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Audit of the Federal Reserve results available now

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posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 03:51 PM

Originally posted by soficrow

And now our corporate leaders are saying it's sick people who are responsible for the financial crisis, not corporate greed. September's WEF says the NCD Pandemic is an "economic issue, not a health issue." Our corporate leaders want us to do a bit of culling, cuz the NCD Pandemic is predicted to cost $47 Trillion by 2030 - [url=]coincidentally?, 1/3 of that, $16 Trillion, will go to mental health.

What does the Winter Equestrian Festival and Naval Construction Division have to do with anything?

posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by jibajaba

The money tie ins were caught by the Cox Committee in 1953. Rothschild got appointed and shut them down. They way it works is all the Covens funnel the monies in various methods to the Royals and the Vatican. Sir Evelyn is a member of the house of lords, and funnels the taxes. The other Covens funnel most of the monies through shell corporations and banks.

What they did was provide the people with what is called the 'Security of the Person'. This Security is based on our ownership in the Nations resources and is based on the National gross divided by the number of people in that Nation. The Treasury is the Fiduciary Agent of the Peoples National Trust, which is the Security, in your name and you are to whom these funds are supposed to go to.
In legal terms, you are not a person, you are a human being who has a person. This is called a straw person. In modern terms it is called identity theft. The Feds took over the National trust in 1921. Then they stole that Security with the 1933 SEC Act and made it illegal (by Statutory code) for the Treasury officer to tell the public. Which is why during A.I.G. he stood there and told you that you would have to give up 'your constitutional rights'.

The way it worked was when someone wanted to start a corporation, we the people would decide if that service benefited the society. If so a Charter would be issued.
We placed a Commerce Tax, the first ever, because we had found that Commerce was solely concerned with 'profit', and we found that this caused deaths in Society by removal of necessities for Life. A man could come in and buy up all the wheat for instance, and then sit on it until the populations were starving and then resell it at inflated prices. This would earn him big profits and we decided to return that profit directly back to the people, not to other corporate entities. This is the law that created the Publishers Clearinghouse.

When we issued a Charter, we the people agreed that the man starting the business could use our Security as start up funds and this was issued to that man by the Treasury Dept.; we agreed to let him use our Labor and work to build the products or supply that service; and to use that product which would keep that corporation going; and we agreed to purchase stocks in that company which allowed the people to keep the company funded through out its life time and this allowed the people to actively participate in the governing of societies businesses; we agreed to allow him to use our credit which is our 'good will' allowing him to order before payment what was needed for that business; and the national resources and land to place his corporation, and build his buildings.

In return when we needed services or supplies, we ordered them or went to the store to get them. We were given a 'bill of exchange' which is still what is used today. It is only when you sign the front of a bill of exchange that you are in 'default', but they force you to do that now, and this creates a 'double' entry on the books in favor of 'debt'. You signed on the back we signed 'accepted as valued' and this was eventually turned into the Treasury. The treasury would then mark off on the National ledgers some of what that corporation owed 'we the people' for the use of all the above.

When corrupt officials altered the laws, they started making double entries, not marking off the debt, but doubling it. This threw the corp. "The UNITED STATES" into bankruptcy and Rothschild took over the Treasury and the Peoples Trust. It is a legal 'obstruction of a bankruptcy' to pay cash to a corporation in bankruptcy because of the 'double entry'' that is 'more debt', and Rothschild knew this and continued to forcibly seize cash and properties as payments via his corporation "I.R.S.". This is why the National 'debt' is a fraud, perpetrated by Rothschild for the express purpose of funneling all monies/wealth from America out of the Nation and this allows him to seize what ever he 'covets' through 'default' laws he put in place.

The Corporation THE UNITED STATES was closed by exec order in 2008. Everyone on capital hill knows this, but they are still allowing Rothschild to seize property and money. And they gave themselves pay raises and bailed out one of their own branches right after A.I.G.
All monies listed under 'grants' are with the exception of 'school grants' funneled back into Corporations, which is illegal. The school grants are also being misused, and only a narrow margin of children apply, and now they have a type of 'pee test' for the kids, that is random. If the child doesn't reply in time, they loose their grant, and the school drops them that day. They cannot regain the classes for their major that they had signed up for, and they have to reapply through FASA all over again. I just went through that with two children.

posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 04:49 PM
reply to post by SecondAmendmentUser

I'm afraid that is not going to be upheld at the Supremes level. They are instead upholding the law that states 'we the people' are not 'party' to the constitution. This is from the Articles of Confederation, which states only the 13 founding families are parties, and 'all others are exempted'. Barron vs Mayor and City Council of Baltimore 32 US 243;
What England is doing (we are a Common Law Nation also) is using the Magna Carter. I think it was '25 men' with a 'Sheriff and his warrant', have the right to remove any judge, or political leader via arrest. And that is what we should be doing.

