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"A choice between Bush and Kerry is no choice at all,"

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posted on Aug, 29 2004 @ 10:25 PM
In a close presidential election which may turn on the results in a few "battleground" states, every vote counts.

Or does it?

Despite the 2000 Florida voting fiasco, which held up election results and ultimately sent them to the Supreme Court, George W. Bush's re-election campaign seems to have overlooked the potential effect of
"third party" candidates this November.

"This is a race between the president of the United States and John Kerry," Bush spokesman Danny Diaz told the Santa Fe New Mexican on Wednesday when asked about the prospects of Libertarian presidential
candidate Michael Badnarik, "and voters will make their decision between those two candidates."

Typical reaction -- but not so fast, say Badnarik staffers."Our candidate was at 5% in New Mexico last week," says campaign manager Fred Collins, referring to a recent Rasmussen poll of the state. "Now he's visiting the state and advertising. He will be the decisive factor in New Mexico -- and other states -- come election day."

And the candidate himself? "I'm not surprised," says Badnarik, 50, of Austin, Texas. "The typical approach of Republicans and Democrats is to ignore Libertarians. If they acknowledge us, they have to debate us. If they debate us, they lose."
"The 'ignore the man behind the curtain' approach won't work this year, though," he says, "We're speaking loudly enough to be heard over the bipartisan white noise.""A choice between Bush and Kerry is no choice at all," says Badnarik. "And their heads we win, tails you lose pitch to the voters won't play this time. They're telling voters 'you have no choice.' I'm telling voters that their votes count. And they're listening."

Then he backs off a bit. "Correction: Some of them are listening. It doesn't surprise me that Bush's people aren't. They hear what they want to hear. Does 'WMDs in Iraq' ring any bells? Maybe he's staffing his campaign with former intelligence operatives."

---------------I love this man, he speaks much sense, and the left and right know this so understandably I can see why they don't want to debate him... The truth shall set you free... He's on an hour long interview on am radio in ct, click to listen, it was done today the 29th...Interview
Anyway,he's the only good thing for this country right now, we NEED this party.... Need... you want to destroy your country keep voting for some monkey to take care of you, keep putting blind faith into guys that do nothing but sweet talk you and fill your hearts with empty promises... Like scary kerry and bush do...

"George Bush, John Kerry. No real choice, it's really scary."

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posted on Aug, 29 2004 @ 10:48 PM
I'm listening to the archived version of it now.

Gona go to bed and listen to it for a while.

posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 07:20 AM

Let me see...the differences between Kerry and Bush.....? Can you say...ZERO?

Dubya Bush (managed to somehow get into Yale (Daddy Bush helped) was tapped by Skull and Bones, became a member with a new name "TEMPORARY" by lauying naked in a coffin--- is well greased in the upper echelons of world power (again through the connections of Daddy Bush)

John Kerry (went to Yale, was tapped by Skull and Bones, became a member with a new name "LONG DEVIL" by laying naked in a coffin--and is well greased in the upper echelons of world power...with a little help from his loudmouthed billionaire wife and her ex husband's Ketchup Ca$h....(which is why they call her STEPMONEY)...

Seems to be a pattern here among the upper ranks of US govt...

So our choices in 2004 seem to be between "Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumm"----- just like the 2000 elections. The fact that both these persons are members of such uyltra secret societies such as the elitsit Yale Skull and Bones Society (which they WON'T discuss by the way) suggests that underneat they're not all that different, but will cater to the world corporate power elite which is after all behind the heinous war in Iraq (bombs and bullets cost money and somebody has to make them....hmmmmmm...ching ching ching....)

Don't you think it's time we chose REAL candidates who aren't just necessarily the ones who can raise the most corporate special interest money and discuss the REAL issues, like, oh I don't know...maybe why we're allowing Ariel Sharon to build more illegal settlements (and their politcy of economic starvation against the Palestinian population under the fake guide of Terorism), condemned by the UN time and again, on Palestinian farmland when he PROMISED the West and Pres Bush that he wouldn't ?

Or maybe they should be discussing why Rachel Corrie, an American protester from Olympia Washington, was brutally murdered in cold blood in Rafah in the Gaza strip on March 16 2003 by an Israeli soldier driving an American made Israeli IDF bulldozer, the idiot not running her over once, but backing up over her broken back and running her over again just to make sure he killed her, in front of no less than 4 living witnesses with CAMERAS?

Do you think that a man like John Kerry would stand up to the Israeli's when his own grandfather was an Ashkenazi Jew (Fritz Kohen) from Czechoslovakia who "converted to Catholicsim and changed his name to Kerry" before committing suicide in 1921?

Can Kerry possibly be any more of an even handed broker in Middle Eastern Relations than George Dubya who (an open supporter of Zionist-racist aims in Palestine) claims to be a born again "Christian" what ever that means (but DOESN'T give all his money to the poor, or obey all 613 commandments of Moses to follow "Iesous" = Luke 18:18-25)?

Justa thought....

posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 07:32 AM
Watch your other choices see here:

Sept 5th, an open debate with other presidential candidates, not scripted, which means no applause... Real questions, real answers.

That is a choice...

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posted on Sep, 1 2004 @ 12:26 PM

"The 'ignore the man behind the curtain' approach won't work this year, though," he says, "We're speaking loudly enough to be heard over the bipartisan white noise.""A choice between Bush and Kerry is no choice at all," says Badnarik.

He's wrong... They aren't speaking loudly enough. Try this, go up to ten people today. Ask them "Who is Badnarik?", if you get even one of the ten to know, I'd be amazed....

I'm all for it, and I'm all for what he stands for, but face it, he hasn't got a prayer if the American public doesn't know who he is right now, and they don't...

Until they can muscle up the dough to at least get their candidate nationally known, they'll NEVER play with the big boys... It's sad but true... It can be done...but it's almost too late this year to make it happen... Unless they come up with something, they don't have a prayer...

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