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Another ex News of the World employee caught out in cyber crime scandal

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posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 08:30 PM
To cut a long story short, an opportunity arose recently to get involved with a new local community newspaper In Haworth, West Yorkshire (Yes, the Bronte village).

Well after issue 1 a rival publication seemed to be trying to put the paper out of business and a little bit of digging found this Cyber crime hits sleepy village

Now the tricky bit of this story (local gossip !) is that the News of the World photographer was also a chap responsible for the semi naked photographs for a slightly risqué calendar produced to raise money for the local Haworth Church and the famous Bronte schoolrooms. Over £1.2m is required for the church alone, so they need a lot of help. Being a community newspaper, we did'nt want the fund raising project to suffer but we couldnt turn our back on something that was rotten in the community. His wife just happens to be the owner of a local advertising magazine and there was obviously some dirty dealings afoot. So we came up with this idea to link a picture of the photographer in question (one he did for the calendar) with a caption competition where every body knows that he's been found out and is extremely embarrassed by the publicity (which in turn benefits the church fund..tee hee) How to 'expose' a crooked photographer to both expose what was going on to the wider community, give him a taste of his own medicine and help the calendar at the same time with a bit of fun.

Obviously if you are not local this is'nt going to be quite the scandal it is over here at the moment, but believe me, its more exciting than the hacking affair ever was. This is the whole of the Haworth community, one of the most famous villages in the world so imagine the cringing and embarrassment and humour.

The Front page of the online newspaper is (you will understand the Irony of that web address when you read the story and see how the News of the World photgrapher paid for us to have to use it. Serendipity !)

It is an interesting journey at the moment (this is VERY ongoing) trying to turn something sinister and divisive into an inspiring and positive thing for a historic community. Please get involved if you can. A taste of their own medicine whilst still promoting a good cause is, in my humble opinion, is a fun and positive way to stand up against downright mean, nasty and jealous behaviour.

ian x
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posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 10:14 PM
Oops, sorry, links are working now !

It's not a joke story BTW, this is occuring right now and it is is such a breath of fresh air to see something so sinister turn into something positive and righteous.

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