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my desk reference of judicial/police misconduct

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 12:23 AM
The United States of America was founded on Principle. Principle alone is sometimes coded into society as common laws of conduct. The bastion of ideas that this country is esteemed to be adherred to is the Constitution and bill of rights.....
So is it strange to anyone that this important contract between the government and society is being fudged or totally absolved in times of expedience? I am appalled at the growing number of court cases and "laws" enacted do not stand the litmus test of the principles/Constitution that makes America the epitome of the world (Yes I know America has fallen from grace in the world standard).
At what point do we as a society stop the greed, perversion of law and mal-endeavors that restrict a free society? What remedy do we have if the said contract called the Constitution and bill of rights gets trampled on by our Gov't by not upholding their end of the bargain? Could it be right to call the Constitution a contract since it was by force that we gained our independence and by force it would be under duress the contract was signed?
Or is the Constitution a declaration of humanity? (I actually agree with the humanity declaration) I sometimes feel complacent and lack empathy for some of the faceless names I commonly hear apoun the news. Sometimes I feel desensitized to my fellow bretheren suffering though the legal matrix.
Until I have been shoved lock, stock and barrel into the plethora of laws and dirty dealings of the court sytem did I realize that the justice system isn't about the common man or the welfare of our constitution that I had believed as a child. My heart hurts to see discord among bretheren of our once great nation. This is a link to injustice and cases of blatant disregard for all things we as Americans regard as sacred...Justice and Freedom.
police and prosecutoral misconduct

I hope it hurts to read the link because it stings to know that something like this could indeed happen to You and there is a real human, innocent of crimes being thrown into a labyrinth of proceedings and ultimately in prison for something he has no clue how he got there. Sometimes inmates die in prison.... sometimes they are raped... but ultimately they are led into these cages like cattle because of a prosecutor"s greed for convictions or a detective stands to make money on dirty deals or to strenghten a judge's stand on being "tough on crime" to gain reelection.
Which is more deplorable, being a scapegoat, patsy, or ignorant of the wrong being pursued against you in the name of speedy justice that should be adherred to strictly by our Constitution? Is it right to remove the immunity of prosecutors and law enforcement officers that willingly break the law for a good name even though they aren't trustworthy?
In psychology, Trust isn't a two way street, it is the perceived security of ideas that one bestows in another. I have broken down the perception to see how the machine runs and feeds off the complacency of the layman. I pray that all people find truth in their surroundings and teach their fellow humans to see things for what they are.
Our founding fathers i.e Madison, Hamilton, Franklin etc. Knew that to have an ordered society, even though inherently evil, but gov't is a nescessary evil.
At what point does evil become too much? At what point are we driven back to the feudal system and beyond. The colonist died and fought so hard for our rights to free us from the burdens of being mere chattel!

team law

I hear them all, the one that cries at night in solitude that have no voice in the dark. I hear them all that feel forsaken by their keepers in sheeps clothing. I pray that somewhere there is truth that will shine through to better days and better ways as we as a country enjoyed in the birth of our ordered, Free society. Though I may not know YOU personally I love YOU and wish the best of tidings.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 01:21 AM
Great links, nice post, thanks for sharing. We need to be extremely aware of these kinds of trends.
SnF for the education.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 01:29 AM
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Thank you
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