Once the Judges catch on, that we are not going to allow them to use statutes of the corporations instead of Common Law which is the Law of the Land and has our civil and human rights in it, to continue the elites farces they will start applying Blacks Laws again.

posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by SecondAmendmentUser haven't heard the news then*huge grin*??

Pres Obama went to Denver 'unexpectedly'...lmao
The D.U.M.B.s are being destroyed*grin* all the things like food, equipment, weapons..and even the personal...are MIA.
This is usually accompany by the 'feel' of an earthquake in the area. The largest one that hit the East coast, was one of those DUMBs right under D.C.

So..they are a BIT panicked now

posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 05:03 PM

Originally posted by gentledissident
I don't borrow, so I'm unclear as to what this is all about. What is the Fed getting out of this? Is the Fed just taking some of the fake money to pay the bills? Banks got loaned fake money to pay back at no interest. The banks loan the money to the public to pay back with interest. Are people then paying back the fake money with real money? It looks like a bunch of slaves making products and services for the same bankers they are paying interest to. The people put their slave wages in the bank so it can be loaned for profit. In the end, what gives any of this money any actual value? It seems to me the only things of real value are the slaves and some of their products and services. Since there are a lot of useless products an services, the workers seem to be the most valuable things. That's us. Why would we participate if we're holding all the cards?
edit on 19-10-2011 by gentledissident because: (no reason given)

It is the 'Fed' that stole the gold, and are stealing our 'labor'. "Theft of Labor" is the definition for 'Slavery'. We have a Right to the 'Fruits of our Labors" and this is your WAGE, and your SECURITY OF THE PERSON which is a SEC security in your name. Instead of the Funds going to you, they are funneled from the Treasury/Rothschild to the Govenors of each state quarterly. Those funds were supposed to pay for the taxes and necessities of 'LIFE'. So, they stole the funds, then added taxes and stole your wages.
These are traded overseas, because everyone else is using 'Money', America is not. The legal term for money is 'Legal Tender backed by gold/silver'. You are now using a 'promissory note' and Obama by exec order changed it from oil (Nixon took us off gold, R. had stolen it) and it is now backed by 'Human Capitol'. Your Life. Now the question I have posed is what do they (the corporate governments) plan to do to 'collect' debts?

posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 05:08 PM

Originally posted by 0zzymand0s
reply to post by YellowRoseTx51

Listen -- It will take me DAYS to look a lot of that up and try to make sense of it, but the very last thing in the world you just did was "bore me."

lol, thank you.
I read the story as a child, and when I went to look it back up..the books were gone. It was written by the Sumerian and Etruscans.

When I went to the language translators recently, I found that if I didn't print out the info right then..the 'site' would mysteriously bury it! For instance..I went back to the 'i' as 'of'..common enough knowledge of latin root word formations. Then the entire thing was missing!
So best to print it out
as you go!

posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 05:54 PM
reply to post by 0zzymand0s

The title is misleading. The results have BEEN available since July. Check the date. I'm 100% sure someone else has already posted this. The original creator of the thread should get the proper credit as per site terms.

posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 06:20 PM
reply to post by polit

Originally posted by soficrow

Originally posted by 0zzymand0s
Between 2007 and 2011, the Federal Reserve has "loaned" over 16 TRILLION dollars to foreign banks and corporations at ZERO (0%) interest.


socialism for the rich

, and bootstrapping for the rest of us.

And now our corporate leaders are saying it's sick people who are responsible for the financial crisis, not corporate greed. September's WEF says the NCD Pandemic is an "economic issue, not a health issue." Our corporate leaders want us to do a bit of culling, cuz the NCD Pandemic is predicted to cost $47 Trillion by 2030 - coincidentally?, 1/3 of that, $16 Trillion, will go to mental health.

Looks like they're negotiating a trade-off.

What does the Winter Equestrian Festival and Naval Construction Division have to do with anything?


posted on Oct, 19 2011 @ 08:16 PM
Since the source article is dated in July of 2011, this is hardly breaking news....and there is an earlier thread on the topic here:

Additionally, a thread was started when the source article was released.
It may provide further insight.

Thread closed.

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