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Living In The Age Of Negativity

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posted on Oct, 13 2011 @ 10:52 PM
wow ok im passionate about this so here I go

There is little I HATE more than zombies walking round with defeatist, bitter angry attitudes. 'OOOHHH WOE FOR ME this is against me thats against me, I cant do this because that stops me, this and that wont let me be what I want'.

ENOUGH!! YOU wont let yourself be what you want, its a lazy bitter world now where people want things instantly and arent prepared to put the work in for it. And when they dont get it they blame everything but themselves, they repeat this process over and over and just become one angry ball of flesh screaming F YOU to the world and everyone in it for not allowing them to get what they want.

My mum is the same as yours, moaning about the weather, whats on TV how life is crap, some people must just not be that happy. Thats another thing, this fixation that people have that 'life is #' and 'life is hard'. Thats the funny thing its NOT and it doesnt HAVE to be. Life is what YOU make it, if you want to believe that its crap and hard then it WILL be crap and hard for YOU and since so many people have this conclusion drummed into them by their parents/teachers/media all their lives, then everyone continues to think life is crap and hard. Looking at 'the rich' with envious eyes saying stuff like 'charge them more taxes, they should pay for me'. I kind of see where people come from with that but Really? Why should a guy whos achieved what you couldnt be penalised for it? Its supposed to be an equal world, we SCREAM for equality, yet become complete hypocrits demanding that richer more succesful people should subsidise us. Heres a thought, get off your backside stop wallowing in self pity and SUBSIDISE YOUR #ING SELF.

And another thing, the fact that (specially in the younger ages) 'good' is considered a negative!?? Smart people are ridiculed at school, people boast about getting kicked out of school after school. Then the funny thing is these people who were so cool getting kicked out of school 15 years ago are chasing the very smart people they used to bully asking for hand outs because they are 'rich'. Why are they rich? BEcause they were good and smart? Why arent you rich? BEcause you were to busy trying to be cool to realise that your 'coolness' will only last a few years until school finishes and your on your own.

Then there are the defeatist people, probably the ones that piss me off the most. These are the people who lack any sort of ambition thinking that will 'never happen to them' so whats the point in trying. I told my friend once 'one day I will own a Ferrari' his reply was 'yea everyone says that but they know they never will'!!!?? WTF!??? They KNOW they NEVER will???? Seriously, how hard is it to own a Ferrari? They are available to everyone, its not like its a random lucky draw that decides wether you get one. All you have to do is work hard. Ahhh theres the problem there.... 'work hard'. People ask me 'what do you want to do with your life' I say 'I want to be a succesful musician', the usual response is 'yea but what do you really want to do?'..... Errr I just told you? Of course they start thinking im deluded because it will 'never happen to me'. But why shouldnt it? Im a person, other people who are where I want to be are also people, so really whats the difference? What logical reason is there to say I cant be a succesful musician? Do people just have a problem because I dare to have a dream AND follow it? Where as they feel they have to settle for some mediocre woe for me job and life because it will 'never happen to them'?

Now dont get me wrong, I can be as negative as the next person, I DID kind of think in this way before, but the past year or 2 ive made a conscious effort to take a step back and look at things instead of just jumping straight on the high horse. I concentrate on myself and what im doing, blocking out (or trying to) external negative influences telling me that 'I cant'. Its a draining and demanding process but one thats well worth it. Focus on what YOU want and whats best for YOU.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 03:11 AM
Everyone will moan and complain because no-one will ever really be truly happy for indefinite periods of time (Unless you're a monk, perhaps) Everyone requires "negative" feelings to promote the increased intensity and productivity of "positive" feelings. Regardless of a persons wealth or material gain, stability of health and life, people will still find reasons to feel bad, because they need it as much as they need food.

Look at all the people that are rich and poor, in positions of supreme power and in positions of near enslavement. Look at them with a clear mind, individually and you will see that they all suffer in one way or another whether through sadness or anger.

posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 03:49 AM
reply to post by Celestica

Thank you OP for this rather enlightening thread.

Of course this is a reality of limitations, that is one that has the potential of lowering anyone's vibrational state of existence. This is exactly that which blinds the masses.

And breaking from this reality of lies and deception, is what we call awakening.

There is more to life than meets the eye. Cleanse your minds from negativity and do unto others what you wish for them to do unto you.

And if things don't go the way you intended, simply remember that things happen for a reason.

Love is good isn't it...


