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We fabricated drug charges against innocent people to meet arrest quotas, former detective testifies

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 07:36 AM
This like any other form of governing is corrupt and just trickles down from the top. NO MAN should be given the power to make laws that rule, govern, rob and enslave another humans life. As far as I'm concerned, people should fight to the death for their freedoms. If not you deserve to be somebody's slave bitch.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 07:38 AM
reply to post by LightSpeedDriver
Yes, and it is a corporation that gets to taze, beat or shoot you. Oh, and fabricate evidence.... and have judges take their word over the average citizens.

I just couldn't work for a corporation like that, I don't care how good the union bennies or the retirement program is!

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 07:47 AM

Originally posted by gaurdian2012
will this revelation be the catalyst that causes the masses to revolt? what about the innocent ones that are behind bars because of status quo's that had to be met? when will this madness end? who is in charge ? who is to blame?
the police chief, the Governor, the president. who takes the fall? this truth leaves me with endless questions and more proof we live on prison planet terra.......................truly disgusting

Nothing will change. Quota systems and department wide corruption in just about every state in the union has been documented fact since at least the early 70's and the only thing that has changed is the police get more funding, more personnel, more weapons and more powers.

The PD openly frames people and the rest of the "justice" system is complicit in incarcerating innocent people? So what. Since nothing has been done to prevent any of this in almost 50 years we must conclude that this is how it is meant to operate.

There is a gun pressed to your head 24/7 and it's basically luck of the draw whether or not the trigger is pulled. You have no control over it whatsoever. That is "justice."

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 07:52 AM
Cops like this are the reason you should always listen to people when they say they didn't do it. Sure a good bunch of then are lying like hell but some perhaps are innocent.

I don't know how people can live guilt free with there actions, drug charges ruin families and lives...

Glad someone spoke out though.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 08:13 AM
I live near a town that is well known for being corrupt... Most of the cops are young guys that are replacing other young kids that had to leave due to not being able to put up with what goes on... We even had a sheriff that was elected but chose to resign due to the requirement that he breach the law to appease a few well connected people.... It turns out that no one gets elected to the office of sheriff unless they have the Masonic approval by becoming a Mason and once elected is raised to the position in the lodge of Master Mason which obligates him to others of the same position and above.... Like the younger guys this Sheriff decided to move on.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 08:24 AM
reply to post by hypervigilant

There's a small town just South of me where something similar just happened.

A small force with older more experienced cops hired on the chiefs son after he got out of the Marines. The chiefs son was a complete douche but the chief wouldnt fire him so instead the chief just resigned.

Somehow the son is now the chief and he's laying off all the old-timers and bringing in as many of his military buddies as he can. The majority of the force is all his young buddies and the few old-timers who are left just keep their heads down waiting for retirement.

Needless to say that small town is experiencing a major uptick in criminal behavior. All from the new cops. In just a couple of short years that town went from Andy Griffith policing to an inflated budget, over-staffing of roid-ragers and complete resident harassment. All it took was one hire and one spineless chief who couldnt admit his own son was a tyrant psychopath.

It's like some episode of the A-Team over there now with this wholly corrupt department bullying, harassing and extorting and the state is just looking the other way and I doubt the town is big enough to draw any fed attention.

Yay, cops!

Same thing is currently going on about two towns North of me as well.
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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 08:57 AM

Originally posted by Digital_Reality
The first thing that comes to mind is why in the heck is there a "quota" for putting people in jail. I would think they would aim for a quota more along the lines of a crime free city.

