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First Great War of The 21st Century is Here! with Gerald Celente

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posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 01:58 PM

Gerald Celente had forecasted this ‘First Great War of the 21st Century’ back in the spring of 2010:


“Of all the Trends Journals I have published since 1991, this issue stands apart. Were I to rank it, I would say it is among the most important. The United States is on a path that, if not diverted, will lead the world into the first Great War of the 21st century.

This is not fear-mongering, pessimism porn, or hyperbole. Though the historical and external circumstances are so different that similarities are not easily discerned, the policies currently being pursued by the great powers are very much the same as those followed by other doomed Empires past.

Mired in debt and sinking deeper, America’s reckless domestic spending and engagement in expensive, drawn-out, unwinnable wars is characteristic of other empires in their waning days. In the past, the last-ditch attempt to preserve power was to wage more war.”

Celente believes that this Great War is now about to unfold because of all the events occurring across the globe. The Arab Spring, protests across Europe, and the growing Occupy Wall Street movement, in the United States plus the problems plaguing Eric Holder and the sliding back into even worse economic conditions than we are experiencing now. Even the idiots at the IMF and the Governor of the Bank of England:

Mervyn King: this may be worse than the Great Depression
IMF adviser: The global economy could collapse ‘in two to three weeks’

Perhaps this really is it not just more speculation of “oh it’s coming”. The scary thing is, if this spirals out of control are you ready?

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