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The Election will be a landslide

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posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 09:01 PM
i understand your saying who you think will win. but your rezoning reason is the same quoted by the other site that kerry will win. i dont believe either yet, do you have a report done or diagram or something?

posted on Aug, 30 2004 @ 09:33 PM

Originally posted by KrazyJethro
First of all, the only wasted vote is a vote for Kerry or Bush.

I can't agree more with that statement. Who ever it was that got people to think a third party vote was a waste, was a Brillant man. I dont know if it was a Dem. or a Rep. but that type of thinking will cement these two parties in place for all time.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 02:15 AM

I realize you're too enamoured with the stink of your own BS to realize it, but you just called Rumsfeld and Bush fools. As Rummy's plan for winning the peace was to just walk in "and they'll throw flowers and dance in the streets" and "Mission Accomplished" Bush poo poo'ed all independent calls for more ground troops from the beginning despite being warned an occupational quagmire would result. Sounds more and more like planned failure by quagmire doesn't it in order to single source both problem and solution.

I seem to remember the Bush Administration saying from the beginning that it would take tme, though they never spelled out how long, I can't recall them ever sayng it would happen quickly.

But upon evaluation of the rest of your post's misconceptions of reality including thoughtful consideration of your entire "body of work" here on ATS, I've made the strategic decision to mark you down as "lost cause" in an effort to avoid future thread quagmires and wasted efforts in responses and dialogue.

Wow my whole life has been made meaningless and futile, Rant thinks I'm a lost cause. I geuss there is nothing left for me but suicide.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 04:22 AM
Some people just like clear strong direction and will follow it blindly. Simple solutions for simple minds.

Religion, politics, both just like instant coffee. Presto infinity in a jar.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 08:04 AM
Other people are so caught up in their own hangups that they form an emotional dislike towards another person or group, and view those who disagree as somehow subhuman.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 08:08 AM
Well no president elected in a disputed election has ever won a second term. But in this new age of "terrorism" anything could happen....

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 10:50 AM
If he can rigg florida again and prevent the 67% of the population that dislike him from voting he may win.

Seriously every republican i have spoken too that voted for him say they will not do it again.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 01:25 PM

Originally posted by IXRAZORXI321
If he can rigg florida again and prevent the 67% of the population that dislike him from voting he may win.

Seriously every republican i have spoken too that voted for him say they will not do it again.

What does it matter? Kerry or Bush, we get the same result in the end.

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 08:48 PM
I dont live in the USA so i wouldnt have an accurate view... but from what i can see and hear, and from the feedback i get from people i know in the USA, is no-one likes bush, and he;s not very popular at all... but then i also get the same for Kerry... Everyone needs to vote for a third party! All you people out there who dont like either candidate, vote for a third... turn the system upside down and elect the most powerful third party there (Greens i think)...

Its the only way to get out of this crappy cycle of Rebublicrats is to actually vote for someone else

posted on Aug, 31 2004 @ 10:50 PM
What I'm wondering is what the rest of the world would do if Bush won by a clear margin in the next election. Would a number of world leaders start banging their heads:bnghd: thinking they don't know what's going on? The thought of the leader of France doing that put a smile on my face.

Best political slogan I've seen so far was one on someone's desktop.

That gives me an idea, I might consider voting for Bush as a vote to irritate France. I like that idea considering how nice France has been to America lately, even spitting on our athletes participating in their Tour de France.

posted on Sep, 2 2004 @ 07:50 AM
I was watching about 15 min of Cheney's speech to the republican convention last night. (15 min of any speaker approaches lethal dosage).

It seemed to me that "the floor"/audience showed a lot more energy and enthusiasm than the democrats did at their party.

I was also reminded of how effective a public speaker cheney can be. Opinions aside, I think that the republican pep rally shows more spirit and, well, confidence than the democrats did.

Unless breaking news changes things, I remain convinced that the Republican party will have the edge in November.

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 01:08 AM
While perhaps not a landslide, Bush is walking away with a majority of the popular vote AND the electoral vote projections to get this things sewn up.

Of course, Edwards' Army of 10,000 trial lawyers will contest Ohio all over the place, but it won't be enough to change things in a dramatic way.

This ATS site suffers from the same illness as liberals in general do:

They spend so much time talking among themselves that they forget the 2/3 of America in the "flyover" states.