The problem with the word quota is there is so many definitions to follow...where I work they say we dont have a "quote" then they yell at us when we don't produce certain some of us get creative like...write parking tickets instead of traffic tickets...we aren't making up the probable cause, but no cop wants to write every citizen a traffic all boils down to money...and from what ive seen it is getting worse. However I have never witnessed anything like what is mentioned above which has made me sad to be part of law enforcement. Just know we are not all like that...but that is very sad. I have a feeling this stuff happens more in larger scale departments.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:04 AM
reply to post by Corruption Exposed

It's pretty sad that hearing something like this does not surprise anyone of us. Sure it's different hearing it from an actual detective, but it's nothing we already didn't know. Quotas? Really? How does it logically make sense for such a thing to exist in Law Enforcement? To justify how many officers are actually employed? Do they really have no conscience? I for one could not bring myself to ruining someone's life just to ensure my "quota" was met.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:09 AM

Originally posted by mademyself1984

There are bad cops. Nobody denies that. Most cops however are just like you.

No, I do not have the casual power to turn someone's life upside-down just in the course of "doing my job." It is true that people do not desire that you abuse those powers but we somewhat expect it. Your uniform and badge tells us you have tremendous discretionary powers that can have a devastating impact on our lives, and when you approach we hope you will not abuse those powers but we have no particular expectation that you will not.

Honest people who want to make an honest living and help people. You can make stories up all you want I suppose.

No need to. You admit that nobody denies there are bad cops. Should I expect you are any different? You will react differently to me depending on which of my cars I am driving or by my appearance depending on what kind of job assignment I just completed. We judge you the same way. Does your cruiser and uniform tell me you are approaching me with good news? Chances are you saw a half-inch foot foul while watching me toe the line and you have a problem with that.

I'm a cop. I'm a good cop. The cop in question is ALLEGEDLY a horrendous cop. And the people he worked with and for were horrendous cops. That doesn't make a blanket that covers all of law enforcement however.

Yes, it does. Anything good you (collectively) do no one ever remembers, anything bad no one ever forgets. Goes with the territory and there is an increasing history of abuses and intrusions.

...and then going out with a few friends to drink beer and play darts.

Your recreational drug use does tend to "humanize" you a bit, I suppose.

I associate myself with the ones that get it. And I recognize those that don't as scum.

I hope you can "keep it."

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:13 AM
reply to post by 2goodtony

I for one could not bring myself to ruining someone's life just to ensure my "quota" was met.

It takes a real snake to do such a thing.

People who act in such a manner should be alienated from society. I don't think any amount of "rehabilitation" will ever change the selfish ways of these people.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:14 AM

Originally posted by mademyself1984
There are bad cops. Nobody denies that. Most cops however are just like you. Honest people who want to make an honest living and help people. You can make stories up all you want I suppose. Whatever will get you starred and flagged right? I'm a cop. I'm a good cop.

1. typical cop attitude. Of course my story Can't be true right? made up story?.. You wish.
It's very true and 100% accurate. The guy is my brother.

2. Good cop?
so in yuour carreer, you have never seen a single cop break a single law?
and every single trime you did, you arrested him/her just like you would a citizen?
If you've been on the force for over a day, you have seen a bad cop in action... now did you do anything? No or you wouldn't be a cop. ( unless you work for the Internal Alibi Department)
According to law, if you see have knowledge of a crime.. you are guilty conspiracy unless you report it.
Bad cop, not good cop.

The cop in question is ALLEGEDLY a horrendous cop. And the people he worked with and for were horrendous cops. That doesn't make a blanket that covers all of law enforcement however. Also, I wanted to mention the powder that we use to lift latent prints is magnetic, and does not harm carpet. Good story though. Really adds to the laundry list of reasons why you hate, and don't need law enforcement.

again, very true story. the dust was graphite powder..not magnetic... leaves a residue like charcoal.. and ruine the beige carpet.

That and the "I'm better trained" line. I work in a small town, in a small department, and the amount of annual, monthly, and even weekly training myself and the other officers I work with go through is unknown to basically everyone in the world outside of close family and friends.

Ignorance abounds here.
I worked with instructors at FLETC ( Fle-tec to the locals) in Georgia. your PDA training is like kindergarten compared to what we did at Fletc.
After that I worked with a company that markets and trains breaching tools and techs to LEO.
Just like a cop to assume a citizen is weaker and less informed.
In My case you are sadly mistaken.
again, typical cop response.