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posted on Oct, 14 2011 @ 11:15 AM
reply to post by Idonthaveabeard

What a vivacious post! I do agree with you on many levels. I simply don't understand people who say "Oh, my life is just nothing, nothing will ever happen to me, nothing is good" It's just so self-defeating and completely untrue. Not to put anyone down or anything, but it's just such an impossible mind set for me.

posted on Oct, 15 2011 @ 08:08 PM
It takes energy to be positive. I catch myself just right after I say something and go why did I say that then I analyze it .It nearly always turns out I am tired, frustrate and stressed that makes that idiot in traffic piss me off. That also means I am not grounded and centered.The majority are not ground or centered and are cut off from themselves and therefore get angry,frustrated really and they dont why they are like that. My wife is the prime example of if she gets after me for not doing thing around the house.The minute she comes throught the door the bitching starts and had nothing to do with not doing some house work but it was her work and co worker making her angry.Im a master now of seeing through all that with years of practise.People cant deal with stress or dont know they are stressed that how out of touch they with themselves.It doesnt help with the media being totally negative it is surprising to see something postive. Meditation helps alot and the type of music too.

cool concept and thinking about checking it out

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 12:59 PM
reply to post by celticdog

Don't mean to be "cute" (years ago maybe...) but I always felt it took more energy to be negative. In so many things and from a very young age, and sometimes this HAS NOT been in my best interest, I was taught "don't judge, No one among us has the right to claim your better, smarter, nicer" (or cuter) "then anyone"". But at the same time, being in a relationship, ANY relationship is by it's nature hard work. Hey, been there, done that. When someone is ONLY critical of you, when they have no diplomatic skills where we MUST, that is in dealing first with who we love&care about, then people we work with (this is a big one with me having had my own company years ago. People got credit for being creative, (hard cash bonus, works well for most people) but in my firms case creativity was part of the job description, so... You come up with this idea or have a really good talent in areas of cross-skill integration, your good dealing with people, I know thats not something to take for granted. I didn't. My company, yeah, we never when I was there before I sold it, went public, frankly "how we do things that make us "better" at certain problem solving then others? No ones god damn business. Its a secret, we call it proprietary.

But in dealing with "hostile people" I have to tell Judge Judy (when in the hospital channel surfing, give me a break) she's 100% wrong when she says things like "Sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you" Oh, you Honor thinks so? Let me tell you something. Emotional abuse is both vile and not often seen or called for what it is: ABUSE. And I do need to add, words alone can wound anyone, including "strangers" terribly. Words can start a war, or stop one, or (much better) prevent one from happening in the first place. It all boils down to respect for others and that means respect for their sense of dignity. Hard to hold on to that when your abused in any way to much. When said abuse happens tell them to "Knock it off! And do try to get a f****** life, hmmm? And don't feel you have no right to ask, we do, "Just for the sake of rational discussion, would it kill you to treat others with respect, how bout just try to be polite" Someone does not know how? (Scary, some people don't because THEY were never given that basic human dignity as a child, and that disgusts me)
If you can't say something nice or at least neutral, say nothing at all.

You can't expect to be given respect when your a horses ass. OK, just don't treat people like stuff flushed down the toilet, amazing how well it works.

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by arbiture

If you practise the golden rule things tend to go easier with people. I just noticed with myself negativity is like a blackhole you get sucked into it and it doesnt help that I am empathic and I take on other peoples emotions. I use to think it was me.Why am I getting angry and it turned out when I was around a certain someone I got angry. I figured it out it was them not me. It took awhile for me to put two and two toegther on that one but that is another subject

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 02:16 PM
I always talk about this subject with peers and it could be due to technology. So much information is passed so quickly there is no value in anything anymore. Everything is taken for granted, everything is for free on the internet, or at least enough for you to be thoroughly entertained. You have the opportunity to make yourself a celebrity overnight. You can take on any identity you want on the internet.

But all of this is evolution, language evolves. We as a society don't use slang from the 70's anymore, let alone the 1870's...

There is a bandwagon mentality in almost every movement in the music, art, and fashion industry. There always has been, but it's increased even more so with the rapid spread of free information.

When things are for free you don't need an education, job history, or background check. You're hired automatically and you want to keep your job. Sometimes being accepted into these groups you have to inherit and live by similar values, and thus just continues a non stop cycle of the same people. As technology continues to develop, these people will become more "accurate" to however society wants to pull them in and group them apart from others. This results in people disliking things about other groups different from them. All based on free information.

