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Fight back...Motivational Poetry!!

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posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 06:26 AM
Sorry about any spelling mistakes but i put this together quickly after feeling inspired by some of the more vocal protesters!!

Desperatly seeking like Susan, the human race keeps on moving
Taking these small steps to heven, constantly chasing improvements
We only occupy the world in hopes to shatter illusions
And bring the people together through one voice and one movement

But the path that we tread has been littered with shards
Glass underfoot ripping the flesh from the march
We’re deeply scarred from injustice and seeing greed ever present
We feel repressed by the powers, slowly accepting recession

That’s why aggression’s the weapon which manifests from depression
When our backs are to the wall we all lash out unrelenting
We are the universal force controlled by puppet masters
The sheeple verging ever closer toward the edge of disaster

Theres no plaster to cover over these wounds that we carry
And theres no place left to run to or hide deep in the valley
So we stand strong together in these protests and rallies
And hope the effort we invest will take us out the blind ally

So when we rise up lets make sure we rise up all together
Unified not petrified no matter the weather
And what ever, when ever, where ever we will not let up
We will only pause for a second before we rip the set up

It’s a set up, don’t be fooled and think we’re getting better
And if the police drag you from the crowd and pull of your sweater
Then fight back and stand united don’t let them come and collect us
One by one we will fall but altogether we get up

So be aware the time has come to put aside the confusion
This is the war of us and them this is the last revolution
We can take it lieing down with our face in the mud
Or we can go out fighting and swinging retribution in blood

Trust me im your brother I never instigate violence
But when it’s us against the tyrrants and all we hear is the sirens
Then the silence of the people will never amount to a triumph
It’s time to get mad and raise our hands in defience!


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