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Navarrette does it again!

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posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 05:57 PM
Seems like the media can't get enough of this clown.

For years now, he's been anti-American and pro-illegal advocate and basically a traitor to the US of A.

Now, he wants to pick at Attorney General. Sure, things didn't go smoothly and the "Fast and Furious" operation was to a large extent botched:

But blaming someone for trying to do something about the rampant Mexican crime?

Coming from Navarrette, this is no surprise, though. If you touch Mexico in any way or dare to be critical of its attitude towards the constant stream of illegal immigrants that it constantly sends to the United States, prepare to be the subject of Ruben's ire. It's not even a question of divided loyalties, but it's a loyalty squarely to Mexico.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 10:33 AM
CNN link

Here's the alleged abuse: The 8-year-old boy weighed more than 200 pounds, and officials essentially claimed that his mother was to blame for not doing enough to help her son lose weight. So they went into the home and took the child away. Just like that.

Department spokeswoman Mary Louise Madigan told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that the boy's condition constituted "a form of medical neglect."

Hold on. Constituted to whom? Who made that determination? Was it a doctor or a social worker? The boy reportedly caught the attention of the agency when his mother took him to the hospital last year because he was having trouble breathing.

So Ruben has a problem with that. Let's see, the mom fails to take good care of her child, to the extent that he has trouble breathing, for God's sake. It's clear to me (and likely other reasonable people) that the boy is in danger. According to medical data publicly available, his current obesity is causing him long term damage to all sorts of organs in his body. Get this:

Government growth charts say most boys his age weigh about 60 pounds

Do the math.

But that logic does not work for the nutty guy, Ruben Navarette. He would rather no one take any action.
Crazy, just plain crazy.


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