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Time Square has been occupied! This needs to go Viral!!

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posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 01:22 AM

Originally posted by LetterFromAThief

Originally posted by lifeform11
i am gettig tired of people going on about not knowing what the protests are about, surely it should be obvious.

EVERYTHING. the economy, the wars, the biasis media, corruption, bought politicians, unemployment, loss of freedom, emerging police state, the way protesters are treated by police and the media.

there are probably more. why does there need to be one thing people feel the need to protest about, some could be protesting because of one or even all of the things or some sort of combination.

it seems obvious to me why people are protesting. they have had enough! hence why it is spreading to new area's.

that is also why they do not need a leader. if i had had enough i do not need somebody to lead inorder for me to express my disapproval. if it were a small thing i just did'nt quite like, well then maybe a leader would be good to give me some motivation. i do not think people consider these things to be a minor pain anymore, they have had enough.

If you don't like how America has been ran since the 40's or later GTFO. I'm sure you'll find Syria nice. Try protesting there. Or maybe you'd prefer Libya or Iran. America was founded on the principle of having more. More Freedom. More Power. Now you chastise the ones with more money. You should be more focused on the 0.001% that run this country and start protesting them. If not, go away. Go away and send a postcard.
~No hard feelings

Haha... umm... the Libyan's just killed their former dictator. You livin under a rock, bro?

Your Like it or Leave it mentality/argument is tired, old, offensive, and laughable. Would you say that to people who opposed the Nazis simply because Hitler brought prosperity/strength to Germany?? Are you THAT easily bribed by the patriotic talking points of our country that you will completely ignore the faults, no matter how glaring/unacceptable? Listen... you don't judge your society relative to the WORST examples, you judge your country against the BEST examples... and to be honest, from what I've seen, we're lacking quite a bit. Just because it's hell over there doesn't make it heaven here. There are MANY struggles to be fought all over the world against ALL countries, and we should be of the mindset that every wrong needs to be illuminated and righted.

posted on Oct, 21 2011 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by LetterFromAThief

Then maybe those on Wall street, should have been arrested and charged and jailed for raping every taxpayer in the US of their pensions and savings of their homes etc. While everyone is struggling, they sit on their balcony drinking champagne ans mocking those who protest. Greedy corrupt criminal. They all should be jailed. end off.

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