group might consist of Christians, fervent gun owners, survivalists, any form of anti-government group or movement, white supremacy groups etc. Those evaluated candidates willing to change will be re-educated (brainwashed) to conform to the New American standards of acceptability and eventually returned to society to perform whatever tasks Big Bro deems they’re capable of. Have a look through some of the related links below:

New World Order plans for the U.S. and its citizens -

FEMA: Domestic Terror & Genocide -

NWO Video Archives -


As America Collapses US Government Secret Plans Revealed

ENDGAME: Office of Detention and Removal Strategic Plan 2003 – 2012

Martial law plans and concentration & FEMA camps

posted on Nov, 22 2011 @ 09:45 PM
looks like the dprogram site is dead, after going thru it for about an hour.....go figure

posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 04:32 PM
Hey moonweed, I don't know what happened. I just checked the link and it worked fine. Here's the home page link for that sight -

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