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United you stand, Divided WE fall

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 07:04 AM
Sweat, starvation...debts presence forcing a tense in all nations.
Facing discrimination...relations pacing a different formation.
Wasting each breath...buried in a trench lingured to a bodies stench...
Situations each soldier lays crippled againt enemy fence...
Spines tense..while a militant regiment remains imminent...
A sign of bliss witnessing sevored flying ligaments?
When hate triggers this? The demise of peace will never coenside.
Confront lies & they deny...our presence...go there & die?
The bond is tied...missions incomplete after the retreat.
Saying "soldier back on your feet, this aint over till defeat."
They are full of greed...we spoil ourselves to unfoil this oil.
Alive they loyal, but bodies sleep as they seap in soil...
Many missing, playing card, listening to whistling...
Recruits kissing ass just for kids to be enlisting...
Emotions twisted...politics past physical...
Now mentally sinacle as their eyes glimpse the visuals...
Near pinacle, but whats at stake is the fate.
So endure the taste as wars waste is simply traced...
I am amazed...this would last past Saddam Hussein's trance.
So is the U.S damned trying to uncover Bin Ladens plans?
Bush is respect as we reject this nervous wreck.
We had Rumsfield inspect fake missles just to detect more fake threaths...
This affects our views while this political war ensues...
Prisoners abused...Is this Hell letting loose?
& Will Paul lose? All we ask for is a change that we can believe...
But Obama
The scheme is like taxing our last dollar to finance YOUR damn dream...

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