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Glen Beck slams Occupy

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posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 01:14 PM

Originally posted by mastahunta

Originally posted by beezzer

Originally posted by Carseller4
OWS, aka the FLEA Party, is just a bunch of crybabies that do not want to take responsibility for their own actions.
FLEA Party *bwahahahahahahahaha*

Now be nice. They are too busy raising consciousness and enlightenment to bother with mundane things like practical solutions.

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What are gonna do if they start proposing practical solutions?

The opposition has spent so much time distancing and demagoguing, musical
chairs might stop and put you all in a very bad political situation.

If they start proposing practical solutions (that I agree with) then I will embrace them.*

*After they bathe, of course.

posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 01:44 PM
The right had it's chance at a populist movement targeting the looters of the past decade. The Tea Party failed the moment they allowed the focus to shift from economic issues into social issues. They were expertly co-opted by the GOP establishment. I wish the OWS crowd luck in avoiding being co-opted by the the same establishment powers, this time on the left.

I would describe myself as a center-right Independent. I saw then the way the left leaning media attacked the Tea Party and see now the right leaning media doing the same to the OWS. There is one point agreement that you have between the OWS folks and the Tea Party that I think would do the country good. Prosecute the individuals and institutions on Wall Street that have defrauded and looted all of us over the past 3 decades.

I have heard members from both heads of the American Political Beast including the President and some of those that wish to replace him claim that the things that happened were wrong but not illegal. That is a flat out lie.

It is illegal to submit forged documents to courts.----Robo Signing practiced by almost all of the TBTF

It is illegal to bribe public officials.-----See Jefferson County Alabama the politicians were prosecuted and convicted but no charges were ever brought against the corporate entity that did the bribing

It is illegal to launder drug money.-----Which wachovia did paid a small fine and got no prosecute agreement which the MSM did not comment on until the deferred prosecution agreement expired.

Those are just the first few unprosecuted crimes that I could think of on the fly that neither party has shown any interest in addressing. That's without getting into nuances of REMICs, Trusts, and other nuances that have been documented in quite a few places by people creating a record of the unprosecuted rape of a nation.

So I wish the OWS people well in avoiding being co-opted by establishment left forces like the Tea Party did by the establishment right. The Tea Party had their chance and let it slip away. Perhaps the best thing that could happen is that the establishment left is just as successful as the right was in co-opting a grass roots movement, with emergent leaders that have been just as successful holding their ideals as those swept into power by the Tea Party have been. Let the establishment left and right have their ideologues. A disaffected cohort of center-left and center-right is exactly the type of movement that at it's best could break the stranglehold the two headed best has on our political system or possible be large enough and passionate enough "to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. "

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posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 03:28 PM
reply to post by Carseller4

at least they trying to make a difference instead of mocking people behind a computer screen. Glenn Beck is a lunatic like your country, just collapse already

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