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Why U.S. should have more Free Trade With South Korea and it might help?

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posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 05:03 PM

I don't know i can agree with this but.....

After years of delay, Congress finally passed free trade agreements with South Korea, Panama, and Colombia. President Obama is eager to approve the deals, as he believes they will help to create jobs in the U.S. But some unions aren't so sure. They fear that U.S. firms will just ship more jobs overseas now that they can take advantage of lower labor costs in those nations. Who's right here? Let's consider South Korea, in particular, since it's arguably the most significant and because better statistics are available on U.S. trade with South Korea. South Korea's Huge Market Why could free trade with South Korea help? It's a pretty big market -- the fourth largest economy in Asia. The free trade agreement will make U.S. exports more attractive to around 50 million consumers. In fact, the U.S. exports to South Korea have already been seeing pretty robust growth in recent years. Here's a

There is plenty of more information in this link.

I can't be sure whether to agree to disagree on this one.
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