How many posts on this thread begin with the line "Everyone I know is voting for Kerry"? You'll all be bitter in the morning, claiming that the NWO or Carl Rove "Stole" the election for Bush, or "cobbled together a winning coalition."

Liberals will tell themselves anything in order to avoid facing the fact that the majority of Americans don't want what you're selling.

The Democratic Party has ceased to be a national party. It is regional, like the Dixiecrats or Bull Moose Party of the previous century.

By tomorrow night, you'll be telling yourselves that the American public is a bunch of ingorant rednecks for not voting for your guy.

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 02:13 AM
Strangecraft, 48 percent (or whatever) of American voters this year and the majority 4 years ago are not whatever the hell you just said. I didn't bother copying it (can't see it on screen now), but the whole ya'll are irrelevant implication is bull#.

Sure, we kid the mouthbreathers on your side just like you do on ours. Usually rightfully so. But what pisses us (me at least) off is the implication that the US is divided into real estate of red and blue, and even if 49% of the people in whatever state you've pissed on as "Bush Country"
disagrees with absolutley everything being shoved down their proclaim mandate.

Then your leaders take that slim "mandate" to lord their values over the rest of us in federal shenanigans like this whole damn gay rights issue. Even for those of you that don't give two poots about allowing gay unions, marriage (whatever) you applaud the little tricks like slapping it on the ballot in every state you can to help "turn out the vote" for a reverse coat-tail of bigotry (my personal take).

You call a measly 4 million NRA members MAINSTREAM AMERICA, but millions and millions of blacks, gays, women that want abortions rights (whatever) a special interest. Your President didn't win on Iraq, or the economy or the legitimate issues tonight by a single analysis I've seen. He won via a cultural war. FoxNews has a different name for it, something about "values" but lets call it what it is. War on half of America. A civil war.

One I don't buy.

Did you know the lowest divorce rate in the country is in Massachsetts? Half that of Texas. Did you know those wacky New Englanders as a whole blow per capita income away and live better than about anyone with great schools, communities, healthcare, living wages, savings? But no. They want to hurt people. Subvert family values. Right? Make you poor. Whatever.

Gloat if you want, but all you've potentially won is a turd sandwich. Savor it.

This board has been pretty nice and civil all night long with hardly a braying word or lecture for the "losers" or threats to the "winner" from what I've seen. But you just pissed me off, and I happen to like you so you know you really just pissed me off.

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 02:33 AM
A lot of mouthbreathers and rednecks have felt oppressed by someone else's culture war since the 1960's. Yes, it surely does suck having someone else tell you how they think you ought to live, telling you that your presence in the marketplace of ideas is offensive and that you ought to "know your place," and have the common decency to leave your values at home and never mention them at work or in the ballot box.

If you are offended that the Democrats are becoming a regional party, then maybe you ought to be more pissed at them than at me. It would seem that something has gone SERIOUSLY wrong with florida, if that state was even more solidly behind Bush now than in 2000. Ditto New Mexico and Colorado. The idea that those 2 hippie heavens would ever vote republican would have the Gipper spinning in his grave.

I think that the Democrats have been in deep denial ever since Reagan's first term about what people want from their government. Clinton was particularly popular, but I would argue the reason he was, is that he did a Reagan impersonation.

Honestly, Rant. I posted the "told'ja" in order to bring this thread up the top. Yes, it was a less-than-elegant mode of doing so. But I spend a lot of time reading up on sociological trends, and when I posted this thread back in the summer, it was pooped on as an outright impossibility. I guess I felt a bit vindictive that my keen political analysis went unappreciated. (perhaps you noticed in the original thread that I didn't think it would be a very big landslide; just a clear victory unlike 2000.)

I know how it sucks to hafta listen to some criminal puke you despise talking from the oval office. Especially when you suddenly realize its going to go on for another 4 years.

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 02:39 AM
Personally RANT, I have to disagree on a couple of things.

First of all, no matter what FOX is trying to spin at us, this was not about 'values' or whatever they are trying to say. While eleven states ratified a ban on gay marriage, or at least a definition of marriage, the real issue here was the war. The fact of the matter is that too many people woke up to the terror threat, and they trusted GW far more than the wishy washy pie in the sky promises of Kerry, without ever seeing a real clear plan that differed in a significant regard from what is already being done by GWB.

