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Cold fusion probably a reality

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 08:38 AM
Hi everybody,

There has recently been very exciting developments in the technology of Low-Energy-Nuclear-Reactions, and they could prove to be a force for upheaval in our fossil-fuel-run world. Andrea Rossi, based in the University of Bologna (yes after which the lunch meat was named), developed a technology called the Energy Catalyzer or E-cat for short.

It allegedly uses a catalyst to fuse the nuclei of Nickel and Hydrogen, producing at least Copper, and lots of heat. It is not an inefficient process either, apparently one source claiming that if the process were implemented at high-efficiency, one gram of Nickel would effectively be equivalent to 500 barrels of oil. The theory behind the science involved in the process can be found here (not for the mathematically feint of heart)

NASA, who has expressed interest in the technology, is the party that proposed that this is the theory behind which the phenomenon can be explained.

Outside of its protective shell it is safe and does not produce dangerous radiation or radioactive byproducts, just boiling water and copper. Each unit, when they allegedly will hit the market in the relatively near future, will have a cost of roughly $5000 and will produce enough power to heat and power your home with very little cost to maintain. Because the process boils water, it can be used for electricity but more easily used for heating. By some amateur calculations, were these devices truly used to replace fossil-fuel-power-generation in America on a large scale, many many thousands of units would be necessary. However, were such a clean technology to proliferate, we would not need to isolate the power generation capacity by many miles as we do for coal/gas/nuclear power, so the grid would be distributed drastically differently and much more efficiently. The substantially more generous operating costs would quickly make other forms of energy obsolete.

October 2011 is a date which I have been looking forward to pretty much all year, as that is when public demonstrations will verify the reality of the technology. The 1-mega-watt power plant is supposed to be unveiled at the end of this month by Rossi, comprised of 125 individual E-cat devices. This will be another milestone in the veracity of the technology, as it seems to so far have had few serious detractors and some very famous and prolific proponents.

Where the inventor intends to base operations is ambiguous to me at this point, although the three main theaters of operation seem to be Greece, Italy and Florida. I have read that the inventor has great hopes in America, and that Greece also really needs the economic benefit, and of course the technology was developed in Bologna (which I hope all this talk is not just a bunch of

Personally, I have a hard time believing that this sort of tech has not already been discovered for many decades by US govt or analogous powers, and that they would allow it to proliferate in the face of the social upheaval that would occur. There's one part of me that wonders since it would be too large scale at this point to buy out the operation and trash the technology or assassinate everyone involved, if they might start a war to distract everyone from this miracle-device in order that they could hold on to their pathetic strongholds of environmental pillage. OR maybe they will let it slide and see what happens in the marketplace.

There are no sure bets at this point, but I think the evidence shows that the public has an exciting new technology for creating energy, a sort of "fire 2.0" that, if allowed to proliferate through the marketplace organically, will spell an entirely different future than the one we see today.

__any suggestions for links or any comments would be quite welcome__


posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:04 AM
Interesting topic indeed!

I liked the letter on from Bob Higgins.. here's an excerpt ..

I would agree with everyone else that there was much that could have been improved the experiment, but the real point now it to understand the data we have and determine what information that can be derived from it with confidence.

It is interesting now how the skeptical criticism on the net seems to be switching from “doesn’t work at all” to “doesn’t work with acceptable commercial COP”. Are the skeptics now convinced there was large scale excess energy? In and of itself, this is a physics shattering breakthrough. It is clear from the data that the COP would have been much higher if the test had been run for a longer period. I am personally excited by the results and data from the experiment.

Thanks to Ing. Rossi for hosting the experiment – he was under obligation to no one to do the experiment – and to you for reporting the data.

Bob Higgins
Motorola Solutions


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