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Short untitled poetry by ronishia

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posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 03:15 PM
Helplessly falling down a darkened pit,
Loveless eyes staring as you fall
Berating voices cloud your mind
Sni.ggering jeers,
Being alone
Being afraid


Watching out the window the dreams come, bright flashes of faces past
As you sit, a smile spreads across your face, recognition of happiness that once was
Staring at the sky, you watch as black clouds snake around the stars,
Dancing in rhythm to the breath of the wind,
Bright flashing in the clouds shock dark memories in your mind, dancing devils, dancing evil cackling in the night.

Coldness swirls around your body, goose pimples spread across your back
The pain smacks your chest like a crutch that’s snapped in half, can’t breathe, can’t breathe.
You squeeze your eyes shut, praying for the memories to stop,
Rebuild the walls
Rebuild the walls before they crumble and fall
Save the part of you that can hope
That can love
That can keep you safe.

Watching out the window,


Dream me a dream of flowers and balloons,
Of fluffy clouds that inhabit the sky.
Dream me a dream of love and laughter,
Of happiness, of smiles, of cheer.

Dream me a dream were I don’t have to be alone,
Were the world makes sense and doesn’t hurt,
Dream me a dream where I can be myself,
I can be loved, I can be known, I can be me.

Dream me a dream.

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