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Iran/Pakistan the next target for the US?

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posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 08:32 AM
Possibly Pakistan is going to be the next battle ground of the United States. It is not surprising at all, especially if we take into considerations the war mongering attitudes of the US leaderships and provocative design of the Zionist Israel. In September 2001, Colin Powell called on then Pakistani President General (retired) Pervez Musharraf to take part in the US-sponsored war against international terrorism. But moving one step forward, Powell's assistant Richard Armitage warned Musharraf of severe consequences if Islamabad does not comply with US request. He warned Musharraf that if he remains away from taking part in the war, Pakistan would be sent to the 'stone age' by bombing indiscriminately. Musharraf finally enlisted the name of his country to the list of participants to the war against terrorism under the US leadership only to save Pakistan and considering the world situation created following 9/11 terrorists' attacks.

US-Led War on Terror
In the last one decade, the Pakistani military rulers provided uninterrupted support and soldiery to fulfill its commitment given to the US authorities. However, Pakistan need not had to face the terrible destructions like that of Afghanistan. Still then, more than 35,000 Pakistani citizens had to sacrifice their lives in the so-called US-led war on terror. Pakistani economy has reached at the verge of ruinations. But despite taken all kinds of risks to fulfill the wishes of the United States and making all kinds of sacrifices, Pakistan could do a little to change its fate. Rather Pakistan is fast heading to face the situation that had to undergo by Afghanistan and Iraq. US cancelled US$ 800 million aid to Pakistan raising allegations, as per Colin Powell version, of annexing support and patronization to terrorists and extremists by the Islamabad administration. Powell openly brought allegations that members of Pakistani army were directly collaborating and assisting with the extremists forces. The signal is very clear. The necessary of hobnobbing between the US and Pakistani troops has ended by now. Pakistan is going to embrace the same fate that was exactly happened in cases of Afghanistan and Iraq.
Political observes viewed that Washington has made it crystal clear that it has no need to keep amity with Islamabad through arresting Golam Nabi Paik, leader of the Kashmiri-American Council who also worked as lobbyist in favor of Pakistan with the United States on Kashmir issue. Washington so long has been waiting to create some pleas to impose war against Pakistan that is the only Muslim state possessing nuclear weapons.
The total episode of unearthing hide out of Usama Bin Ladin near the Military Academy of Pakistan and his subsequent killing by the US troops was a mere ploy to establish logic behind launching military drives against Pakistan. With the killing of Usama Bin Ladin, the US military operations in this region would come to close -- this notion of Pakistan and Afghanistan is totally wrong. The war is not going to be ended here. The United States is going to expand the war to other directions.

Pakistan-ISI Nexus
Pakistan gave unconditional support to the United States for more than half a century during the cold war era. But Washington never liked to evaluate Pakistan under any other conditions excepting attaining its own interest. Washington administration remained busy for the last few months in criticizing Islamabad. Along with US administration, the entire US media remained engaged in spreading propagandas to the effect that Pakistani army and the Pakistani intelligence agencies had close link with Afghan Taliban and Al-Qa'ida terrorists' operatives. The US media, to establish such fallacy, published so many 'proven facts and documents' which all were false, motivated, concocted and purposeful. However, Mike Mullen alleged that the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan killed journalist Salim Shehzad for exposing the amity and hobnobbing between the ISI operatives and the Taliban extremists.
The link between the Pakistani ISI and the Afghan Taliban was established long before the 9/11 incidents under the mediation of the United States to fight back Soviet occupation forces from the Afghan soil. The hobnobbing between the ISI and Taliban had started since then. Nobody but the United States knows this very well. It has been observing right at this moment that the United States and its Western allies are not only busy to erase out such relations between the ISI and the Taliban as well as the past reality from not only their won memoirs but also from the chronicles of everyone under the consideration of different undeclared purposes.

Afghan-Iraq War
The United States is seen very active and enthusiastic to start its new voyages. So, they have decided to wind up their $4 trillion Afghan-Iraq war to start new military offensive against Pakistan. Observers and analysts believe, in the new move of the United States and its western allies, Pakistan perhaps would be the first victim. The next target would be the oil-rich Iran.
For along time Pakistan and Iran have become the eyesores of the United States and its allies for giving a clarion call to the Muslim world for a united Arab-Muslim resistance against US imperialists and the Israeli Zionists. Nonetheless, for quite a long time the lust of the United States has fallen on the precious and endless oil-resources of Iran. Interpretative reporter Moor Hurst in his long report warned that the United States was eagerly waiting to create suitable ploys to jump upon the costly oil resources of Iran. Hurst said the crusaders of US President George W Bush and the Zionist cadres of Israel were waiting to put Iran in their traps at a suitable moment.

US-Israel Joint Drive
The United States has already encircled Iran by deploying troops alongside westerns region of Iraq and northern region of Afghanistan. In addition, there are huge war preparations of the United States in the Gulf region. Now question is that what role the Arab countries of the Middle East would play in the face of the US-Israel joint drive to suppress the independent and sovereign entity of Pakistan and annex the fuel and energy-rich regions of Iran?
Observes believe taking united actions by the Arab nations would be the only and best solution. The Arab countries and Pakistan should take lesions from Afghanistan and Iraq before the time going out of their reach.
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posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 08:46 AM
f..k all war lords and hope they die ! (they are who they are and they know that !!!)

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 09:04 AM
The next war is going to be the one the elites never saw coming. A worldwide revolt of the majority to overthrow the self apointed minority. Either that or Iran

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