In addition, the constant spin that we have the worst economy, jobs, and such since Hoover was not washing with voters. While some areas still suffer economically, wages are up, jobs are up, GDP growth is up, and many, many people realize that. The truth is that there are over 5 million more people on the workforce now than the 2000 election. Don't believe me, check the BLS website.

People just could not connect with anything Kerry said. He wasn;t ever clear on the war, never offered a clear plan on several key items important to voters, and appeared to be crying foul in the final weeks without any proof. Add that to the rampant reports of voter fraud, and you have a clearer picture of the electorate's thought process.

Bottom line: When peopel stepped in that booth, they remembered that we are at war for our very existence, and they just didn't trust that Kerry would execute the war the way it needs to be waged.

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 05:25 AM
Strangecraft, I didn't realize your people were being held at gunpoint and forced to have abortions and butt sex against their will the past 40 years. Sorry to hear that. I also never called you a mouthbreather. Nor that we don't have them ourselves, but you wear the victim role well just like your majority party that already ran the world anyway but spent the past 4 years screaming "oppression" at TV screens.

I seriously don't know why you'd still consider this some sweeping mandate anyway. Yes your title is wrong, if that's still what you're going with. You lost ground (so far) in New Hampshire. If you pick up NM it's a wash in the state count. Wow.
Same as last time. Just a few million more overall motivated for team homophobe. The funny thing is you already couldn't get same sex married in any of those states that just added the "definition of marriage" to their constitutions. It was just a trigger to get the right people to the polls.

So maybe the headline should have been...Nothing Will Change! Presidents at War will still Get Re-elected like Usual (narrowly this time). Stirring up bigotry will put losing incumbent over top given general discontent with populace!

Too long? Okay, we'll stick with yours and your speech on how nobody but conservatives get it, and the other half of the country has no idea what's going on in rural America even though about half of us live here, worked in the same mills as everyone else, go to the same churches and use the same damn Wal-mart. This lecture tonight is why again? Because you're such a fan of when our mouthbreathers say crap like that, you just have to stoop there yourself on this very emotionally charged night.

Everlasting, it was a referendum on fear, but more than fear of terror. Fear of gays. That's really what mattered in the crunch. Maybe not for you or most, but it wasn't targeting you. It was targeting "the difference." Gays, guns and God. It clicked with enough in Fla and Ohio to win. Your own damn people are saying it as they crown Rove the King of psychological social warfare. He turned negative numbers on EVERYTHING into a win on cultural issues in the last 72 hours. Seen the threads on fake gay push polling and fake gay protesters? Twas the theme this year.

But it does help we're in a quagmire. I haven't looked back in this thread but I think it's the one where I said so. War Presidents don't lose. Proven again tonight. Quagmire helps Bush in a very perverted way.

But overall you got out more evangelicals nationally, but mainly a few thousand more where it mattered.

We'll see about NM, but seriously nothing changed from 2000 except a few million more people turned out that want to criminalize abortion and (if they could) being gay. This next Supreme Court should be a hoot!

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 05:45 AM
You know Karl Rove has been saying since 2000 he almost lost because 4 million evangelicals didn't turn out for a drunk when the DUI came out. He promised to find a way. In 2002 he started perfecting what he called the "72 hour plan" and it worked.

In 2004 he pulled it off perfectly. A suprise 4 million (or so) 11th hour push going against even Fox News polling and every single exit poll in America.

The man tells you what he's going to do. He does it. He brags about it.

And his own supporters deny it. Amazing.

You think you won why again? :shk:

And I don't get it. Right?

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 08:55 AM

Originally posted by specialasianX
I say...

Both parties are pretty much the same nowadays. The Dems arent really 'left', just not as far right.

So i feel it will be close (and i hope for the lesser of two evils, Kerry, to win) i know it will be a landslide for one of the two worst people i could think for the top job... they are Kerry or Bush...

Kerry would be better for you guys though coz people around the world havent had a chance to hate him...

You are crazy. The democratic party is near communist. Just go to and see for yourself. The democratic party is so far left that it is communist.

posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 11:29 AM
Bush has won by something over 2 million votes; more that Clinton was HIS re-election by.

But if Bush wins, it must be "trickery."

When a Democrat wins, it's the will of the people.


posted on Nov, 3 2004 @ 11:36 AM
well this is great. not only has george bush won the electorial vote, hes also won the popular vote
better luck next time liberals. look at it this way though, you get to keep bashing bush. if kerry won youd have to go on the defence and liberals aint really good at that

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