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Occupy Wall Street Going To Europe This Weekend

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 03:20 PM
While I have seen mentions of this movement being supported across the globe and observed folks from around the world tweeting there support for the folks in the US OWS effort, this news isn't that shocking. But what is revealing is the person who Forbes interviewed....

The Occupy Wall Street movement might be going global and this weekend’s planned protests in Europe is likely to be its debut.

Social movements in Europe, upset over the recent round of austerity measures that cut into public spending, are scheduled to protest in countries across the continent on Saturday. Kalle Lasn, one of the brains behind the Occupy Wall Street movement, said from the office of his magazine, Adbusters, that the U.S. movement could join forces with other European protests scheduled for the weekend.

Lasn sure appears to be heavily involved with this deal, are his goals the same as those represented at the various OWS locations across the country?

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