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SkyQuakes - a possible explanation

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posted on Aug, 29 2004 @ 08:34 PM
Got an interesting email from a geologist mate of mine working in the USA, he may have accidentally found a very plausible reason for the Sky Quakes that have been heard near certain US Air Bases.

I'm still waiting on pics and some follow up info from him but the basics are such.

He was recently given, by a fellow geologist, a very interesting rock that initially appeared to be some sort of igneous formation with 2 very predminant bands of metalic deposits around it. A bit of work and some serious cutting tools revelaed it to be man made. The catch was found in a metorite crater about 30k's outside of a Military restricted area.

Some further investigation revealed that the crater wasnt caused (as was first thought) by a vertically falling projectile.. it appears to have been caused by a very fast moving horizontal one impacting the slope.

He is working on the theory (and initial examinations of the projectile appear to bear it out) that what he has is a Hypersonic railgun or Gauss Rifle projectile that has overshot its intended target and wound up buried in the soil.

At the moment i have absoloutly no info an its age, or exact chemical compisition .. all this is expected in the next week or so, as are some more precise details about where it was found etc (they are waiting until the parties involved are out of the USA before making this sort of info available as they are not too certain such snooping around is either welcome nor entirely legit)

I will post pics and data as they come to hand but thought this was enough info to initially post and see if anyone had heard of similar items being found or had any info that might help his investigation.



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