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Deutsche Bank expecting a recession in Europe, Banks to suffer

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 02:06 AM

LONDON (MarketWatch) -- Deutsche Bank on Friday downgraded BNP Paribas SA to hold from buy, saying it expects a recession in Europe over the next 12 months and that the banking sector is likely to suffer from rising competition for funding as well as deleveraging. "We also think the consensus forecast of falling bad debts for the sector in 2012 will be proved wrong," the broker warned.

Here's another entity saying a recession in Europe is likey and very soon. Just about a week ago, GoldmanSachs also forecasted a recession in Europe, but said it should be 'mild'.

GoldmanSachs Forecast

LONDON (MarketWatch) -- Goldman Sachs on Tuesday cut its forecast for global growth in 2012 and said it now expects the euro zone to sink into a "mild" recession.

Related ATS thread - IMF Adviser says we face a Worldwide Banking Meltdown

So...whos ready for another recession? (as if we fully got out of the last one)

ETA - S&P also downgraded Spain earlier today to.

SYDNEY (MarketWatch) -- Standard & Poor's said late Thursday that it has lowered its long-term rating on Spain's sovereign credit to AA- from AA. The firm said that the outlook for Spain is negative. "Despite signs of resilience in economic performance during 2011, we see heightened risks to Spain's growth prospects due to high unemployment, tighter financial conditions, the still-high level of private sector debt, and the likely economic slowdown in Spain's main trading partners," S&P said.

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 03:18 AM
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I just have to point out, that the title is misleading "banks to suffer" i do not think i have ever seen any banker suffer at all, now if it were to say Recession in europe people to suffer!. Then i would agree 100% , when you and i are out struggling to find food in the future, i do not think we will see any of the banking cartels doing that, they already have more than enough stockpiled no doubt.

Just saying, not trying to pick a fight.
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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 03:22 AM
I think it is obvious at this point. More and more links. thx for those heads up.

Its not a sexy subject but we need to talk about it, in between Ron Paul and OWS.
I was reading a thread about how food price is about to go up in price, next 2/4 weeks, apparently.
At first, i thought we had a chance to make it to 2012 without too much turbulence but even if nothing happens we are pretty much still sitting on a debt bomb.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, they say.
Well, for me, hope is gone and i'm tuning in to the survival forum, see you there, in like 5 months ??

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 11:29 AM

The bankers and their paid syncophants think too highly of themselves. Within the capitalist system, they are but clogs in the world of commerce that are made of many different trades and industries. Banking is just one, and failed banks are just a few, not all of them.

Money may had fled from banks, espacially those highly exposed to the greek debacle, but many others are not, more so foriegn ones, and it is them that some money had fled to. With those money there, industrialists can still apply for loans, provided they can ensure genuine ability to pay back such loans, of which floundering companies will have no access to.

Thus, there will be no recession, for mankind still has needs to be meet, and banking services is only one of such meeting of needs which can be served by others.

Trade will still flow, and the market is still filled with opportunities for those whose minds are quick to grasp it, provided they do so conscionably and sharing wealth, and congressmen do what they need to do to protect technologies. workers, and budding entreprenuerial efforts.

The troubled banks require Trillions, and there are talks of central bankers funding it. By all means do so, if they have such legal means, so long as they do not make govs - representatives of the people, guarantee or print such funds.

They will have to dole it out from their fellow rich, or simply let those trouble banks die. Fed is non gov, and is a private institution. Thus they have no right to print any dollar without authority from the gov, and the gov best not favour bankers this time yet again. Bailout of banks failed once and it will fail again.

The casino stock market will rise and fall as usual, common with every casino everywhere, more so now. Just when you think it will rise based on good news, it will next fall. Just when you think it will fall based again on news, this time bad, it will rise.

That's how gamblers and bookies run their gambling scams. The casino stock market is no different. Thus do not depend on the stock markets as indicator of an economy's health, more so in these times when the 'house' - big time banksters with massive funds, connections with other banks and puppet govs, are on the prowl to fill their trillion dollar reserves, grabbing avg +-2% from the casino stock exchanges daily.
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