posted on Oct, 16 2011 @ 11:41 PM
reply to post by Celestica

Rather than being frustrated, I think these negative events are only negative from our small perpsective through our 3D goggles, but if we learn to tune into our subtle bodies and begin to not only feel energy displacement, you natural begin to sway and move with how it feels and flows within you, and expands out of yourself woven like a divine intricate interconnected strand of golden fiber connecting each of us to the One Divine God, we are the original creator just as much as he is us and that we are eachother in a giant cosmic family. You can only navigate life through with your perspective and each of us have a unique one. And each of us are right, becuase we create what we think based upon what our believes are, our intent, our focus, our will. Align your will to God, and you will remember that your will is God becuase he is You. Do you have any idea how powerful you are, each and every one. You can feel it so you'll know its true. We are One.
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posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 01:01 AM
Wow almost every response on this thread makes me smile. I am impressed how things are evolving. The veil is lifting and people are feeling energy move with their actions. People are energy beings and we love the energy. When someone screams or is negative towards someone it actually makes both people feel bad. I enjoy saying hi or smiling to people who look all negative. The change is immediate in their faces unless they are so low that death is upon them. People love to steal energy from others and that is a huge problem in life today. Everyone knows that type of person.
Some people are the Poor Me group who have little energy because they have been programmed through media, family, health issues, financial issue’s, church, etc...We are very powerful and if we would drop our Ego's we would be free. There will be no need for a ruling class if everyone knew how to control their energy and live a life of synchronicity and intuition. This planet is magical but we are constantly told about negative events. The negative events keep us in fear and if we fear than we will be controlled. The TV programs your mind through your vision. The radio programs your mind thru negative sounds and lyrics. Our Ego's keep the Machine alive. We can make positive changes in our lives and that will make changes in the people around us. I feel we are heading for a rise in consciousness during this time. A lot of people are waking up to this BS three ring circus.

Great thread. People in this one are very positive. Very nice to see

Peace to all

posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 01:29 AM
reply to post by Celestica

Hi Cel,

What a beautiful post.

I think you are very blessed.

We need more people like you in this world.

posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 09:20 AM
Negativity bias is the tendency to give more weight to negative experiences or information than positive.

Here is a simple made-up example:

If you asked someone on a scale of -10 to +10 how receiving candy floss makes them feel, they might say +5. If you asked how a slap across the face makes them feel, they might say -5. Assuming they spend their lives at 0, if you gave them some candy floss and then slapped them, they'd feel worse than 0. The negative experience outweighs the positive.

Some studies state that negative comments are seven times more powerful than positive. Try this:
•She is athletic.
•She has beautiful eyes.
•She is witty.
•She is intelligent.
•She has lovely teeth.
•She is independent.
•She has greasy hair.

Ah, greasy hair? Eeek.

I think we are so conditioned to think in the negative that the greasy hair out weighs the other stuff.Easy fix just wash hair. 90% of what we worry about never happens
worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles ,it empties today of its strength

posted on Oct, 17 2011 @ 10:16 AM
To put a metaphysical spin on things..... Do you the world is so negative because society has set itself up in such a way that people are being cut off from energy from the Source? Everyone is so worried about money, looks, work and material items they forget to concentrate on those things that naturally uplift us such starry moonlit nights, sunsets over the ocean, children laughing as they discover the world etc etc. And if you are cutoff from this energy, where else are you going to get it - your fellow human beings. And what is the easiest way to suck the life out another? By trying to get them caught up in the dramas you percieve to exist in your current life. By getting a sympathetic ear to pour your sorrows into, or just by trying to get some attention from someone else somehow. Happy people don't do this, and negative people usually can only get your energy through negative actions.

I often wonder why people get so caught up in the day to day drama of life, and why they spend so much time and energy pursuing negative emotions such as hate and anger. I jsut can't be bothered wasting energy on something that makes me feel bad.

When I was a kid I actually thought that maybe I had some kind of personality disorder and often pretended to act angry or sad in various situations just so people would think I was normal. My two driving emotions seem to be contentment and humour and they leave very little room for anything else. It also puzzles me why so many people seem to have to work on being positive when to me it comes so naturally......

Maybe I'm simply lucky, or maybe I was a very good boy in a past life..... One of the very few gifts I possess is the ability to step back, see the bigger picture and discard the bs. Unfortunately many seemingly more capable people don't share this gift.

I have travelled the world quite a bit before I got some chick knocked up and had to turn all 'responsible' (u kno im jokin babe
). And you know the people who are the happiest in this world are those who should be the most negative of all. They are the ones who don't know where their next meal is coming from, theones who have 6 kids and make around $2 a week churning out Nike shoes and ipods. The ones who have lived through terrible wars or who still eek out an existance on rainforest berries and desert locusts.

These people are far happier than your average white middle class westerner, and this makes me embararrassed and sad to be a white middle class westerner...... And you know the really funny thing? These people don't usually view us with envy or in a negative light. They think of us and our pathetic 1st world problems as hilarious!

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