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Land of the blind!!

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posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 05:58 AM
The current global uprisings have made me think of a movie I saw some years ago.It's called "The land of the blind".The time and place in which the story unfolds are vague so with the added surrealism the storyline could describe almost every revolution that has come to pass or will ever come to pass!
This movie made me think a lot about idealism and the true causes behind a revolution as behind the ideals are men who are suspectible to the same mistakes such as to be consumed by greed for power and money.

My conclusion is that it's not the system that has to change,it's something that most of us don't put in the equation,it's something more fundamental than anything in the system,it is the system's own essence,IT'S US,the human factor!

those of you who have't seen it I hope you enjoy the film.Watch it with an open mind and see pass the added surrealism put there to give a lighter mood with a sense of black humor and make it less raw.


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