Yup after 12 years of working with LEO, I do not trust any of you.

Again, I say....people can feel free to tell whatever stories they want. People can continue to boldly make up lies and speak it as truth, and people can continue to talk about us like we are some sort of elite trampling on everyone's rights.

if the shoe fits..

you know, if all these so called GOOD COPS would actually do something about the BAD cops we wouldnt be in this situation now would we?
Quit sticking up for your co working crooks and do your damn job!

I find it funny that I spent my day and night off spending time with my son, and upon taking him back to his mother's, attending night class (in Criminal Justice, that I don't HAVE to attend, I do it to gain a better understanding of how to be a better officer) and then going out with a few friends to drink beer and play darts. I'm not any different than you.

Trust this... you are nothing like me. I walked away from the corruption I saw in every police dept I ever worked with. It made me sick.
I could tell you stories about crooked small town cops that would make you throw up.

I eat. I sleep. I wake up. I get dressed. I have a family. I go to school. I work. I just happen to clock in at a police station...there are #ty cops. There are also #ty lawyers. There are #ty doctors. There are #ty school teachers. There are #ty pastors. There are #ty Easter Bunnies at the mall. There are #ty burger flippers....some people suck at their jobs. The difference between you and I is I acknowledge that in every walk of life some people just don't care, or try, or get it, and others do. I associate myself with the ones that get it. And I recognize those that don't as scum.

The difference is, those other prpofessions:
1. dont carry a gun's nightsticks, and badges.
2. don't kill people with handguns on the job
3 dont abide by a different set of rules ( this craps all over the laws of this nation )

Now Mr Good cop.. how many bad cops have you seen in your carreer?

How many of them did you arrest?
be honest for once.

Good cop? or accessory to the crime?

I bet you don't answer those last 4 questions.

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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:17 AM
haha I hope anyone that was arrested by them departments file for a appeal because I don't care if they where convicted of murder if they where fudging drug charges who knows what else they where doing. I hope they combine all the time that was given to the the wrongfully charged and lock the cops for the total time. So if 10 people got 5 years each the cops should sit and spin for the next 50 years. Destroying lives to make quota land of the free my ass.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:20 AM
look...i'm gonna share my story here. it's kinda weird for me to do it because it now labels me for the rest of my life as a violent felon.

last year in december i was driving down the road to see my ex and it was lightly snowing and i was pulled over, now granted it was 3 in the morning but still...i was pulled over for altered suspension, altered exhaust, failure to display front license plate and on top of that he initially arrested me for driving on suspended(which was thrown out by the way). after he had me in the car he started getting pretty damn disrepectful so i got disrespectful back. when he got me to the city jail and we were walking up the stairs into the jail he set me down on the stairs on my back back handed me across the face and kneed me in the ribs. later on i saw the magistrate and he informed me i was being held for all the initial stuff plus obstruction and assault on a law enforcement officer, just 1 count now....just one.

well about 5 months passes and i'm in jail all this time and i've gone over this stuff with my public pretender and he says the case looks winnable because there is like 9 cameras in the sally port that shows he's lying about me assaulting him there so the DA has him change his report saying i also tried to kick him when he was putting me in the car and of course they got there conviction and because of said conviction i now have a felony on my record for the rest of my if he can change his report 5 months after i've been arrested what does that say about the arrest/conviction policies of this country....and what makes it worse is i had to pay $1 a day to be in jail plus my fines and court costs which were sent to collections before i was even out of jail.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:26 AM
reply to post by BadNinja68

They also jump on high pedestals to proudly proclaim those not in their job don't break up fights, or run into burning buildings, or make water rescues then whenever somebody not in the job tries to do any one of those things they get tackled and arrested for interfering.

It's easy for them to say nobody else can do their job when they prohibit everyone else from doing the job.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:27 AM

Originally posted by TheWorldSpins
I don't know how people can live guilt free with there actions, drug charges ruin families and lives...

Glad someone spoke out though.

