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The truth behind the American invasion of Iraq

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posted on Apr, 8 2003 @ 01:43 AM

The truth behind the American invasion of Iraq: The Bush administration's evolving global nightmare

By Bob Zimmerman

April 7, 2003óFormer CIA Director James Woolsey and presidential advisor David Gergen have confirmed Bush administration preliminary plans to move well beyond the invasion of Iraq, possibly targeting much if not all of the Middle East.

Under the guise of fighting terrorism, in America the Bush plutocrats are busy dismantling our already fragile democracy, while in Iraq they claim to be delivering not death by bombing, but freedom and democracy. Does anybody anywhere believe that Bush Republicans care one whit about installing democracy in Iraq or the needs of the Iraqi people? When did "democracy" become an American export; a commodity installed wherever we see fit by means of overwhelming force?

In yet another incredibly lop-sided American act of aggression, America proceeds, uninvited, with what Bush spin-doctors euphemistically characterize as "Operation Iraqi Freedom," a war over a decade in the planning. The war has produced the slaughter of the Iraqi army and the brutal traumatizing of millions of innocent Iraqis. Egypt's president Hosni Mubarek said the war will produce "1,000 bin Ladens," and that the purported goal of freedom for Iraqi's people will be forgotten. Administration hawks want victory at any cost; they fear another Vietnam even more than plutocrats fear real freedom and democracy.

In a recent televised battlefield briefing, the chief planner and now commander of America's invasion of Iraq, four-star general Tommy Franks, declared that America will emerge triumphant and that America's mission to free the Iraqi people was evolving as planned. He called the Iraqi people defending Iraq's cities "bands of thugs" and the Iraqi people attacking his supply lines "terrorists," but would not comment on the number of freedom-eliciting bombs that have been dropped on Baghdad and other Iraqi cities, or how many non-combatants have and will be murdered, calling such matters "inputs," and stating that he was more concerned with "outputs," whatever that was supposed to mean. He merely shrugged off a reporter's comment that by definition terrorists are those who target and murder non-combatants.

posted on Apr, 8 2003 @ 02:14 AM
I believe they stand for Democracy in Iraq.

Because Republicans stand for Federalism, while Democrats want to enslave the USA, which is why the public schools are such crap.

Does anyone remember what Clinton said?

"By the year 2000, Public schools will surpass other nations in these fields of study"
*List of all the courses you can take*

And then there is of course the poster that takes that saying, and matches it up with the reality of the conditions of the year 2000, by listing what nations were still surpassing us in education.

We actually went BACKWARDS in education standards, thanks to Clinton.

That man should be hung for treason.


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