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Japanese create super realistic 3D face replica masks !

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 07:19 PM
Hi all ATS members

This is my second thread (including the introduction as a first) so please be gentle

Found this interesting article on the presurfer website, not sure if any of you are familiar with this site, but it basically brings to light, all the weird and wonderful things that are going on in the world around us. Here's some info on the founder, link below;

My name is Gerard Vlemmings. I am a full-time blogger, and the editor and founder of award-winning weblog The Presurfer. I am from the Netherlands and have been blogging since September 24, 2000.

link to home page below;

I have been checking the presurfer website on a regular basis for awhile now, and have found many an intriguing article, alongside weird and wonderful facts. And also, frankly, some rather disturbing links lol

This is where i found the link to the Japanese creating this 3D face replica mask, and they look incredibly good !

Its astounding what technology can do these days, and the Japanese are definitely well ahead in pretty much most aspects of technology. The fact that these masks have been created, released and are now on the market amazes me !

For creating these amazing replicas , REAL-f first shoots pictures from different angles of the person who's face will be copied. After that it imprints the image on vinyl chloride resin stretched over a mold.

I find it astonishing that things like this are being made, a bit like the whole 3D printer thing.....i cant get my head around it, it makes me quite awestruck ! How mad would it be if, for Halloween, one of your friends had one of these masks made....without you knowing....and they turned up looking exactly like you !

But if that could be possible (having a mask made of a friend, by sending in your OWN pictures of them), then that brings a disturbing problem to the surface.....this could then mean that people could steal your ENTIRE identity.....not just your electronic identity, but you as a whole!

If a person was inclined to do such a thing, then all they would need was photographs of said victim from different angles, which could then get sent to the company, for the company to then create the mask, and then for the person inclined to receive this mask, and then possibly to go on and steal their victim's identity entirely !!

I find that really quite a disturbing thought.....what do you guys think?!

Thanks for having a look


posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 07:26 PM
They still look unhuman

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 07:27 PM
Cool post.
Thank you!

$3000 - $5000 for a mask of my own face though?

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 07:41 PM
Get a mask like that in young age, and ones appearance will stay fresh and wrinkle-free throughout the years to come.
Nice find. Gotta love the Japanese for crazy things like this!
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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 07:49 PM
It's a no wonder how Hollywood actors stay young.

I bet Kim Kardashian invested in one those.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 07:54 PM
Awesome find. Those mask are perfect for combating biometric face scanners.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by fluff007

Lol awesome...

Of course now we will have a rash of dead celebrity sightings, in addition to a shadow government that can create a doppelgänger one a whim now.

now that I say that I wonder if we could influence some of the larger relgions by bringing some key people back to life to tell people to nock their crap off?

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 01:40 AM
Sigh......ok I will post some of them for you guys.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 01:47 AM
I can see how people are going to start wanting this as a part of a funeral package.
Wake up and see your loved one every morning long after they've departed.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 12:45 PM
reply to post by Manhater

haha lol

nah i reckon she just gets botox or has surgery or whatever.....but she'll end up looking like Jackie Stallone later in y'know we can laugh at her then too ! whilst we all age gracefully and with dignity !!

christ....freaky stuff....and that aint even a mask !!
why peeps do that to themselves i really do not know....but whatever floats your boat i guess...

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by Xcathdra

Lol, yeah no doubt
Thats a brilliant idea ! hm....but they are pretty pricey those masks.....but give it a year or two and they will be affordable to the working class....and then we will no doubt be see everyone everywhere !
And then give it another coupla years and those masks will be 100% replicas of the client, and you wont even be able to distinguish the mask from the original biological face..... O.o

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 03:12 PM
wow them masks are great.... i would not mind one of the new bond girl...

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by purplemer

oh yeah ? bet you wouldn't mind.....go get one made then

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by fluff007

I think I will and I can get my gf to wear it

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by purplemer

uummmm.....well that aint gonna happen......mate.
no shenanigans for you tonight.........

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