He only "spoke out" because he himself got caught. Make no mistake. This POS is still a POS. Just now the world knows it.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:35 AM

So in the end of the day some were incarcerated for NOTHING at all except to make a quota, SMH. This is what helps fuel the feelings in some who don't trust the police. Its a already known this type of activity happens but to see it brought to the forefront is very interesting. The reality is ALL people who just because they don't possess a criminal record should not be allowed to become police. It should be a more mind evaluated process instead of they don't have a record so they have to be cool. This allows for the sneaks of society who are not even designed to support the civilian population to embed inside the police force, which in turn helps give the police who are really out to support the civilians a bad name. More mental evaluations needed it seems. It takes a cold heart to place innocent / prey in jail for things they didn't do in order to make the inmate quota rise which makes the police ranking higher ups look good since the numbers presented say crime is being effected which in turn makes the mayor above them look good and so on and so forth.

Like in the series the WIRE how the crime rate needed to drop in order for higher rank officials in police force and city politics to look like they were doing GOOD. So they introduced the hamsterdam agenda to the area of crime, allowing the crimes to be committed in certain assigned areas. Which in turn made the rest of city crime stats. lower due to there being designated areas for the crimes to be committed. Its not a easy game when you are trying to manage any part of a species that's why those who manage any parts of a species should go thru mental / social evaluations to ensure that when these individuals enter society they are setting a positive example to those who are observing them in the neighborhoods and not just adding to the overall problem.


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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:40 AM

Originally posted by boncho
Does anyone else think there is something fundamentally wrong with there being "quotas" on things like this?

Police, ideal wise, should be meant to protect the public and make society more civil through public mediation. Not meet their monthly arrest targets....

If they have any quota at all, that quota should be how many people have they actually helped today and not how many have they ticketed, arrested, charged and put in jail today.

Harm None

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by Corruption Exposed

This might be "Exposed" for some of us this is a well known and common practice.

Arrests are what LEO are promoted by As well as Convictions by the District Attorney (DA) which all translate into more paying customers introduced into the system ....the so called "Justice System".

This is why LEO are so willing to arrest someone for the most minor's another notch on their belt and a step closer to promotion and more so, another payee into the slave labor penal system.

This is how the system maintains it's existence.

For If there aren't enough paying customers in the system then the LEO are tasked with making a few new paying customers.

This has historically existed by design and why poor minorities are often targeted. The poor are less likely to have a family member who is an attorney and certainly cannot afford to hire a good lawyer to combat this and are stuck with a public defender whom is overworked and underpaid themselves.
Providing little if any legal defense.

This is all by design....

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 09:47 AM
If we were a Democracy this wouldn't happen.

But we are a REPUBLIC, a Fascist Republic where the Royal Families will do what they have to do to keep their status.

Even if it means planting drugs on people and putting innocent people in jail. Those cops won't get anything more than a slap on the hand.

The cop who ratted them out...his life is over.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 10:44 AM
To the "good cops" posting/lurking-

How many bad cops have you arrested? None? That's what I thought.

How many times have you known that a cop was lying about a case and you went to the prosecutor and set the record straight? None? That's what I thought.

How many times have you gone up to a bad cop and told him he is out of line and needs to start enforcing the law instead of breaking it? None? That's what I thought.

Just like a lie of ommission is a lie, allowing corruption to happen because of the Blue Shield is corruption as well. ALL cops are corrupt, because you ALL know corrupt cops and do nothing about it.

You can read my story if you want to search my name on this forum. In the end, no less than 20 cops watched me and my children have our civil rights being blatantly and outrageously violated and not ONE of them stepped forward to stop it. Don't wanna go against your brothers in blue, right? Because if you do, you know those murdering thug gangsters will treat you like any other enemy of theirs.

Police forces are the front men for the people who are trying to destroy this country.

Which reminds me...those of you saying that the bankers are laughing at the OWS crowd, no, you are wrong, they are laughing at the police down on the street doing their bidding, the OWS people scare the crap out of them.

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